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    Brick Bungalow

    Why my models aren't painted.

    I've been working on this mural for our game room at the shop. It's probably a little over halfway. About 15'x25' Top portion is missing from photo.
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    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Ordo Fanaticus is proud to announce the official dates for the 2018 Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge! The weekend of August 24-26, we return to the Hilton Vancouver's 14,000 sq ft of gaming space to celebrate all of you who make this community great. Mark your calendar. Tell your spouses that their anniversary/birthday/childbirth will just have to wait for another weekend because you will be busy gaming with the best of the Pacific Northwest! Please keep an eye out for upcoming Head of Gaming (HoG) solicitations and further details as early as our next Senate meeting, October 28th at 1PM. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a PM to our newly appointed Gaming Czar, @DisruptiveConduct; You can also reach out to @ninefinger, @evil_bryan, or @Raindog. This year is going to be another fantastic gaming event. YOU make it so every year. We hope to have you there to make it even better than before! For the Good of the Order
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    Snagged one

    he's too sexy for your power sword...
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    Here come the 'Nids to 8th!

    Friends don't let friends link to BOLS. :)
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    I guess I'm not following the rules by putting dates and pictures of unbuilt models and stuff up- but eff it. I'm painting. i finished this guy and two of his brethren are shortly behind.
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    latest GW price hike

    And are you sure you're not on the Australian web store. That's 99% of most GW pricing threads right there.
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    Random Photo Thread

    Some swearing in the rest of them:
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    First things first. I want to say a big "Thank you" to all of you who participated in the league. It is always my pleasure to host leagues at Ordo and you guys make all the difference. I want to thank the club for allowing us to get in games night after night and have such a great environment to play in. We went 7 weeks solid with great attendance, a huge array of armies, and new faces throughout. I'm please to say my Genestealer Cult saw the table and had some stupendous games. So without further delay, I would like to say a big congrats to our League Winner - Chad (@happycamper) - with his Primaris Salamanders!! Chad is a fairly new member to the club, a newly appointed Senator AND is new to 40k. He claims "I just like to paint the models" while his army is handing out death from the business end of a bolter. He definitely brought the total package of Sportsmanship, Building, Painting, and Playing. You should check out the progress made on this army throughout the league. The main color for his marines is a great deep orange that I dont really mind. Chad will be the lucky winner of the first ever Ordo After Dark Apocalyptic Pizza Party. Chad, his invites, and league participants will be enjoying a night of fun and battle at the club on a soon to be determined evening. It will be a ton of fun and a great way to celebrate! Along with that, I'll be designing a custom forum tag to show Chad's status as reigning 40k Escalation League Champion until the next league comes around. I would like to go on to say a few words about the league participants. The league offered one point per week for a post on the forums about their experience or showing their building/painting progress. I invite everyone to click through to these threads as some great work is contained within. @Nathanvoodoo Nate started the league playing IG only as a stop gap measure until he had enough Tyranids painted up. It brings me great joy to see other hive mind brothers out there and tried to encourage his expansion as much as possible. Check out the crazy fast progress and excellent paint jobs! @evil_bryan Bryan wanted a new army and he certainly found a good one. I was on the receiving end of his new Ravenguard force and it is a bunch of fun. Check out all the new forces in his thread. The strategems are can stack up to be quite the combo! @Atomic Necrons and Orks. Marshall jumped right in to the new edition with some fun armies and recounts his games. The evil robits prove to be a tough nut to crack in this edition. @ninefinger Jeffrey started strong with some new Deathwatch and Inquisitor models to build a new army. He has since moved on to some more terrain oriented projects but he still showed up with his Orks and had a good time. @zcaust83 Chris brought the filth with his Nurgle Deathguard. So many zombies, so impossible to kill them all. Lots of cool models throughout this army. @peter.cosgrove Even Pete got into the posting on the forums for the league. Check out his detailed write up of the new Chaos Marine units. DisruptiveConduct I started somewhat strong on this thread and ended up not even finishing my awesome Rockgrinder. Soon!! @Chikin As I said before, I am always happy to see another Tyranid player in the club. Trevor's Tyranid's did pretty well and I definitely could not stand up against them for a full 5 turns. @Josiah Josiah's Space Marines rocked the house pretty much every week. I have yet to get in a game against them but there is definitely a good chance it will happen soon. @stevensonmat2 Matt S was a new face to the club. He came in and had a good time and we hope to see him again throwing down his Blood Angels. I love how the picture of my cat is what is showing for his thread! @Sugarlessllama Will's Primaris Ultramarines were no joke. They represented for the Emperor and brought his glory to the tables. Will is welcome to throw down with me any time, any day! @andozane This league brought out some of the veterans of the long wars including our very own Mike. He came out with his Grey Knights a few times and had a good time. @Dark Trainer Matt's big blocks of evil robits proved way hard to move off objectives. I hope to get another chance to take down some souless metal puppets. And finally: The club Always a great time at the club. Even when it is hotter than all get out inside. The people and the place go a long way to making for great gaming. Here's to the many more years of gaming to come!
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    9th Age Starter by TMS

