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    It's not consolidate into combat, it is just dragging people into combat that are within 3". So that unit of 30 Hgaunts that has 15 guys not touching, they will get 3" to try and drag another unit into combat. And since you are now considered in combat if within 1" of someone, you have 4" to work with. That extra 1" is a big deal, trust me, my wife said so...
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    You can't look at this in a vacuum. Orks will have tons of options to hurt knights, Their vehicles will have deadly close combat vehicles, the stompa will have similar stats, the morka/gorkanauts are look very tasty and remember that everything can be hurt on a 6. With how damaging things are in this edition, it will be fine. Tons of people are continually looking at what is now for their armies but you just can't because EVERYTHING is being redone and changed. It is looking more and more that most forces will have completely viable forces in this edition. You can't make too many assumptions based on what you have now.
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    Leading my Rough Riders into battle... Need to unbase my Knight though,but since hes not fully finished yet,shouldnt be too hard,heh
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    Just watched the FB live feed Q&A about 8th edition. One of the biggest takeaways was that if you bought a rulebook within 8 weeks of the announcement of the new game (which was last week IIRC) then you get a voucher for the purchase price. Aaron Dembski Bowden was one of the guys talking, he's a delight.I'm happy to hear that they have been doing a ton of playtesting with good tournament players and have been working towards making every unit valuable. Blast and Templates are gone too which I love.There's now a new hybrid between standard Force Org and Formations. Essentially there are 16 different force orgs that anyone can use and filling them out completely grants various bonuses. Tanks and MCs now work the same with T and W and both degrade in quality as they get wounded. The whole thing sounds great!
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    You made a statement. I produced evidence that that statement was objectively wrong. You claimed that it was still correct. Your statement and mine are mutually exclusive, so your continued claim that yours is correct and valid is implicitly stating that mine must be wrong. This isn't something subjective like whether apples or oranges taste better. There is a clear history here, showing the appearance of the phrase "bated breath", followed by the misspelling "baited breath", and then by attempts like the one you made earlier to explain "baited breath", since it doesn't actually make any sense as such. Also, Google can be used for things like quickly finding a citable source for something that one learned in college lit classes when one no longer has access to an academic library. Show an actual source, not just something you heard from someone, that "baited breath" has a distinct and separate origin, and I'll drop the whole issue in a hot second. I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. But don't go around treating facts like opinions. That leads to all manner of errors.
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    Omg! Just give me the rules already!! I got 4 armies I'm ready to brew lists with. The wait is killing me! Between this, commissions, and trying to get my AoS army painted for OFCC I'm losing my mind!
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    Well I am officially ready now for WH40k 8th edition. All of the 7th edition rules/cards I owned have been shipped off to a lucky ebayer and in preparation for WH40k 8th edition I have been playing its predecessor for the past year otherwise known as AoS. But seriously I can't wait for the new edition and bizarrely I am even excited for the newer larger Space Marines and holy hell Death Guard!
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    Really interested in seeing the 14 foc options. Looking more and more like I can dust off my Ork Trukkboy army and giggle instead of weep when it hits the table.
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    I can't wait to face all my tanks away from my opponents just to make them feel vaguely uncomfortable.
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    Although I see we've moved onto Nids and their fun new toys, I wanted to comment on how I really love the changes to the transports and how I hope they tweak them still. As a SW player I always hated as a cc focused army having to wait a turn to charge once I got out of my rhinos. I would maybe make it in with 2/3rds of a squad (considering my rolling) and never feel that I could bring my full cc potential to bear. Now that I don't have to wait an entire turn before charging I feel so much more empowered to send my Wolves howling in instead of having to eat a whole turn of shooting and then overwatch. Also, another change I hope they make is so that if you have your non-open topped transport wrecked the squad inside can charge now whereas they couldn't before. I can't remember how many times my Grey Hunters have had to sit there while the enemy is right there and not be able to charge because, "Well we lost out transport last turn, so oh well". Finally, not having to risk your transports blowing up with one lucky shot and taking some key guys in your squad with it will be a welcome change.
