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    Hey doc, will please take a look at my Zug? It's got blood on it...😳
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    Got my first game in today. PL100, my CSM vs. Nato Sicarius's Necrons. It was the most fun I've had playing 40K in months. Leaving aside one Game back in February, the most fun I've had playing 40K since last OFCC. The game took about as long as a game of similar size in the same circumstances would have taken us in 7th, but this was our very first game with this rules set, vs. a couple of years' experience with 7th. I boxed my Land Raider in and wasted way too many Lascannon shots on his Ghost Arks (Quantum Shielding is amazing. Makes a huge difference in how you want to take those Vehicles down. Great Rule.), plus ran my Bikes out too far unsupported, so I got kind of picked apart, and he had the board solidly locked down at the end of the Game. But I never felt like I was outclassed by his List the way I often have in 6th-7th.I made some screwups, and I had an inefficient list because there were so many things I wanted to try out. But still. I took a list with a Squad of Chaos Terminators in a Land Raider, a Sorcerer on foot, and a Terminator Chaos Lord, and did alright with it when I didn't make mistakes. I can't remember the last time I could say that.
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    As I said I went looking at the example lists when I got home. The Windrider thing is exactly what I needed to see. The Dark Eldar one did me no good in understanding it but I got ahold of my book after work and saw the Windryder. So it is as you say. I am glad it works this way.
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    This is going directly on my fridge. Then I'm gonna call my mom and tell her how stupid she is for ever doubting me. Then I'm gonna be too cool for everyone and I'll lose all my friends. Then I'll get heavy into coke and when people confront me about it, I'll turn it around on them because they don't know the pressure and responsibility of getting an A+ from Yarb. And then I'll die in the streets, after briefly living in the box that refrigerator came in. I'll breathe my last, clutching that A+ to my chest. So I guess what I'm really trying to say is thank you. Things are looking better from here on out!
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    Just a quick note: If you AND your opponent wish to play 8th edition during your match at OFCC, you are free to do so. If you want to have this option then I would suggest prepping an 8th edition version of your list. This is completely optional and not required in any way. Remember, OFCC is all about having fun and we want to ensure everyone does. If you do plan to play 8th during your match, you are on your own regarding rules. I suggest settling all rules disputes with a drinking contest. :)
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    A-ha! The silver bullet to put that dead horse argument out of its misery. My phone only takes pictures too large to upload apparently, and I have no computer to do technomancy spells of re-sizing. However, if you open your Xenos: 1 books to page 109, the Windrider entry on the example roster settles it. 6 Jetbikes for 120, 2 TL shuriken catapults for 20, 2 scatter lasers for 30, 2 shuriken cannons for 24. 120 points of models+74 points of wargear=194 for the unit. If the H method were correct, the unit would be paying for an additional 40 points for the replaced twin-shuriken catapults, and the unit would cost 234. Granted, an example roster isn't gospel truth, but it is an example of someone GW employed understanding it the same way most appear to. Then GW put it in their book. As a cool aside, the example roster is filled out by Alex Smith, and I'm going to choose to believe that's Alex Smith the artist. He's my very favorite GW artist. His Emperor and Horus facing off over Slain-guinius's corpse and shattered sword is a classic (page 42 of 8th Ed BRB). His clean lines, incredible detail, and light effects make him the anti-John Blanche the GW art department desperately needs.
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    With 6 weeks to go until OFCC, I wanted to share with everyone how appearance will be scored. To keep the process manageable, we will be evaluating 5 categories. In each one, you will receive a score of 0, 1, or 2 0 = Does not meet criteria 1 = Meets criteria 2 = Exceeds criteria The five categories are: Basing - textured/painted/flocked/resin/etc. Painting - represents the three-color minimum Depth - extra care for shading and highlighting Detail - modeling, conversions, putty work, etc... WOW Factor - this is a great representation of a 40K army At OFCC, we should never see a score below a 2 since everyone must meet a minimum basing and painting requirement. As simple as this is, it is still a subjective measure. In an effort to minimize that, I will list out a guide that will dictate how those scores will be quantified. Basing 0 - Bare plastic or resin, void of paint or basing material 1 - Paint or basing material applied 2 - Multiple colors, a variety of material, the bases demonstrate a level of care and effort Painting 0 - Bare plastic, only primer, less than 3 colors 1 - 3 or more colors, generally referred to as tabletop standard 2 - A variety of colors, shades, and tones setting the model apart from the standard Depth 0 - No effort made to illustrate depth of the model's details 1 - Drybrushing, washing, edge highlighting to varying degrees 2 - Blending, smooth transitions, skillful application of the techniques listed at level 1 Detail 0 - Model is built as designed with no variation 1 - Some conversion work, purposeful construction to demonstrate variety, scratch building, minor sculpting 2 - Heavy conversion, extensive scratch building and/or sculpting, clearly a unique representation of the army WOW Factor 0 - A tabletop army that does not go far enough to stand out from the crowd 1 - A unified and cohesive army, can definitely stand out as a excellent example of the army represented 2 - A true showcase army, representing the highest level of skill and technique of our hobby I hope this provides a measure of clarity about the process. Please let it serve as a guide as you finish your OFCC armies and fuel your excitement to play! :)
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    The following teams submitted their lists prior 6/1 and have been awarded the points for Advanced Planning: Warhamsters Big D Bee A-Club Underdogs Gladi-Haters Team Kill! Maim! Beer! Team Diversity Things Best Forgotten Get off my LAN Thank you for your early submissions!