    Anyone else get a chance to take a look at this? This has got me pretty excited, not necessarily for the models (although I do think they look nice), but I love that 9th is getting more and more support. I think a 2 person starter box as a great step in the right direction for the game :)
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    paintRack App

    I recently re-discovered a painting app called PaintRack. It is free, but $2.99 unlocks some features. That said I think it is an invaluable tool. I use multiple brands of paint, and organize them into tetrads. This app allows me to organize and track my paints, but more importantly, I can track recipes. The one feature currently missing IMHO is the ability to record a custom mix paint (a confirmed future addition). FEATURES: LIBRARY: track your paint inventory with over 6800 paints from over 25 manufacturers! SETS: create custom paint sets or recipes WISH LIST: track paints you want RAPID SCAN: add pints by scanning the bar codes on bottles COLOR TOOLS: color match with camera or within app; breaks down complimentary, analogous and triad colors by brand. Here are a few of my screen shots showing my metallic tetrads, my wish list, and a recipe for a recent project.
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    Chappy's not here man.

    Hey gang. Anyone who doesn't know, but does care; I have moved to Ohio to spread the good word of the Ordo faith by curb stomping my opponents. Politely. I hope to make it to OFCC in the coming years and if any of you come through Dayton give me a call. I will show you the best beer spots. Until then; play well, lose gracefully, and win mercilessly. Chappy
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    Brick Bungalow

    Job Opening

    If it's inappropriate to post this here feel free to remove. Our store has a current opening for a game room coordinator/supervisor. The position is two days a week (tuesday and friday noon to 830) to start but the right person would have as many hours as they like up to full time in pretty short order. The most immediate qualifications would be to have your own transportation and have experience running Magic the Gathering events. You will need to register or be registered as a judge with Wizards of the Coast and be prepared to run all sanctioned and un sanctioned events. (I'm not especially informed about this myself but we can answer particulars in person) This is a paid hourly position with some available benefits. Total compensation will fluctuate depending on skill set, flexibility and the success of individual events. Other relevant skills include any solid state electronic repair skills, general retail merchandise skills, video game knowledge, accounting, general contractor type skills et cetera. It's minimum wage to start but our current employees have all earned multiple pay increases each year. We average $14 at present. Interested parties should submit a current resume in person to 13885 SW Farmington rd. Beaverton OR. 97005. Resumes transmitted electronically may or may not be considered.
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    Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Quarters are mostly done, After our ghost tint discussion it got me thinking about using the brown for some definition shading. As long as I keep a light touch it works pretty good on both colors. I did one first, I'll do they rest next.
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    Nurgle for The Dalles kids

    Fireangel is running a great program to teach a new generation about our great gaming hobby and needed so help getting models painted. Well Ordo Fanaticus loves to support others in our gaming community so here is the Nurgle half of the new starter box all done for them.
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    Dude, "pax" is all the explanation you need. ^_^
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    Chaos army - $80 obo

