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    Dude I am so stoked for the new edition being more like AoS. If only because of all the rage quitters selling their stuff for cheap on eBay. The teary-eyed misery of the grognards shall feed my hobby habit. Glorious! :D
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    Heya! So I posted this in the Infinity pages, but it has a chance to get some more eyes on here. I'm putting together the display for our three-man team at this year's OFCC, making it the biggest hobby project that I've taken on in awhile. Here is the entirety of the post in the other forum: ---------- Alright! I took the day off and I'm getting a running start on the OFCC display board for Eric, Justin, and myself. This is the basic concept, poorly drawn by a poor artist. The basic plan is to have different levels for each army. The lower level will be for Justin's Haqq, living it up down below. The ground level will be for my Ariadna, and the raised platform will be fore Eric's Haqq. The idea is that each army will have it's own space to be shown off, but there will be coherency between the three within the setting. Getting the base level of foam cut and glued down Cutting a path for the pipe and sewer drain: Putting on the rest of the foam, and creating a half-pipe in the exposed half of the board using the rest of the pipe to shape foil over plaster: Plastering the whole thing to close gaps, texture, and make it safe for primer: That's all for now as there is a butt-load of plaster that needs to dry before it will be safe to work on any further. The rough ground will work fine for the ground level, but the lower level will get a layer of card stock over the foil. The platform is something that I'm gathering materials for, so the final design isn't decided yet. The main goal is that it has at least 48 square inches of space for models and some drop pieces. Any who, so far everything is going well, and I am looking forward to progressing further on the project! ---------- First question I have is if anyone knows of a good product for water effects. I've never had to do them on bases or terrain before, and I really don't want to f*** anything up with a bad product or bad knowledge of how it is used. Any other tips would be appreciated as this project continues, and thanks in advance!
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    Just watched the FB live feed Q&A about 8th edition. One of the biggest takeaways was that if you bought a rulebook within 8 weeks of the announcement of the new game (which was last week IIRC) then you get a voucher for the purchase price. Aaron Dembski Bowden was one of the guys talking, he's a delight.I'm happy to hear that they have been doing a ton of playtesting with good tournament players and have been working towards making every unit valuable. Blast and Templates are gone too which I love.There's now a new hybrid between standard Force Org and Formations. Essentially there are 16 different force orgs that anyone can use and filling them out completely grants various bonuses. Tanks and MCs now work the same with T and W and both degrade in quality as they get wounded. The whole thing sounds great!
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    Welcome to the 2017 OFCC 40K Team Event Players Guide! This post will outline everything you need to know to play in this year's 40K Team event. This is a 2 day, 5 round event on July 29th and July 30th. Although this is a team event, we will allow players who are not affiliated with a team to play as Mercenaries. As you read through this guide, you will notice that this event is not referred to as a tournament. OFCC is about focusing on the experience and not the outcome. There is nothing wrong with wanting to perform well and to celebrate victory, but if that is your sole motivator for playing at OFCC then you may be disappointed. List Building Restrictions: OFCC is about celebrating our hobby, demonstrating good sportsmanship, and playing fun games. Players are encouraged to bring armies that reinforce those values. This event is designed to encourage and reward players who embrace the experience. The army size must be no more than 2,000 points It can include any 40K units from any number of 40K approved Games Workshop or Forgeworld sources Age of Darkness (30K) rules and armies will not be allowed If there is a 30K unit with 40K rules, it can be used with the corresponding 40K rules Team Requirements: A team must contain 4 players One team member must be designated as the Captain Any player not affiliated with a team will be a Mercenary Event Specific Rules: This event will use the Games Workshop 7th Edition 40K rules and the Games Workshop official FAQ documents The 7th edition rules will be used as written with one exception: Untrusted Alliances - Battle Brothers will not be used, so the best interaction between factions in your army will be Allies of Convenience Different Space Marine Chapters are different factions Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus are one faction Inquisitors are exempt from this restriction and follow the normal Battle Brother rules What to Bring: Your painted and based army (see Painting and Basing Requirements) Dice, tape