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    Oh what do you know, nid MCs have the potential to kill a knight in a single round. So OP. 7 st8 attacks with d6 wounds. I quit! No fun!
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    Until the rules for all this stuff is in hand there is no point discussing it. Forming opinions before all the facts are in is foolish. Y'all are proving it...
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    Or, you could just admit you made a mistake? Just sayin'...
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    I got paint on. Primed black with some simple flat black spray paint, I airbrushed white (very thinly) to give broad highlights, then spot shot green on specific areas like the ruins and broad flat areas to add some interest. I then airbrushed some brown in the shadows. I over saturated colors a bit as I'll lose quite some when I apply the snow. I'll drybrush next then apply a wash.
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    To go along with my Chaos Warriors, I'm building a matching table. I picked up an Arctic FATMAT and have started building terrain to match. In addition to the usual slate rock chips and such I've added element from Secret Weapon bases to give the pieces and ruined temple vibe. Here's my concept piece: I'm not too happy with it. I had originally put patches of baking soda snow on along with the frost, but it really looked like crap. Rather than scrap the piece I flocked over the patches and added more snow. It's better but not what I want overall. Here's the second piece: Foundation work is done. I hotglued down the large slate chips and the bases, painted on wood glue and added the smaller chips and the sand. After letting it cure overnight a painted watered down glue over those same parts to seal it all in. I'll paint it up next, getting the priming, airbrushing and drybrushing done before adding the flocking.
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    Holy swear word, Batman. I really want to play this game. That no-restrictions on charging from Deep Strike, but you need to be 9" away thing is a little piece of genius. It also meshes nicely with the fact that units can disengage from combat. The assault armies can still strike from the skies with a precision hammer-blow, but they might not make it in, and even if they do they're not locked in the "safety" of close combat. The enemy can just walk away and gun them down with other units. Everyone gets cake? EVERYONE gets to eat it??!?!?! Absurd!
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    From tragedy comes triumph! Sent the first 3d printer back and got something else. First one was too finicky and hobbyish for my tastes. But the one they sent me was missing the glass print bed and I needed it to get this pistol together for The Storm! So I went and got a pane of glass and cut it roughly to size and had to tape it down. Its janky, but it seems to be working and as of this morning has 3 hours left to print the final piece I need. What a a pain! I should have it painted and assembled as of tonight!
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    Photo Spread: PENDING Early Screening: Pending Friday of OFCC All in - 3/4 tickets purchased Going Old School: 1/4 Lists No Surprises Purajh While I have been on the forums for a while and I collect many armies, this will be my first full tournament I am playing in. Playing Necrons to help fit the narrative my team was wanting to tell, I decided I wanted to make a list that was not one of the overpowering Decurion’s. I decided to keep it old school and tell the story of a C’tan arriving at an old tomb world and activating the protocols to awaken the tomb. With only some basic units online to help wake up the remainder of the tomb, and a single monolith ready to defend. The stirring of the tomb has brought far more attention than the C’tan had planned on…. Pretre A long time bane of the forums and occasional player of tournaments, I am captaining my first OFCC team! This will be my first outing with Deathwatch and they were conceived of, built and painted for this event. It represents a slightly larger Deathwatch task force tasked with the containment of an ancient Xenos threat. Unfortunately, it looks like they aren't the only ones interested in Things Best Forgotten. AgentP Pending Seth Pending Advanced Planning AgentP's Dark Angels Pending Seth's Eldar Pending pretre's Deathwatch List =BSSF=- Watch Commander - Chaplain with Beacon - 125 Watch Company - Artemis - 145 Aquila (Anti-Everything) - 5 Vets with Bolter/CCW, 4 Frag Cannons, Librarian with ML2 - 305 Furor (Anti-Troop) - 5 Vets with Infernus/CCW x2, Bolter/Shotgun x2, Watch Sgt with Combi-Plasma/CCW, Term with HF/PF - 210 Dominatus (Anti-Elite) - 5 Vets with Watch Sgt with Xeno/CCW, Shotgun/SS x3, CCW/Bolter. 