    Hey, Looking to generate some money and make some room. I have a chaos army I built a while ago that has to go. Together but mostly unprimed. Was themed after the Beastmaster movies, but no so hard its not obvious what the models are. All unprimed and I have all the extra parts as well if you wish a bunch of them to change weapon arrangements or something. very barbarian in appearance, chaos warriors and knights are built off of marauders to keep the theme going. Has marauders, warriors, light and heavy cavalry, some dogs, and some of the mutant guys (dont know in what way or if they exist in the edition you play). Good start for someone getting into chaos. Will have the last edition fantasy book. Price is negotiable, been holding on to them for a while.
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    Eldar info

    I would personally LOVE to see Wraithlords be viable again...they used to be one of my favorite units.
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

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    After fighting with getting a matte finish I was happy with I varnished the parts and got assembly done: Now onto bases and that libby
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    It's Pete Harper's Birthday

    @Exile Happy Birthday Pete! May your day be filled with caring friends and glorious exploits. May your glass be full and your soul content! Cheers, RD
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    Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Got the primer down on the backpacks and helmets. Sarge will be black, so it's not in this batch. Tried masking tape, but the tape wouldn't stick, so had to free hand. I've found that if you thin the paint with flow aid instead of anything else, it's easier to wipe off when you make a mistake, as long as you're quick about it.
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    Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Snuck in a bit more during lunch. I finished the shading with the Brown Ghost tint. You can see it on the legs where it's most pronounced. IThe tint is also very glossy, so it tends to shine up on those areas. No matter, it'll all get sealed up. the other thing I found is that the tint works as a good filter for the areas od yellow that were highlighted. The yellow highlights lost some of their golden quality and looked more canary, but the tint did just enough to bring it back.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Eldar info

    Yep, this so far is my favorite edition. So awesome
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    Random Photo Thread

    ^50 Shades of Grey Knight^ Obligatory pic
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    Eldar info

    I love the idea of moving one fire prism possibly full out to get line of sight then using the link fire to allow remaining fire prisms to move at half and fire double all rerolling! Wow useful not something I want to pay points to have built in all the time but something worth a command point to do on the fly. @Romans this is the beauty of command points instead of having to points in niche abilities that will be really good when useful or worthless otherwise GW is able to give a really powerful niche ability that is tired more to force organization than straight army build points. Really hard to write this thought out but instead of having to pay points every game to hypothetically link fire you only pay command points in a game it is actually useful in. Love the mechanic!
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    Eldar info

    Craftworld Focus: Ulthwé The warriors of Ulthwé are renowned for their foresight, as well as their relentlessly drilled Black Guardians. After all, nothing sharpens the senses quite like living next to a roiling maw of raw Chaos energy. With the new Craftworlds codex, Ulthwé armies are among the most flexible, with a Craftworld Attribute that has benefits for every unit in your army, a powerful and thematic Stratagem and one of the best Psykers in the game. The Craftworld Attribute Foresight of the Damned is the most versatile of the new Craftworld Attributes, acting as a flat (and much-welcome) universal bonus to the durability of the Asuryani. On more fragile units, this additional save helps to compensate for Toughness 3, while tanks and Wraith constructs are even harder to kill and gain some additional resilience against mortal wounds. Best Units Guardians in the new Craftworlds codex will still be the mainstay of your Asuryani army, having received several indirect improvements with Stratagems and Craftworlds Attributes at no increase in points cost. Statistically speaking, you’ll get more out of Foresight of the Damned on larger units, while the low armour saves of the Guardians are vastly improved by an additional chance at saving a wound. Ulthwé armies also have access to a unique Stratagem designed to represent the superior discipline of the famed Black Guardians: Throw in a nearby Autarch utilising the new and improved Path of Command ability and you’ll have a terrifyingly accurate firebase capable of chewing through light and heavy infantry alike. Meanwhile, if you’re having problems with durability, a quick Celestial Shield should help see to that: Between a considerable cut in points and the vastly expanded Runes of Fate discipline, Eldrad Ulthran makes for the perfect leader for an Ulthwé army (it helps that he’ll be available to pre-order in plastic at the same time as the codex, too!). While you’ll be spoilt for choice with what powers to take on Eldrad, we’d recommend Mind War, a deadly new way of dealing with particularly troublesome characters: Combine this ability with a nearby Hemlock Wraithfighter (which reduces enemy Leadership by 2), a unit of Warlocks casting Horrify (which reduces it by a 1) and you could quite easily cut down a key Commissar or even a Space Marine Ancient with a deadly deluge of mortal wounds. In short, Ulthwé armies are a flexible fighting force capable of shrugging off damage and dishing out a surprising amount of it in return. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be checking out the indomitable warriors of Biel-Tan, alongside a new Stratagem that’ll make your Avatar of Khaine all but invincible…
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    Alright, I'll try this Infinity thing again. Sticking with my Nomads. Last night I built a Moran Hunter to add to my previously built one, and I have a Lunokhod Sputnik to build too. Many Koalas in the future. I also watched what I believe is the video Raindog suggested. Armor (armour?) Saves still annoy me.
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    Eldar info