measure, templates A printed copy of your army list A deck of Tactical Objective Cards A good attitude and desire to have fun Painting and Basing Requirements: All models within OFCC armies must be fully painted and based Painting must include 3+ colors Effort must be made to transform or replace the bare plastic base Models that fail to meet the event minimum cannot be used during the event Models, Counts As and WYSIWYG: Games Workshop models are not required for this event Alternate models should reflect the same scale as the Games Workshop equivalent Weapon upgrades and certain model specific wargear should be represented on the equipped model It is impossible to outline all the examples, so here is a good rule to follow If a unit would be impacted by the removal of something equipped to a specific model (banner, special weapon, etc.) then it must be represented Proxies are not allowed in the 40K Team Event A proxy is a placeholder when you don't have an appropriate model to use Counts As armies are allowed during the 40K event with the following guidelines: Effort must be made to represent the model/unit in question Representation must be consistent across the army It is the responsibility of the player who bring a Counts As army to inform their opponent early and often about what is being represented Any specific questions or additional guidance should be directed to the 40K Head of Gaming (evil_bryan) List Rating and Matches: Every list will be rated against each other to determine which lists are more powerful than others List power levels will determine the games you will play Similar power levels will be matched against each other Winning will increase your power level, losing will decrease it Matches will be organized on a player versus player basis, not team versus team Awards: The Team Based Awards available this year will be: Best Painted Best Spirit Marshall Johnson Award (Best Sportsman) Best Overall There will also be Individual Awards available exclusively for Mercenaries: Best Painted Best Sportsman A note about Battle Scores and performance: Although we will not be awarding a Best General, we will be tracking battle scores and using performance to match players during the weekend Battle scores will be used to break ties in all award catagories Mission Types: Each mission will be a variant of the Maelstrom of War missions and require a deck of Tactical Objective Cards. We will be using a similar deck building and scoring mechanic as the Ordo Annihilation events. Each player must assemble a deck of 28 tactical objective cards Choose 28 of the 36 available cards for your deck Do not choose cards that are impossible for your army to score During the game, you can only automatically discard and redraw cards that are impossible to score based on your opponents army (i.e. no Fast Attack units) and NOT your army You can only use a single source for your deck (either the standard deck or ANY army specific deck, it does not need to match the army you are playing) If you do not have a Games Workshop printed deck (or one does not exist), you can custom build one for the event Scoring will occur every game turn and you will compare earned points. If you earned more points that turn: +2 If you earned equal points that turn: +1 If you earned less point that turn: +0 The game end when one (or both) players reach 7 points or when the last turn is completed. Event Scoring by Category: Each team will have the ability to earn points in each scoring category (Paint, Spirit, Sports) before the event AND during the event. The total points scored will determine team's position in each category and contribute to calculating the scores for Best Overall. Pre-Event Scoring: Each player/army that achieves one of the below items will score 1 point per completion. If all players on a team achieve the same item they will receive a bonus point. Painting: Photo Spread - Team post on the Ordo Forums with pictures of each army Early Screening - Display your army Friday evening for paint judging Spirit: Advanced Planning - List submitted for review before 6/1/2017 All In - Ticket purchased before 6/1/2017 Sportsmanship: Going Old School - Single Combined Arms Detachment from a single source with no flyers, super heavies, or gargantuan creatures No surprises - Team post on the Ordo Forums with information about your players and their army lists List Submissions: All army lists should be emailed to OFCC2017@gmail.com Army lists should include all units, wargear, corresponding points cost, and source(s) Make sure to identify yourself and your team within the email Captain's Responsibilities: Team Captains are the true heroes of OFCC, and greatly contribute to what makes this event a success. Team Captains will be asked to: Review the team's army lists and have them submitted on time Remind their team to purchase their event tickets Ensure the team meets OFCC painting and basing minimums Educate new players about the spirit of OFCC Questions: For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me in the following ways: Send a PM through the forums Reach out via Facebook Send an email to OFCC2017@gmail.com Stop by in person at WOW on a Tuesday night We look forward to seeing you in July!