3 Vanguard with CCW/SS, LCx2, HTH - 290 Malleus (Anti-Heavy) - 5 Vets with Meltagun/Bolter, Meltagun/CCW, Shotgun/SS, Black Shield with HTH, Watch Sgt with Combi-Melta/CCW, Term with SB/PF with Melta, Term with TH/SS - 295 Armour - LRC - 250 Strategium Command Team Librarian with ML2, Bolter, Dominus - 115 Purgatus (Anti-HQ) - 5 Vets with Stalker/Bolter x3, Frag Cannon/CCW x2, Terminator with SB/PF/Cyclone, Biker with DTH - 265 2000 Purajh's Necron List OFCC Necron (Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition) [1994pts] Combined Arms Detachment (Necrons: Codex (2015)) [1994pts] HQ [65pts] Cryptek [65pts] Staff of Light Elites [240pts] C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer [240pts] Troops [900pts] Immortals [85pts] Gauss Blaster, 5x Immortal [85pts] Immortals [85pts] 5x Immortal [85pts], Tesla Carbine Warriors [235pts] Ghost Ark [105pts], 10x Necron Warrior [130pts] Warriors [235pts] Ghost Ark [105pts], 10x Necron Warrior [130pts] Warriors [260pts] 20x Necron Warrior [260pts] Fast Attack [459pts] Canoptek Scarabs [180pts] 9x Canoptek Scarab [180pts] Canoptek Wraiths [129pts] Canoptek Wraith [43pts] Whip Coils [3pts] Canoptek Wraith [43pts] Whip Coils [3pts] Canoptek Wraith [43pts] Whip Coils [3pts] Canoptek Wraiths [150pts] Canoptek Wraith [50pts] Transdimensional Beamer [10pts] Canoptek Wraith [50pts] Transdimensional Beamer [10pts] Canoptek Wraith [50pts] Transdimensional Beamer [10pts] Heavy Support [330pts] Canoptek Spyders [65pts] Canoptek Spyder [65pts] Fabricator Claw Array [5pts], Twin-Linked Particle Beamer [10pts] Canoptek Spyders [65pts] Canoptek Spyder [65pts] Fabricator Claw Array [5pts], Twin-Linked Particle Beamer [10pts] Monolith [200pts]
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    OFCC is not using 8th edition. There is a Friday 8th ed three round event, but the main two day event is 7th.
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    After rounding up two players to fill in for the two who can't make it this year, team Kill! Maim! Beer! is officially attending! I'll be the captain.
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    It takes you 3000 years to train a warrior. It takes me 3 seconds to kill em with a lasgun. I think you're still getting a raw deal.
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    "Our lasguns will shine like the sun!" "Then we will die in our shades..."
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    squats WIP pics from june of last year to current. i had no clue gw was gonna come out with overlords but im glad they did cause i can make more fun stuff for this army without having to source so much from third parties.
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    All wraithguard. BaDumBump!
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    Without the ability to sling around satchels of explosives like a drunken Shaq at the free-throw line, I have no desire to field Marbo...
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    I've heard from playtesters that assault armies will be viable, I'm sure units like Boyz and Berserkers will have rules to aide in the narrative of their bloodthirsty nature. I'm excited that morale is once a turn instead of once each phase, it really feels like GW is taking streamlining into advice and doing many things to make the game play faster and more efficiently. How many times have we forgotten a unit took casualties and didn't take a test and then shot, then rolled for leadership to back up and failed and ran off the table? I am enjoying all these streamlines.
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    I have 5 2nd ed Ogryns waiting to get off the shelf if they make them counter assault worthy!
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    Dredged this up that was concocted in April 2016. Interestingly GW really listened to this IMO and moved on what people were saying.
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    The first worker in the crew is done, armed with a blade and a shotgun. The Kharadron and Cult kits were practically made to work together - super easy.