    Fail on the dice, imo.
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    So all the painting is complete. I went with gold for the eyes rather than green, I think the green clashes in this case, and "Golden Eyes" are typical descriptions for griffons in fantasy settings so it fit. I did some chipping on the feet/lower legs but no more distressing. Less is more in this case. I'll get them all matte varnished then assemble them. I can start on the bases too.
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    I love how GW just made up a whole universe. Redonkulous. ;)
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    Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Blade Runner. There were a few minor things I could complain about but I think it would be petty considering the total scope and success of the project. Lots of subtle homages, returning characters, references to other sci fi franchises and the focus on anti climax that made the first movie great. I won't give any specific details until we have a spoiler-ready thread but I do recommend it without reservation. I will probably see it again.
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    Random Photo Thread

    Dwarven Super Hero?
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    A castle for the taking - $60

    Ancient post of 2015... I command your dead eyes open and rise again!!!
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    A-A-Ron will be there with a bit of both.
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    Chappy's not here man.

    A clogged toilet is a cruel message Rain
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    Chappy's not here man.

    I noticed a disturbance in the force as if the Angry had moved farther away :(
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    Made some decals, I found some excellent ones on bolterandchainsword, just mashed them together to make a single sheet for the laser printer
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    New Guard Codex

    I know, I mostly just wanted to show off. I'm not getting rid of them.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    It's Pete Harper's Birthday

    Woo! Happy Birthday, Pete!
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    Yarb's Slow Grow League Blog Thing

    Week Two Captain w/Plasma Pistol and PSword Lt. w/Chainsword and MC Boltgun 5 Sniper Scouts 7 Tac Marines w/flamer 7 Tac Marines w/flamer 5 Devs w/2 Lascannon and 2 HB 8 Sternguard w/HFlamer and 2 CombiMelta I was able to get in two games last night: The first game was against Blood Angels Capt. Sang Priest 6-7 Sniper Scouts 6 Death Company Dread w/A$$cannon and ML 2 RBacks w/Lascannons Yes, I got tabled again but felt much better about my performance. My first big mistake was putting my Devs and Scouts where they could wiped out on the first turn. I keep forgetting that Heavy Weapons can now move and shoot. I actually made it to turn 6 this time. Second game was against Marines. Basically, his list was all of the Primaris Marines from the starter box. He was not just new to 8th, we was pretty new to minis games in general. I tabled him by turn 4. Things I learned: -MC and Special Issue Bolters rock! -I love the Sternguard. So flexible. -Now that everyone can split fire, have a mix of high rate of fire and multiple wound weapons in the Devs worked great. -I like the IDEA of Flamers more than the REALITY of Flamers. -The Imperial Fist specific Strategem is awesome. Questions: -Can you really fire EVERY weapon you carry if you are in range? For instance, your model has a Bolter and Bolt Pistol and you are at <12” range. -Any advice about transports? I am still a bit hesitant to use them. Week three is 1000 points. Considering just adding more bodies and some Rhinos…but I really want to add my Assault Termies.
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    Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Masking, masking, masking...I recommend Silly Putty Prehighlighting Getting there. Not gunna lie, these are a pain in the arse.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier again. Damn I love that movie. So good.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Wow, Shasvastii? Someone's a glutton for punishment...