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  2. Metals

    I'm currently using Gun Metal over black primer for my metal basecoats and it isn't dark enough for me. Suggestions for a darker basecoat metallic?
  3. Primaris Repulsors

    Can't boost them to a 4+ or 3+ right now, can you? Actually, could you give them a 3+ since c:dh? I don't think so, now that I think about it.
  4. Pinkerton Planetary Defense Militia

    I need a darker metal. I'm using Tam Gun Metal for the base coat at the moment. Any suggestions? The bright part was done with Tam Chrome Silver.
  5. Primaris Repulsors

    No other change than the wounds. They do have an extra attack over a Veteran, the neat bodyguard rule, a lot more weapon options, and can ride any transport ever. Not too bad for 2 more points.
  6. Random Thought Thread

    How is it that we look down on Healthcare around the world when in Mexico you can have a two-hour housecall with a doctor for $50, preventative care is the norm and complex procedures like EKGs and CAT scans cost less total than my US co-pay?
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  8. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Repulsors? Or did you actually pick up repressors?
  9. Primaris Repulsors

    Reduction in points then? They hit on 4+ and are way more than Astra Militarum elites and pay almost twice as much for plasma... but can ride in things others can't...
  10. Shadespire release date ! Tags : tournament shadespire Hello everyone !! Shadespire core set should be aviable in Nov ! ^^ "Ultimate competitive miniature game" no less ;) /cheers. bob.
  11. OFCC Discount Terrain-a-palooza!!!!

    Thanks for the donation of scenery as prizes Jim! I managed to snag one of your pieces and will be painting it up in the near future so will shoot pics over once its done. Cheers Sam
  12. Primaris Repulsors

    They brought them back to 1 wound with the FAQ.
  13. Primaris Repulsors

    I just noticed acolytes have 3 wounds! I expected them to be cheaper points wise but 2 pts more than guards men and 2 more wounds is pretty awesome... I'm looking at a vanguard detachment 10 total bodies across their options and a repulsor to carry them seems pretty cool as a well equipped inquisitor and retinue.
  14. Primaris Repulsors

    What Inquisiton goodies? They have what, 5 hq and 2 elite choices? Edit: oh, just looked at Acolyte entry and see their weapon options.
  15. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Jesus tits. Makes me happy to be assembling twin Repulsors.
  16. I'll be there looking for a 40k game or two. Haven't done any hobbying this week yet, but either orks or deathwatch/inquisiton will come with me. Got to get used to actually having armour saves, eventually
  17. Miniature Market: Sale of the Day!

    Haqqislam Starter kit is $25 today. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/dailynews/
  18. definitely, ill be there by 4
  19. woooo! make up games! see you guys sunday!
  20. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    The Devastator Centurions are the only pic not showing up for me. The rest are fine now.
  21. I'll be there to run Week 3 of the 40k Escalation League. I will be changing my list up a little bit and hopefully have a better showing and maybe even a win! Who knows what can happen post-eclipse?! Maybe it's a whole new world where genestealers pass their 5+ invuln save....I'll be there with a home-made snack.
  22. Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Time: 4pm to 10pm (we sometimes close later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: We will be continuing the 40k 8th Edition Escalation League tonight. We always have tables open for Blood Bowl, Infinity, AoS, SWA, or whatever game you want to play (one of the rooms even has natural sunlight!). Note: Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down. Hope to see you there!
  23. 40k 8th Edition Escalation League Week 3 Mission *************************************************************************** On a whim, I decided to give the Open War deck another shot since I enjoyed the mission so much (pillaged 2! Objectives; still tabled). The very first draw was just too good to pass up as I discussed this very Objective Mission with evil_bryan last week. MISSION 3 The Panevrian Belt is home to vast iron asteroids and the Forge World Belacane. Among the belt, any piece of rock can be used for war! A major satellite that used to guide their Ordinatus Belacane is on a collision course with the surface of an uninhabited asteroid. Hoping to gain the technology for themselves, two rival armies await its arrival. And what better way to past the time, but with blood and death! Armies: All armies shall be 750 points or 38 PL, Battleforged, must qualify for a Patrol Detachment (if you can fit more, go for it! Battalions are legit, too). Battlefield: Setup terrain on a 4x4. Make sure there is a variety of terrain as the Advanced Rules contain entries for craters, ruins, battlefield debris and other cool things (all of which should be in the terrain room or tubs)! Deployment: Divide the table into quarters. Roll off and winner chooses Deployment Zone A or B (see map above). Find the center of the table. A 6” radius no-man’s land exists around the center for purposes of deployment. Alternate deploying units with winner of deployment placing first. Deploy units so that they are wholly within your deployment zone and more than 9" away from any enemy models. Objective: At the start of the turn 3, roll off. Winner rolls another die and places an objective marker as close as possible to the center of the corresponding table quarter shown on the map. The player that controls the objective marker at the end of turn 5 wins the battle. Game Length: 5 turns. The player that controls the objective marker at the end of turn 5 wins the battle. Special Rules: Orbital Debris: Each player rolls 3 dice at the start of their turn. For each roll of 6, they may pick a different enemy unit (cannot be the same unit unless that is the only unit left) and inflict D3 mortal wounds on that unit. ***I will have copies of the mission printed out and available at the club.***
  24. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Let's see if this image works ....also, vehicle salvage is much harder than new assembly :)
  25. There are a bunch of bits that I'm having trouble finding without having to get a bunch of extra stuff along with, or even at all. I need some Shattered Dominion Bases to expand my Assassins/Inquisition. Maybe half a dozen 32mm, 3-4 25mm, and 1-2 40mm. I'm missing the outside cover for the right side sponson on my Storm Raven. And I dislike having unhelmeted Power Armoured dudes, so I'm looking for a couple of Reiver Helmets so I can fix the Sergeants I got in the easy-build sets. Could go for some of the Grav Chute fins, too, but those are easier to convert. I can do PayPal (probably going to have to ship, my place is pretty out of the way), or I have a fairly substantial bits collection of my own, tho any given thing is going to be kind of hit or miss.
  26. OBBL season two schedule - updated 8/16

    After much discussion, the Super League regular season has been cut to six games, and is over immediately. A four team playoff is being determined now, with round one to be played Thursday 8/24 at Guardian Games. The championship game will be held the week following if schedules allow.
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