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  2. The acrylic fit is a common problem. I have dealt with it on products from several companies.
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  4. So there are little acrylic signs with resin bases meant to sit on the ground as mini-kiosks. The signs do not fit in the resin slots. Seriously. The acrylic is bigger than the slot. With careful filing on the inside of the base, I may get the sign to properly fit. Meh.
  5. I've been looking over my Frostgrave books and I think a fair number of scenarios from that game should translate reasonably well into SW:A. I used to have a big old box of Fanatic Magazine back issues, but sold them off on eBay when I moved. They had oodles of Necromunda scenarios in that magazine (I was always fond of the Romeo & Juliet inspired mini-campaign! ) and they should work well too.
  6. Great news. This week we'll have a talented painter with us on Saturday. He'll be teaching basic painting techniques to beginners and offering painting tips to those of more advanced skill. Feel free to post any questions you might have here.
  7. Hello All, My Micro Arts Kickstarter Arrived today. It was only six months late. There were a few freebies thrown in (a car, a van, some stickers and logos). The detail on the mats is very nice, but the edges are all slightly frayed. Meh. I will bring it on Sunday, so we call all look at it.
  8. More Blood Bowl coming tomorrow at Guardian Games! Come down and play...
  9. I'll try but I can't promise anything.
  10. Hope to see you on Sunday! Plus, you owe me a beer!
  11. Olive green where the orange traditionally is painted. Gray (blue tone with white hight lights) in the greaves and holsters. Jade as the standout color for the tech glow, tabards, etc.....
  12. It's been so long since I infinity'd! Really looking forward to this week after being absent for Easter then up in Seattle last weekend. Haven't had any games in between either so I'm starting to get the itch. I really wanted to get in some painting last week but life kept stepping on my toes, and it looks like this week might do the same (waiting for the plumber as I type this). Hopefully things will open up and I can get a little bit done.
  13. Where is the gif of the dude sprinkling salt like a boss when you need it.
  14. Maybe it needs seasoning?
  15. Well if 40k and AoS have somewhat similar rules it only makes learning either system that much easier. Personally I think it will help grow the player base for both systems.
  16. Karl Payne here, captaining the Imperial Fist Bumps!
  17. Just wondering if the new 8th edition 40K will help bring players into AoS?
  18. I can't make it, got dog sitting duties. I am sure Barca is up for Team Yankee, he loves it. Beware, he is getting smarter
  19. Warcraft - 5-6/10 - this was a bit of an odd one for me. The story and such was fine, and the orcs were very well done. I think if something was lacking, I'd say it was the live action part of it. It all looked very much like Warcraft. I think it might have done with a little humor tossed in. It was a very serious tone throughout the whole movie.
  20. yeah it ended. Lazarus beat the crap out of me. 200 some poinst to 70. If we play turn 5 there is a chance that we could win, but it's only 0.1% and as good of a player that Lazarus is, that ain't going to happen and he will end up with a further 100 points and we would only get 16 more points. I and not a fan of futility and I have no problem of reverting back to my chess playing days and tip the king.
  21. Your reasoning has reasoning...
  22. I can, again, virtually guarantee there won't be facings. Vehicles and MCs are going to be identical for the most part. Facings were always complicated and sometimes confusing (I've never heard a convincing argument one way or the other on the facings of Knights, Valkyries, or Eldar Skimmers, we all kind of winged it). Best to scrap them entirely, honestly. Again, the game is going for streamlined, and checking facings and precise model movement are anathema to speedy play.
  23. Don't be so sure. They could put in save modifiers for facing.
  24. Sort of a King of the Hill-ish variant on Scavengers for 3-4 Players. Looks fun, and the pile of Loot in the center should help avoid some of the common pitfalls of multi-Player scenarios, where someone gets ganged up on, or left out.
  25. Vengeance Seekers are Special now, but I agree that they're fantastic. I10, S5, 3D3 attacks is pretty great.
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