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    t’s a big one today folks, as we take a closer look at the Shooting phase.| This phase will be very familiar to anyone who plays today, but there have been a few tweaks and improvements to the rules. We’ve already seen the profiles of our miniatures, so we know that we’ll be hitting on a fixed Ballistic Skill (a bit like you do now) and we’ve also seen a little about how weaponswork – multiple damage from powerful weapons, and armour save modifiers, for example. Today, we look at some of the other rules of the phase. When you select a unit to shoot, much like today, they can all fire their weapons at the enemy. You can’t shoot, however, if you Advanced this turn, or if you fell back from combat. (See our movement article for details on these.) You also can’t shoot if there is an enemy with 1″ of you. The exception to this rule is pistols. Models with these hand-held firearms can shoot at the closest enemy target in the Shooting phase, even if they themselves are locked in combat! This is going to make characters with pistols <cough-Cypher-cough> incredibly deadly up-close. When picking a target, you won’t be able to shoot enemies that are in combat with other units, much like the current edition. However, you can fall back from combat in your Movement phase, allowing other units to fire at your opponent at the expense of your own actions this turn. Expect to see cunning generals deploying their armies in waves to take full advantage of this. Heavy weapons are worth talking about too. These no longer snap fire if you move, and instead they have a flat -1 to hit modifier for moving units. This applies to all models with heavy weapons, vehicles included. There are a few other factors that affect hit rolls too – smoke launchers on a vehicle, for example, have the same effect of -1 to hit. The last big change we’re going over today is cover. Currently, cover saves give a blanket save to all units, and one that only comes into effect if the shot would otherwise ignore their armour. In the new Warhammer 40,000, cover is a bonus to your armour save. Critically, this ability often only applies to certain types of unit. For example, only Infantry gain the bonus of cover from a crater. This interaction works quite nicely with the modifiers to armour saves of certain guns, and means that when someone is trying to hide behind a wall or barricade, if your weapon has a high enough armour penetration, you can shoot them through a wall! There are also a few weapons that ignore this bonus cover to armour effect – such as those wielded by Chaos Noise Marines and a Leman Russ’ nova cannon. There you have it – a few of the changes you can look forward to in the Shooting phase. We’ll be back tomorrow with news on the Charge phase.
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    We had FIVE new players and four active game of Blood Bowl going on this last Thursday at Guardian Games. We are adding to an already great community with new players excited to play!
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    I like how they are slowly teasing the rules, instead of blindsiding people with the new edition. They can get people warm and fuzzy about it, by slowly revealing all of the amazing changes. Yes this new edition is making Tzeentch very happy!
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    Nah. I'm going to paint the [big bad swear word] out of those Nurgle models. I love that the hardback is in the boxed set - it saves me having to make an extra purchase. Looks like my Raven Guard and my Chaos Marines will be getting some new recruits!
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    Chappie 8/10 What happens when you combine Ripley, Wolverine, Die Antword and Robots? A surprisingly god damn good movie. If you would have told me anything about it before hand I probably wouldn't have been quick to watch, but I went in knowing only that it had a robot. Watched it Friday night and about to watch it again. Like an R rated Batteries Not Included or Short Circuit but not so 80s.
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    This is actually relevant. It is exactly the same mental process that has you holding your ground on this phrase as has you convinced that Knights are going to be broken in 8th. It's called the Backfire Effect, and it is devastating to our ability to adapt to changing situations. We hold ourselves back by fighting anything that challenges what we think we know.
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    Ordo Gamer Garage Sale When - Saturday June 3rd, 2017 Setup - 10AM Sale Time - 11AM - 3PM Clean up - 3PM - 4PM Where - WOW - 717 SE Main ST Portland, OR What - Basically a big nerdy Garage Sale Why - We have had a few of these now, and all have been great success! And....we always have more stuff to sell, so of course we can buy more stuff :) Who - EVERYONE! Tell all your nerd friends! Post on Facebook! Get the word out! Do you want to sell something? Ordo Champions get first dibs at table space, first come first serve! If you are not an Ordo Champ, no cost, just be aware that Champs will get priority of space (but I don't think it will be an issue). If you are planning on selling, plan on utilizing a 4' Long x 2.5' Deep space approximately (if tables don't fill up, we can spread out some). MORE DETAILS This is simply a gamer garage sale. If you are selling please bring what you are selling and some cash change so you can make deals. If you are looking to buy, bring some cash! Any further questions, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!!!
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