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    I am jumping into 8th edition after not playing 40k for many years in the hopes that I may regain the love for this game. I've always been a fan of this universe and the stories involving the Inquisition. Long ago I played Grey Knights (before they were good). This time around I'm switching to Ordo Xenos and the Deathwatch. The plan so far is to have a puritan Xenos Inquisitor with some hangers-on acolytes or psykers; an assassin of some sort, and a primary force of Deathwatch marines. All of these are going to be built for fun as I don't play tournaments. The Rule of Cool is number one for this army. With that in mind, I won't be including any Primaris marines but all of my Deathwatch marines are going to be converted from Primaris models to be true scale in comparison to the humans in the army. First few test models are built including a couple of assassins. 1st Lt. Brother Justinius of the Ultramarines Brother Sturm of the Crimson Fists Brother Chardon of the Lamentors Calexus assassin Eversor assassin Some more building and painting to come.
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    Having picked up the starter box I'm planning on putting together my new marines as part of the VI'th, the space wolves. I'll be adding a few bits to 'wolf them up' and painting them in the dirty gray of the rest of my death wolf Co. Just a little w.i.p. topic. :) The models are a hybrid snap fit, in that you can position the head how you like, and if you were ambitious you could clip some pegs and get some different angles on the bolter arms. As usual with the newer GW kits flash is almost non existent. Other than the 'sorta' fixed poses I'm very satisfied with the plastic.
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    8th Edition is less work than figuring out what your poll options actually mean ;)
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    Snorri takes shape :) Finished primer, main colors, and wash. I'll start the dry brushes and highlight passes tomorrow.
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    Played several games of 8th couple days ago but really? People are considering power points for games beside intro and 3k+? I think power points a perfect for intro games and makes Apocalypse games sooo much easier. Anyways, Thousand Sons v Ad Mech. Played two games back to back (1000pts and 1250pts) in under 3 hours with looking up stats and being interrupted almost the entire second game. First game was Rubic Marines, Scarab termites, Sorcerer, Demon Prince and a huuuge brick of Tazzigors. I was playing a tech priest, unit of giant robot, two units of grav survivors and a unit of skitarii rangers. Deployment was super easy. Thousand sons got turn one, moved, deepstruck the termies in next to the skitarii, killed all but two after moral. My turn one, the robots pumped out 36 shots at 36" at 6/-2/1 rerolling 1's into the tazzigors killing about 15 of them. Grav servitors killed all but two of the termies. Turn 2 more shots, got charged, ended the game with only the tech priest and sorcerer punching it out in the middle of the table. Game Two we changed it up to me taking a knight and him taking multiple sorcerers to spam smite. The other units killed each other off while the knight got slammed with mortal wounds from the sorcerers while doing ZERO wounds with over 30+ shots over two turns. Overall the games were quick and brutal. All the units seemed fairly well balanced. Tbo, understanding that the armies are slightly vanilla because the indexes are just a stopgap until the real indexes drop, this feels like my favorite version of 40k yet.
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    More pics from it being in use last night. I'm almost done painting!!!! One more batch of side rails to go. Ran out of the base color otherwise it might even had Emm finished
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    The Long Fang stood up and walked into the light, out of the gloom that filled the border of the iron-wrought chamber. Giant figures stood or knelt all around the periphery, the colors of their armor proclaiming them as members of different Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes: White Consuls, Steel Confessors, Flesh Tearers, and more. All had been temporarily seconded to this crusader fleet and now filled the time between firing rites and tactical dogmas with the telling of tales. Brother-Sergeant Aethon of the Scythes of the Emperor had just finished telling of the Siege at the Giants Coffin. Now it fell to the Space Wolfs to speak and bind this brotherhood closer, that they might understand one another better to fight well when the battle came. The Long Fang spoke softly but clearly, "I am Hardrada Stern-Eye of Schumacher's Pack. My arm is strong, my aim is true, my fangs and whiskers long. I am wise with the weight of years. I will tell you the saga of one of the Vlka Fenryka, the folk of Fenris, one of our greatest heroes..." "His name was Snorri South-Paw."
