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  2. with power level WAAC players will find the most broken list with the most free stuff with points WAAC players will find the most value for the points. it just seems like WAAC have more options in power levels to bring on the feel bads.
  3. Reminder the original name for new team's players is Unnamed. If you look closely. I renamed my player unnamed. Simple but effective.
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  5. Don't get me wrong, it shows excellent sportsmanship on your part that you're so concerned about it... I'm just saying, don't sweat it too much. Many, many, many moons ago (before blogs were a thing even even) I read a great essay called Putting an End to Cheesiness. It was an eye-opening moment for me: "I might not beat you, but I hope I’ll give you a run for your money."
  6. Theres one up there too:)
  7. I was being a just little facetious.
  8. I have the Nurgle half for sale. $60 and I will ship it to you!
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  10. The Kickstarter has" ended" and the last stretch goal was met. If you are late to the party, don't fear, you can still make a Late Pledge.
  11. You got hit by Matt's Brass Orb? LOL
  12. I thought there was one in Olympia that day.
  13. Awesome Matt! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday and having you play 9th Age at OFCC, I have a lot of fond memories of getting games in vs your Slanesh Warriors / Skaven (minus getting hit with that damn Brass Orb!)
  14. Not free, costs the same as a standard model from the parent unit. But yeah still an example of where the noise in PL comes from.
  15. you know it! :)
  16. Square bases!!
  17. dice age at 12 noon! Be there or be square!
  18. Yeah, I'd like to come watch. Dice age? Mythic Realms?
  19. 3 game tourrney for noobs in Sherwood on Saturday,im heading over to provide prize money and wins for 3 other players..come join us:)
  20. Anectodal evidence here,actually could be an oversight but A WGPL for Bloodclaws costs 2 PL points but is free in the points system.WGPL in Termy army costs more in points though.
  21. The Gamer's mullet: Match Play in the front, Power Levels in the back ;)
  22. Awesome sauce! I'm playing a 2700 out game in Saturday against Andrews ogres with my elves if you wanted to get in on it! :) 12 noon.
  23. Just bought my ticket to play some 9th age at the OFCC this year!! I have a couple fully painted armies, just need to touch up on the rules a bit. Dont see an issue there as it looks very much like a streamlined 8th edition. With no models needing any work really, I just need to study and possibly get a few practice games in. Im in Vancouver, WA so if anyone wants to plan a game in the next few weeks, keep me posted. What's everyone playing? Im considering either Warriors or Skaven.
  24. Rules As Written: I don't know. Rules As Intended: Please don't be "That Guy". Please.
  25. Please don't confuse points and power level with degrees of competitiveness. That isn't the difference. It is a difference in accuracy. Points is simply a more precise version of the list. Therefore, it works better in most cases for competitive games.
  26. It was a damn good trailer.
  27. Actually seeing the trailer for it increased my enthusiasm by a further 60-70% :D
  28. I think you could bring it back with an Apothecary if it actually took a Wound, but if you use it to shoot again, it's just "removed", not "slain", so I don't think the Apothecary can keep cycling it back in that case.
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