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  2. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    leaving work and heading over to Wow. I can open up if it isn't yet
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  4. http://s1244.photobucket.com/user/fixxer1984/library/
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  6. 2/20 Bellinghamsters play games sometimes

    I'll play Brad
  7. Selling board games

    Cash, PayPal or trading for unbuilt Age of Sigmar Eclipse with custom acrylic trays -$60 Battlestar Galactica - $20 Dark Souls - brand new in box $70
  8. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    Yeah, no GN for me tonight @ROGRE @Bosco
  9. APOC 2018

    Well the store is closed today but you could always call during the hours the store is open 5-10pm and see if they could take a payment over the phone. But I am happy that you’ll be participating :)
  10. 40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    The thread may be dead, but think of this as a wake rather than funeral. Over the course of a few weeks, we pretty much stayed on topic and revealed a ton of cool information about OFCC. I'm not sure if we have ever had this many details out 6 months before the event before. It is an exciting time and this thread is just the start. :) Also, with over 400 responses this thread broke into the top 10 most responded to threads in the history of the 40K sub-forum on Ordo. So, raise a glass and toast a post well lived!
  11. Still looking for Daemonettes, also interested in more Rough Riders.
  12. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    Maybe OGRE will live next week at GN.
  13. Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    these look superb! I would love to get hold of these to paint up! :)
  14. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    I can chill at Guardian if the club house isn't open yet. I only brought my basic set today (No expansions, extra monsters or fox clan). If there is a lot of interest I can bring more next-time.
  15. Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    As the previous KS campaign we are planning to put a miniature (coach) as early birds pledge only for the first day, below the preview of it. If you want so see more pictures of the team you can go to our Facebook page.
  16. Koyote's Britons

    I've made some progress on the display board. It needs to fit in my suitcase, so the trees won't be glued to the board. Instead, they will sit inside of inserts. I used a rubber mold made by a railway scenery company to cast the rocks. My original plan was to paint the trees foliage in Autumn colors, but now that I see the full warband displayed, I think that green (likely a darkish green), will look better, as it's a opposite of red on the color wheel. I have another sizeable painting project to take care of before Adepticon, so it's looking less and less likely that I'll be adding the Saxon casualties to this board.
  17. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    i cannot tell you for certainty if any one will be at the club before 4PM. I know that I will be leaving around that time to go to the club around 5 or shortly after 5. I will be showing up. @Dark Trainer You could always show for a boardgame!
  18. Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Warzone Studio
  19. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    I won't be down tonight, sadly no game lined up.
  20. So I have a change of plans and I'm not coming tonight, but when I'm back from disneyland we will get a ninth age game in Kasey
  21. Product Update for 2/20/2018! Daemons!!! Check us out on Facebook, in our Bartertown Sub-Forum or at http://mindtaker.org/trade.html for pictures, list of wanted items and our full product list. We are in the United States. Please mention if you are not in the US at the start of our deal. Shipping to international destinations is generally too high to deal with but if you are willing to pay it, that is up to you. Foreign buyers/traders should know that shipping will be higher on our end and that this may affect our decision to go through with a trade/sale. Prices do not include shipping. We now accept Paypal and Credit Cards. Until we finalize a deal, nothing is held and other offers may change what is available during negotiations. Once we make an offer, the deal is good for 24 hours, unless otherwise noted. Additionally, some items may be crossposted to other sites, including eBay, and may not be held. - Codex: Chaos Daemons (2012) (Used, not current) PIC - $5 DAEMONS https://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-20774-53418_Daemons.html - Blood Crushers (9) (Primed white crushers, 6 bare / 3 unassembled riders. Bits on sprue.) PIC BITS PIC2 PIC3 - $70 - Blood Letters (5) (Metal, oop, stripped/bare) PIC - $15 - Bloodletters (10) (NOS, looks like 1 piece off sprue (crest) PIC PIC2 PIC3 - $16 - Daemon Bits Lot (See pic) PIC - $20 - Daemon Prince (Plastic with wings, bare) PIC - $20 - Daemonettes 1 (12) (Bare/some paint/assembled, most arms on sprue) PIC - $19 - Daemonettes 2 (12) (Bare/some paint/assembled, arms on sprue) PIC - $19 - Daemonettes 3 (12) (Bare/some paint/assembled, arms on sprue) PIC - $19 - Daemonettes 4 (12) (Bare/some paint/assembled, arms on sprue) PIC - $19 - Daemonettes 5 (14) (Bare/2 primed/assembled) PIC - $20 - Daemonettes Job Lot (~16) (6 partially assembled, 10 unassembled and pile of bits, bases. Sold as shown) PIC1 PIC2 PIC3 - $20 - Fleshhounds (15) (Metal, bare/stripped/primed/some paint. Appropriate number of bits (plus 1 head) although I didn't sort 'correct' legs in the picture) PIC PIC2 PIC3 - $70 - Fleshhounds (5) (Primed, one painted, as shown) PIC - $23 - Galrauch (NIS) PIC - $70 - Herald of Slaanesh (NIB, Resin) PIC - $13 - Keeper of Secrets (Bare resin, unassembled) PIC - $28 - Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut (Metal, unassembled, bare) PIC - $30 - Skulltaker (Primed metal) PIC - $17 - Soul Grinder (NIB with Square Base) PIC PIC2 - $38 - Soulgrinder (Painted plastic, sword needs repair, leg reglue) PIC - $25 - Soulgrinder (Primed White plastic, 1 blade needs to be glued back)PIC - $33
  22. 2/20 Bellinghamsters play games sometimes

    I'd love to do some 9th or Armada. @D_Lo if you guys think you'd have time for a second game, I'd be down.
  23. APOC 2018

    hmmmm well I am in outer south portland (Hubbard - near wood burn)... I will have to find a day to drive up... (probably about an hour drive). So I will think about that.
  24. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    @Weav, no worries, I'm likely going to have to skip tonight anyways and scuttle home before the hills get too stupid with the afternoon refreeze and snow.
  25. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    With the snow scare, and the possible [big bad swear word]ty commute as a result, I may cancel later @ROGRE @Bosco. My car and I can handle the snow but the last time it hit a rush hour things were horrible. I think that’s the night @Blustorm spent the night in WOW :)
  26. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    I have it with me and will be there before 4pm.
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