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    Different strokes, I guess. Saw it in the theaters, loved it. Almost as much as this guy loves Mozart.
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    My plan for anti-aircraft defense at OFCC is as follows: Fill opponent with beer. Hope he knocks them off table.
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    I can't wait to face all my tanks away from my opponents just to make them feel vaguely uncomfortable.
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    Lets divorce ourselves from this idea that balanced games are somehow the delight of fluff bunnies and not tournament players. EVERYONE benefits from balanced rules. EVERYONE wants close and fun games. Plasma pistols being 15 pts doesnt help anyone. Better balance would encourage more diversity. Plain and simple.
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    Just got my package of stuff from this the other day. My only regret is that I couldn't afford more of it. Fantastic work. I haven't seen anything needing touchup except on the bottoms, and the grey resin you used looks nice enough that I would be totally happy seeing these on the table even unpainted. I mean, I am going to paint mine, but you know. Just great, and I hope I have more money available the next time you do a KS for some of your Terrain.
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    Really interested in seeing the 14 foc options. Looking more and more like I can dust off my Ork Trukkboy army and giggle instead of weep when it hits the table.
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    I dunno, I certainly get my money's worth out of them. Even if they only last 2 years, $50 isn't that much compared to all the other crap you can spend money on that you get less enjoyment out of .
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    +++ S.C.A.R.R. Tango (Stray Dogs) (Shadow War: Armageddon) [995pts] +++ Skitarii Combat Advance Recon Requisition (or SCARR for short) are units that freely travelling though out space seeking out and taking anything they believe there Magi would want. They are SAR, Sec Ops, Commandos, Pirates, and scavengers all rolled it to one unit. Almost all SCARR units are on the same level as Praetorians. Like Praetorians they are one of the elite units of the Skitarii. They are super-enhanced (bionically/ cybernetically/ chemically/genetically etc) humans who are augmented with a huge array of cybernetics and given weapons, supplies, and a Starship. However, many old sources also suggest that SCARR units are instead an elite Skitarii type following the fashion of Imperial Guard stormtrooper units, but with slightly more augmentations, putting them somewhere "between" storm troopers and Space Marines. All of this seems plausible and most likely true, but based on the preferences of the Magi who who organized the unit. While SCARR units do partake in mission given to them by their Magi. The Unit’s Tribune has the right to decide to deploy any time they believe it will lead to profit and gain for their Magi. Because of their freebooting missions and long time in space SCARR units tend to be some of the best, and at the same time worst troops the Skitarii has to offer. They tend to be more lacks and less disciplined then most Skitarii troops, but at the same time they tend to see more action and combat then most Skitarii will even know. Making them some of the best combat fighters in the Skitarii. + Kill Team Leader + "Rake" - Skitarii Ranger Alpha: Arc Maul, Arc pistol + Trooper + "Drooler Jones" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle "Lockjaw Lenny" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle "Pitt" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle "Timmy" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle + Specialist + "Guard Dogg" - Skitarii specialist: Photo-visor . . Transuranic arquebus: Red-dot laser sight
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    14 of us fought it out at a tournamnet this Saturday. The guy who put it on is moving to Vietnam and so he used the tournamnet tyo help fund that trip. He used this as his grand prize: HERE'S THE MAGNETIZATION HE DID:
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    Finished these two for a potential ork army for ofcc! Lol http://s1093.photobucket.com/user/Splinx69/media/57EBBBC9-664D-436D-A56A-2867CCBC976B_zpsysppgkdm.jpg.html][/URL]
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    No edition is going to solve the problem between "fluffy" and "tournament " players, ever. There will always be better units than others. All we can hope from 8th is maybe there will be closer gap between those two players. It shouldn't matter anyways because communication between players should make it so both players avoid being unhappy as a result of the armies played regardless of what edition.
