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  2. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    I'm headed out for Thanksgiving break unfortunately, i'll be around for next week!
  3. Itc and power level caps

    Yeah, some things are pretty broken in this game, totally agree, just don't think most of the superheavies are, at least of the ones I've seen rules for. They are strong, no question, but condensing lots of points into a single target actually weakens most things in this edition. For brokenness, I think the command points should have some limitation which requires them to be spent on units/stratagems from the detachment which they are being gained from, rather than allowing AM to serve as CP farms for other forces. Or otherwise limit how many command points an army can have. I hate the idea of a cheap battalion or brigade being used to boost CP alone, and having no other purpose. I'd rather allow players to buy CP with points, than to field unfluffy armies deliberately for CP needs. Was also thinking it might make sense to count each special character taken as an artefact for the purposes of how many can be fielded per army/game. So no more than 1 special character OR artefact, unless you spend command points to increase this number. Kinda makes sense, since the special character have their own artefacts anyway.
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  5. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    Between last week and this week I think we will tack on another week to the endless highway campaign. Joey and I played last week so that leaves Jim, Gage, Nathan and Brad left to get games in. Gage are you going to be down this tuesday to play Jim. If not I can always play Jim and just not increase my warband after the game.
  6. Itc and power level caps

    Brims and Lords?
  7. Rampage

    I am bringing some hygiene bags I've put together myself and a clutch of warm coats donated by some wonderful state workers. AND I'm baking ya'll some birthday cupcakes! Assuming I don't eat them all on accident. . . . LET THERE BE WAR!
  8. 11/21 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night at W.O.W.

    If @Dark Trainer and I don't play Blood Bowl, I'm okay with Mars
  9. Itc and power level caps

    Ok. But out of anything not titan wise and not trying to openly be abusive with rules none of the forgeworld tanks are broken super heavy specifically I do have some issues with certain models only because they’re just far to powerful but besides the point
  10. Itc and power level caps

    12 total detachment options. by CP cost: -1 is auxilery. 0 is patrol, fortification, and super heavy aux 1 is outrider, spearhead, vanguard, supreme, and air wing 3 is battalion and super heavy 9 is brigade
  11. Itc and power level caps

    Not sure if it can be done. Can't do a whole lot with only 100pts. Either need to go multiple cheap HQs in a supreme command, or take multiple auxilery detachments at the loss of command points. Even a patrol detachment would be tough for some armies.
  12. Itc and power level caps

    SC only gives 1? Ghetto. Okay, 100 pts to get 3 tr and 2 hq, go!
  13. Itc and power level caps

    3 base and 1 for Supreme Command Detachment, right? That's only 4, as I count it.
  14. Itc and power level caps

    6 CP
  15. Itc and power level caps

    Explain? The Malefic Lord psychic power buffs only work on traitor guard.
  16. Itc and power level caps

    If all goes well, I expect to own a Reaver and a pair of Warhounds before Spring.
  17. Itc and power level caps

    A Reaver and 3 Malefic Lords in a single detachment gives me 6 rerolls. Fun.
  18. Itc and power level caps

    Do you own a Reaver? Looking at it's rules, not seeing anything really broken there. If anything, I'd expect you to lose most games if you brought a Reaver. It would really only excell against opponents with very few units. It's not that reaver is weak, but it just can't engage more than a few units per turn, plus it can really only hold one objective. That said, I think playing against a Reaver in a 2500pt game would be really fun.
  19. Itc and power level caps

    I hear ITC is talking about raising their games to 2500. I can't wait to take a Reaver.
  20. Given that the LR chasis has similar cost to the baneblade chasis in points, GW would be smart to create a kit with lots of extra sprues which allowed them to increase the price of a LR kit to one which is closer to that of a Baneblade. And the SM lord of war is already a Land Raider variant, so this does seem like a logical step.
  21. Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018 Head of Gaming Submissions

    Yes! I will be submitting my proposal to once again act as HoG for 40K! I am sure this news will excite some and frighten others :) I encourage anyone else interested in doing to also submit a proposal. Please know that I hold no advantage in the selection process....in fact, there is a good chance Khan rolled his eyes when I told him I was thinking about applying again this year. :) Whether it be 40K, or another game you are passionate about, think about taking the next step and getting involved in running something at OFCC!
  22. Nurgle Plague Tower, looking for help on stats.

    Hellforged Mastodon, to be exact. And the weapons really don't match, but in role of a siege assault vehicle for apocalyse, it is spot on. Got it on my list of transport costs. 830pts minimum. Here, this beast: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Legion-Mastodon
  23. dang. is this a new GW we are seeing or just going back to the old one? Either way, these are looking cool!
  24. 11/21 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night at W.O.W.

    Playin 40k with @peter.cosgrove
  25. Nurgle Plague Tower, looking for help on stats.

    Index Imperial Armor Chaos pg 29 It's actually the best candidate, imho. It's the most true to the Apoc Datasheet.
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