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  2. 90% in, still working my calendar. If I can make it Imwill be playing Desert Rats book, list to be determined..
  3. I have piles of 6mm but nothing 15mm. I could field two companies from each side on a "kids table." Or I can spectate.
  4. OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    @peter.cosgrove your team was redrafted prior to the FFC, so you're good to go!
  5. My new project ....😎

    Some highlights
  6. Today
  7. OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    Team: Norse, The Mad Manglin' Skandihoovians Models acquired, some still need assembly, all still need paint. Team is on Ordo Bowl Liked and followed New team. ARE YOU SATISFIED NOW, WEAV?
  8. Size of Feculent Gnarlmaw?

    That was the best size comparison pic I could find. Doesn't seem many people own it.
  9. Size of Feculent Gnarlmaw?

    I tore mine apart. I was hoping you would have one. ^_^ I would say bigger than a dread but smaller than a redemptor dread.
  10. Size of Feculent Gnarlmaw?

    60mm base, ~3.5" to the top of the wings.
  11. Game Night: Feb 25th- Highly Classified

    Uh? Plan b? I swooped in from outer space and took Plan 9 out to Grandma's back 40 and [REDACTED]. Now your saying it should have been Plan b! All of these Plans and not a single one coming together :,-(
  12. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    Ease, and dues can be non-mandatory $10
  13. Size of Feculent Gnarlmaw?

    Getting closer!
  14. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    · Piling On: Piling on will follow the Blood Bowl 2016 rules, as it is an under-utilized skill any way What happened here in the "questions but no answers thread"? Went from "I think siding with the NAF is the best." to...not that? Also, I never heard back on dues. My money not good enough for ya?!??
  15. Size of Feculent Gnarlmaw?

    Smaller than a breadbox. Bigger than a cupcake.
  16. Size of Feculent Gnarlmaw?

    Thanks! Second question: what are the approximate dimensions of a GW daemon prince? ;)
  17. Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter

    Base game due to arrive next Wednesday. Once it shows I will probably set up a play through at dace age if there is interest.
  18. 40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    Maybe you are right....maybe I was secretly supporting my newly found heritage :)
  19. Yesterday
  20. FS: House W: 295 Warlord Titans (or money)

    Hey I get away with what I can lol
  21. Chaos side of dark vengence

    Ok so bring me models. Lets talk pricing.
  22. I plan on being at GG on 2/22 with TY and FoW
  23. FS: House W: 295 Warlord Titans (or money)

    Hi. Looked at all 26 pictures... You aren't a true gamer. Where's the 40k tables at!? (Nice house btw)
  24. Hey guys my home just went up on market. If you happen to know anyone looking in sandy area please share!! Thanks ahead of time! https://www.redfin.com/OR/Sandy/38446-Miller-St-97055/home/25840594
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