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    Well I suppose that depends on why you play 40K. If you play 40K to have the "hardest" list in the hopes of winning a tournament. Then yes, this is something to take into account when facing off against an opponent. However, that is not why I play 40K. I play 40K because I think it is one of the better systems out there to play narrative battles and campaigns. The ability to make your own factions, characters, and lore really gives me the ability to tell a story on the table. Where I think the problem really arises is when narrative and tournament players mix. If one players comes to the table with their fluff based army with named characters and units, and sets down across from a tournament player with their Strength D-Palooza-jink jank-frankenarmy, designed to murder everything on turn 2.... well someone is going to be having a bad time. I know I have experienced this myself, which is why I am so careful about the venues I choose to play now (it has been well over a year since I stepped into GG). I value my time too much to have a lame match. Will the new edition help rein in some of this insanity? I don't know. I hope so. Maybe if allies rules are revisited, or army construction, or any number of things that would make the game less... breakable(?) than maybe the game will become way more fun. At least that is what hope for.
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    My assumption was that you could show up and hang out and display your Army on Friday night even without a ticket for a Friday event, as long as you have a ticket for one of the weekend events. It's always been more or less like that in the past.
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    When we started the OFCC (used to be NWCC) back in '03 or whatever, it was 4 teams of 6. The next year, we (foolishly, trustingly) let people bring however many because we were doing the matching system using an app that could manage arbitrary team sizes. However the Evil Canadians rigged the system by putting their best players on one team, and hanging their newer players out to dry on a second team. So in response, we (orkdork and I) changed the team to size 4, so that we (orkdork, bunto [our other brother], and myself) could make a team and beat the Evil Canadians. We would have made it size 3 but that would have been too obvious, so we made it size 4 and rolled in Raindog to round out our team. We crushed the Evil Canadians soundly, sending them crying back North to lick their wounds and complain about hidden ranking forums, matching systems they couldn't understand (because of the AI-based approach we used), and defeats they couldn't tolerate. After seeing that a team size of 4 clearly led to the Best Results, we carried that forward until - and this is where my memory is a little hazy - I got a kid, or got divorced, or drunk, or all three, and quit playing Warhammer, and the Evil Canadians slowly emerged from under their Weeping Stones and started infiltrating the planning process. They began of course by placing a mind control device in Raindog, and forcing him to rig the system so they could again win the tournament... Anyway that's the history, and everything after the second sentence is complete b.s.. With Love, Nathan
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    Funny story, my wife owes me 1 from a bet at a party. Turns out walking around in your tighty whities, some white high tops and mullet wig/trucker hat can pay off :) Sweet victory!
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    I like how they are slowly teasing the rules, instead of blindsiding people with the new edition. They can get people warm and fuzzy about it, by slowly revealing all of the amazing changes. Yes this new edition is making Tzeentch very happy!
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    My guard will get saves against bolters!!!
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    I'm going to use Great Invasion era Briton models, but I want to add some Monmouth and Mallory to the warband's backstory. This will add some flavor to the warband and guide my modeling and theme. Rather than build a Briton warband around a heroic Arthur-like character, I want to build it around the infamous Mordred. I also want Mordred's mother to be present in the warband. Like many modern adaptations of the Arthur story, I am going merge Mordred's mother, Morgause, with her sister, Morgan Le Fay, making them one in the same. To add some variety to my Warband, I'm thinking about inclufing a unit of (Saxon) Sea Wolves or (Cymry) Guides. Mordred aligning with these foreigners could be evidence of his treacherous nature or simply the product of Mordred's desperation to take back a throne that is rightfully his. If I don't incorporate Morgan Le Fay into one of my Baggage vignette models, I may add her to the unit of Sea Wolves or Guides. Do they fight for coin or because Sorceress has beguiled them with her magic? My inspiration for building a Warband around Mordred comes from my fondness for Footsore's (previously Musketeer Miniatures') Mordred model. It's not a grandiose or an especially regal model, but there's just something about it that I really like. The downside of using this model as my Warlord is that I won't be able to field any Briton cavalry. Then again, a Briton Warlord on foot does have some advantages. Hmm?
