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    ALWAYS. BE. PAINTING. After a little less than two months, I have completed @Ziggens' Impact Miniatures Gnome team. And while the pics are sub-par, I have included the final pieces for all to see. After the last entry, there were still Str Players to show, and I performed a small touch up on a few players with goggles.  First, the Stars; below, we have the Gnome Contraption that serves as Grim Ironjaw. Identified by his orange beard and the extend-o-glove attack arm, Ironjaw shows his star status with the gold shield protecting the Gnome driver: Barik Farblast has the cannon arm on the right, ready to launch balls down field. The left arm holds the next ball to be shot, and the star on his waist denotes his player status: Next, Flint Churnblade with his bloodied left attack arm: Boomer Eziasson follows with his 'bomb', or in this case, his pack of dynamite: While not part of the Time Bandits yet, Ziggens can plug in a Deathroller as soon as his treasury allows: The Gnome Contraptions family photo: The basic Gnome Contraptions: The TIME BANDITS:

HOR Kill Team then...

I am using this as my own summary of the HOR Kill Team rules for 40K, but I am happy to share, and invite comment and discussion!   This is not intended to replace going out and reading the rules, just my notes as I read them, and then update as I play them! If you have a different take on a rule, let me know and I am happy to work it into the notes.   All of the content discussed or borrowed came from these guys:   http://heralds-of-ruin.blogspot.co.uk/p/kill-team-rules.html?m=1   Kill Team Rules     MAIN RULES · TEAM LISTS · MISSIONS · FEEDBACK SKIRMISH BATTLES IN THE 41st MILLENNIUM   Army of Heroes: Kill team is 250 pts of individual models classified as Leaders, Core, and Special. Each codex has it's own supplement with individual model/wargear costs. TEAM LISTS   Team Leaders are characters and can lookout sir with any model in the Kill Team within 6 in.   No deep striking except to teleport/warp -1 to deep strike mishap   Run Away!: Lose more that 50% of the Kill Team and LD test against team lead or highest leadership model still not a casualty or falling back. Failing ends game. Teams with less than 25% of models left can choose to fail the Run Away! test, in cases where you may have already satisfied victory conditions.   Psychic Powers: Powers that target individual models work normal. Powers that target units have a 3in area of effect. Only one deny the which roll against the AOE power, regardless of how many models are hit. Closest model to the psyker affected first.   Lots and lots and lots of terrain! No moving through walls. Units can open doors. Model has to physically fit in the space may move there. SpaceHulk Kill Teams anyone?   Difficult terrain cuts the distance you can move through it in half, no rolling. This section of the rules is worded very oddly. I'm not sure if I'm missing something here.   No buildings like in normal 40K rules. Rule book suggests using them like a ruin without the difficult terrain penalty. If you can't physically place the model in the building it can't go in, so no being inside of a bastion.   Models can climb or jump 6 inches in the movement phase, must pass initiative test. Jumping models who fall take an ap- hit with strength equal to the number of inches they fell.   Hiding: A model that is at least 50% obscured from all enemy models can declare that they are hiding in their movement phase. You can't hide,or are no longer hidden if an enemy model is within 6 inches. Hidden models cannot shoot, move, run, charge, or use psychic powers, or be targeted or charged. Scatter hits can still hit.   Nerve/Pinning test: Take Ld test if friendly model is killed within 3 inches. Only ever take one nerve test per phase. Friendly models killed by Pinning weapons cause this check to be rolled at 3d6.   Always run 6 inches. Add d3 for Fleet or Crusader. Affected by difficult terrain as above.   Area terrain: Ignore normal rules. Check shooters line of site and grant 25% obscured save. Area terrain is still difficult.   Suppression Fire: Multishot weapons can use Suppressing fire. Reduce shooters BS by 1. Designate primary target. Roll to hit. 1st hit is assigned to primary target. Other wounds can be assigned by shooter to other models within 3 inches. Each model must have be assigned a wound before any mode gets a second.     Gets Hot rolls of 1 effect all models under a S3 AP1 blast template centered on the shooter, except the shooter. The shooter takes the normal gets hot effect.   Center of missile blast weapons contacts a wall it detonates on that spot. Blast portion that goes beyond the wall is ignored/lost.   Grenades are One Use. Either in shooting(throw) or assault phase (charging difficult terrain). Special chart for buying additional grenades, see rules.   Flamers cause units to have to pass a ld test or catch on fire, and take wounds on subsequent turns.   More notes to come!       Tau Kill Team   Crisis Commander, 2 Plasma Rifles, Iridium Armor - 87 Sniper Drone Team, 1 Marksman, 3 Sniper Drones - 58 Pathfinders x 2 w/ Markerlights - 22 Firewarriors x 5 w/ Pulse Rifles - 45 Kroot x5 w/ Sniper rounds - 35   Total 247 Pts   Tau Suit and Tie Team   Crisis Commander 2 Flamers, Iridium - 67 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Pathfinders x 2 - 22   Total 245   Vespid Sting Team w/ Kroot Support   Strain Leader - 28 Vespid StingWing - Vicious Strain, Core - 23 Vespid StingWing - Vicious Strain, Core - 23   Vespid StingWing - Vicious Strain, Core - 23   Vespid StingWing - Vicious Strain, Core - 23   Vespid StingWing - Vicious Strain, Core - 23 Kroot x5 w/ Sniper rounds - 35 Kroot x5 w/ Sniper rounds - 35 Kroothounds x 7 -35   Total 248




The Dreaded Relocation

So after OFCC this year it was time to pack up the armies for the duration of relocation to Portland. I left a few things out to paint or finish painting but the time has been squandered looking for houses, selling houses, packing, entertaining the young bucks and generally being impatiant.   Move date has been set for middle of January but with the delays so far I am trying not to be too optimistic.   Plenty of gaming room and a hobby room in the new place and a bar to service the gaming space...I just need to do a tad remodeling to make it awesome.     So many plans...   I am a little bit pleased about the delay in the OFCC until later in the year so that I might make a stab at the WoC army this year but with the move I am not sure.   Did I mention that I hate waiting...





Welcome to my blog! My hobby work always goes in fits and starts, so there's no reason to expect anything different in my blog posts! HA Honesty!   What I'm not sure of is when I should post something in this blog, vs a standard forum post?   Your input is appreciated!     Justjokin!             ...sort of....