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    I'm so glad you guys are trying to ruin the new 40K before its even out. That is just commitment there.
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    Well, I am sorry that you feel so "meh" about Blood Angels. But you say that the stats prove otherwise, and I wonder what it is you are looking at. I look at them and I see a powerhouse faction on the table. Here is why: This edition is very, very different than every other edition you have played. Which means that everything that can before you have to forget. I am not being facetious here. You really have to view this edition of the game in a vacuum. This IS NOT a meta shift. A new codex is a meta shift. A new FAQ is a meta shift. A new faction is a meta shift. The entire game got reset. And it is a hard reset. "Why are we still being short changed on BA affiliated anti-air?" You aren't. You are thinking "How can I shoot planes down". First, everything can shoot at planes now. Most units just have a -1 to hit rolls for doing so. But guess what! Anything with FLY as a keyword can Charge fliers and lock them in combat. Yeah. You can lock fliers in combat. And you know what has the FLY keyword? Jump Packs. What faction has jump packs on everything? Blood Angels. So now DC can charge Helldrakes. Yeah. "Why does Dante basically have crap to do with the army besides being a beat stick (Strategic Genius is where now?)" Well he has Chapter Master which gives re-rolls to hit for all BA models within "6. That is a big buff. He has a Death Mask which is -1 to Leadership to all enemy models within 3", which is effectively adding an additional casualty to all enemy units every morale phase. That is huge. And his weapons are pretty strong. So, he is still awesome. As for Strategic Genius, this did what? Granted an additional warlord trait? Which was kind of a double re-roll on the traits table? Well, as for warlord traits, you can just pick the one you want. It isn't random anymore. Just pick it. "All statistics prove otherwise as we have to sink so many points to buff the one unit so they accomplish something. That is not a balance, that's a crutch." So, in this edition of the game Charging does not grant an additional attack. Except for DC. They come stock with Chainswords, which grants an additional attack. Additional attacks are pretty rare niche in this edition. And DC get two of them stock. That is huge. "Why am I sinking points into a priest,...." Every Space Marine faction gets an apothecary that heals wounds. The Blood Angel variety, does that AND increases strength. Not +1 strength, but Increases. That means it is added BEFORE multipliers. So a DC with a TH hits at strength 10, not 9. And given the simplified wounding system that is HUGE! For example. Old DC w/ TH using the new wound chart, wound Plague Marines on 3 (S9 v T5. S9 is not double T5, and so they wound on 3.) But now with the Sang Priest they wound on 2 (S10 v T5 = 2xT -> 2 to wound). In 7th Edition DC charging a Blood Thirster would have a hard time. First, since the Blood Thirster has WS 10, the DC would be hitting on 5s. Under the new system they hit on 3s. Under the old system, the Blood Thirster would go first, even if the DC charged. In the new system, the DC go first. And they are hitting hard. " Why am I paying almost twice the points for a Baal Pred when I can spend half that for a razorback and only lose a wound and an attack? " The Baal Predator has three weapon systems (before upgrades) and can shoot at three different things. And it can shoot and advance. " Isn't this supposed to be the anti-deathstar edition?" Deathstars are things like Tau-dar, or Super-Friends where you had a Frankenarmy of four different factions across five different supplements slapped together to make something unfun. You are describing a Blood Angels army fielding Death Company, A Sanguinary Priest, Astorath, and Dante. All of them are BA characters. And they were all in use before. "I center on DC because everyone thinks they are sooooo good this edition" So, to mention their virtues again: They can deepstrike without reserve rolls or scatter, and they can charge out of deepstrike. They get an axtra attack when they charge (which is rare) They come stock with pistols and chainswords (chainswords also grant an additional attack). This means that when they charge out of deepstrike, they can get like 4 attacks each. And then, when they are locked in combat they can shoot their pistols, and then swing with their chainswords for 3 attacks each (4 if you include the pistol shots). And they have a Super Feel No Pain. And not only is this FnP very rare in this new version of the game, but it is better because you always get it (regardless of the strength of the attack), and you also get it against Mortal Wounds (and Mortal Wounds usually bypass ALL saves.). And all of this is before you add in auras from supporting characters. In other words, they have a really good chance of killing stuff without any additional support. Brosef, I don't know what it is you want. Like I said, I see these rules, and I look over the new game mechanics, and I say "wow, Blood Angels are really strong". I don't know what it is you are seeing. I don't know how many games of 8th edition you have played. Maybe you have played 100 games of the new edition, and you used DC every single time and they get evaporated. And if so, I'm sorry. However, I am going to go on a limb that you haven't played that many matches of the new edition, if any. I am going to say to you this: try your Blood Angels out using the new rules before you wallow in your sea of disappointment. Seriously. I'm going to guess that it is going to take like 10 or 15 matches with the new rules fore you can say definitively that they have been "nerfed" or "hosed". I say this because it was a long time of using my Dwarfs in Age of Sigmar before I figured out "whoa, they are pretty strong". Until that time, I was a sad panda. So please, just slow your roll brochacho. Don't set yourself up with a self-fulfilling prophecy of sadness. Or do. It's your choice dude.