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    Blasts were always gamey. Too easy to manipulate their effectiveness by spreading and on models with large bases. They are also ludicrously time consuming to place and scatter and determine models hit. No idea what the actual method will be but I suspect something along the lines of roll to hit. Hit = D6 hits Miss = D6-3 hits. Large adds +2 hits.
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    Starting here. Movement is definitely in Vehicles do not have armor values. Vehicles have a damage table that reduces their stats as they take damage. Different Armies will keep their playstyles Still a d6 system They are trying to speed up a game of 40k, 1500pt game in 90minutes now. Narrative with 3 ways to play with connections for shadow wars, campaigns etc. City fighting etc. All models will receive rules in the new edition, including vehicles and scenery Command Points: If you fill your force org chart you gain command points. There are 14 force org charts. You can spend command points to interrupt game play. You may only use one per phase. Thematic armies will get more command points. Templates are going away A lot of playtesting has gone on. Reese and Frankie from Las Vegas Open, and Mike from Nova have done tons of the playtesting. Everyone will get their new rules day 1. 5 books, will have the rules for all the armies at a very low price point. Codexes will come out with new additional thematic updates at a future update Expansions like cities of death, planet strike, will be brought up to speed. Every unit has been playtested and has been balanced. This will be the most robust and balanced edition of 40k. there wont be any broken units like riptides There will be an annual update book "like the Generals Handbook" They want the game to evolve the game with community feedback. Yes there will be an army builder app, but its not ready yet. There are not specific tournament rules, but there are guidelines for organizers. They are pushing the thematic battle between the Imperium and Chaos, so they are focusing on it. All the factions and models will be represented in the new edition 2 different ways to play with point values. Power Level: narrative play- gives you values for squads regardless of what they are equipped with Matched Play: Full points with upgrades like normal detail All current armies will be in the new edition. Any new factions Coming: Yes Monstrous Creatures will also lose stats like vehicles. Everything can hurt everything.... lasguns hurting tanks was mentioned No stat is capped at 10 Bigger weapons do more damage. Allied forces will still be available. Cross army bonuses will be limited now, meaning that a space marine army will give bonuses to other adeptus astartes models. Still has an allied chart. Deathstars were called loopholes in the rules. Keywords structure for the game for rules. There are Benefits to sticking to a single faction like command points. There was a little oversight on the new galaxy map, so no many places were not destroyed. the term "8th" was mentioned Forgeworld rules will be available in the same way. Storyline will continue forward for the next few years, but with no radical changes to storyline. If you just bought a codex or rulebook.... The customer service team will be handing out vouchers within 8 weeks of the announcement to cover the cost of the rulebook.
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    Sisters and Inquisition have been added to the list of teams. Inquisition one is very customizable and looks fun. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/ShadowWar/SWA_Killteams_ENG.pdf
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    It is actually harder rather then easier to set up a challenge round, and it would have been extremely complicated with the other changes being rolled out this year. Since we have open gaming on Friday and Saturday night, you will certainly have time to arrange a game if you'd like. :)
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    This isn't a recent phenomenon. As sugarless made mention, GW has never even tried to balance their games because they don't view their games the way lots of people play them. 2nd edition was the LEAST balanced edition and every edition has had several REALLY broken units/coders. AoS does give me hope though.
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    But look at Age of Sigmar. That's a a perfect example. 40k points are basically irrespective of actual game value and can be more or less ignored in friendly games. (ie, if I want a close game of Eldar vs Orks, maybe 2.5k of Orks vs 2k of Eldar would be fair) Fluffy gamers don't/shouldn't care about points so throw them out if you want to play 100% narrative. But if you want to play close/fun/balanced games, come up with good point levels. LET the invisible hand of tournament results adjust points and the folks who don't care don't need to pay attention. The only thing I'll say about Codex Creep is that GW doesn't have a [big bad swear word]ing clue. For every scatterbike there's a Nephilim fighter. There's plenty of new codexes that come out that are worse than old ones. GW just sucks at balance: full stop.
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    Well said. Although I will add that sometimes that communication is between a TO and his players, to make sure they know what to expect at an event.
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    So adepticon spoiled Plastic THs and they are out of stock for the FW version. Then there's this:
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    Look to find a group or player to be patient with me learning the ropes. Start up an army in November (blood angels) and even put together an Ork one to in hopes to convince friends to try it out. Been reading WK40ks for years so I'm familiar with lore. Any recommendations from you kind folks? Preffer to go in know I got people know I'm new rather than show up to a tournament and piss ppl off. My models are painted well 😎👍
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    So I think we have arrived at the crux of your issue Pax. And I think it is a fair point: you are pretty happy with the current edition, and some of the people you play with are also happy with it. To you fine people I say this: please continue to have fun. I promise you GW is not going to come to your home and take the books from your shelf and burn them. They will continue to be legible for a long, long time. I know this because I still play Warhammer Fantasy, and will continue to do so. But please don't try and speak for the entirety of the community. It never adds to the conversation. Because while neither you, nor I sent the rules team in Nottingham a letter pleading with them to create a new edition, they made one anyway. Because that is what they do. In fact that have done it six times previously. And I for one am glad. And I don't think I am alone in this. I have not been having a ton of fun in the current edition. Everything seems to revolve around allies, and deathstars; things I have no interest in playing. I have my Space Marines. And I am happy to have them. I don't want to combine them with riding dogs, or flying saints, or anything else. I am tired of walking into a game store and facing off against someone that has a frankenarmy that has zero lore behind it, made up of three different factions that has been copied from Spikeybits or Frontline Gaming, or some other such place of nonsense. And it is happening because the current rules allow for it. I miss Orks. Yeah, orks. Remember them? Big green screaming death machines that scream "waaaaaaaagh!" You don't see them because crazy rules and jerks playing crazy armies have roflstomped their players into oblivion (at least all the ork players that I know). Same with Nids (all of the Tyranid players I know). And I would love a rules set that allowed for those armies to thrive. Not roflstomp, but thrive. I would love Heavy Bolters, and Power Armor to be rad again. I just like the look of a Space Marine in Power Armor armed with a Heavy Bolter. With every fiber of my gamer heart I desire a new edition that makes factions other than Space Marines, Tau, or Eldar fun to play. I would love to see diversity in the factions again. I would love narrative play become viable and a thing. But right now 7th is not doing those things. It is a WAAC/Tournament player's wet dream. And I am just not feeling it. So you're right Pax. You didn't want a new edition. But I did. And I wasn't alone.
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    This just in: People like different things. More at 11.
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    I cant believe that people are upset at a rules change. 7th edition is a hot mess that has nearly killed all enthusiasm I have for the game. It's polarized, unbalanced, and stagnant in the extreme. 8th edition is a welcome change, and probably the last chance that GW has to make 40k "great again". I welcome the new edition, and will happily fork over the money for a book. To be fair, they are a business, and they are in business in an industry where you have to make new things, or everyone just keeps what they have and sits on it. That makes no money. Yeah, we gotta fork over some green. New direction, new game, welcome changes I say.
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    You are selling a cerberus with one door missing and no sponsons, partially painted and with some conversion for maybe $7 dollars off if that price includes shipping?
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    The army as a whole. Needs about half of it painted. Plus I can't find my fourth Lictor, but he will be added when I do. Anyone want to help paint these?
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    Hey, I beat Evan today! 10-0! Oh, and won an ITS! Wooooooooooo-hooooooooooooooooooooo.
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    I'd like to congratulate you. Of all the methods I have read about on many forums, facebook pages and in person... None have even approached the level of efficacy this gambit could produce.
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    Meant to hover over the cityscape. Deploy a Sniper on the top... that's pretty cool. Can't hit the sniper? Can we bring the blip down??? Shampoo bottles and bits... Plus the Antenocitis billboards. Found it on the reddits:
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