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    Wow... don't check in for 2 days and people are talking about trying to limit and comp 8th. Literally, WTF. But whatever, I'm going to go play some 8th today as Gee-Dubs intended, as written.
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    Just played my first game of eighth. (More of a demo than full game) Holy cow, it's slick! Really liked the changes. Vehicles are less binary in the "invulnerable death dealer / one-shot and sploded" matrix. I actually liked the set values which, to be honest, I expected to hate. Melee is a different beast, much streamlined but deep in tactical choice. So far, I give it an 8.5/10 Fun stuff!
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    Holy [big bad swear word]. That means I'll be able to use my Nurgle Daemons and Nurgle Marines in the same army without allies, just like back in the day?This makes me happy. So. Happy.
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    Some pics of it in use last night at WoW. Not done but liking how it's coming along for sure!
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    I work with a grumpy old plumber from time to time. One, cold wintery day, we we're jammed in the crawlspace under a historic building trying to get a serious leak stopped. Freezing cold, soaking wet and the two of us jammed into the space slightly larger than a big dog. I'm reaching over his shoulder and whisper into his ear "You like gladiator movies?". The one and only time I ever saw him laugh.
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    So, wrapping this up: - Go to LH's events: Pay for both the wargear you take and the wargear you replace. - Go to literally any other event anywhere in the country: Just pay for the wargear you take.
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    Or, we accept that cover is MUCH rarer than it was in previous editions and simply roll with it.
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    Played a game against myself because that's what you do! Two very flugerian armies staring at each other. 1. 9" bubble is actually hard to get through for late game arrivals. Makes it pretty easy to wall off most of your deployment zone. 2. Ogryns are real bullies. 3. Ratlings are very scary, but easy to remove. Snipers seem to be something TAC lists should consider. 4. Not having to worry about spacing is such a relief. 5. Its REALLY hard to kill vehicles now.
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    Plasma Pistol 7 points. Plasma gun 13 points. Dual wielding plasma pistol.. Priceless.
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    I think this edition will be good for the game. It has excited many and the fact that GW has used player input to make it better is a VAST improvement over their old methods. I am happy to be back. Oh, I will likely never win but meh. Nothing is the same as it was in the past, of you come into this with an expectation, you will likely become dissatisfied.
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    Folks, don't forget that these books are grey lists. Meant to get you by until the app is created or whatever.
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    Played a game of 40k 8th edition vs a new player and it was a BLAST! His list was an Aspect Warrior Eldar list and I played my Tau. I got trounced and he picked the game up quickly! Albeit, I was able to remember the rules easily enough as well as the stats so it was fun. We used all of the Eldar PGS has in their case which almost came to 70 PL. I found that I don't like Wave Serpents, they seem too good but that is me. The super rend rules on the Eldar's base weapons... Stupid super rend. We had fun, lots of tactical decisions were made and it felt better than when I played 5th. I like it a lot more that 5th and the bit of 6th I played.
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    I am sorry that you feel like I am writing you off. That is not my intention. However, it is clear that we view the game very differently. I am a long time WFB player, and so I lived through the shift to AoS. To call the shift from WFB to AoS a "meta shift" would be incorrect. A whole new game was created, with very different core mechanics. Almost the same thing has happened to 40K. So for me, this isn't my first rodeo. And so for me, things are looking great. For you things are looking grim. And I don't know what to tell you. But last time this happened, I allowed the negativity of the community to get me down, before I even had a chance to put models on the table. And I refuse to allow it to happen to me again. And so, we are at an impasse. And we will have to agree to disagree. Have fun. :D
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    One of the few things I'm really going to miss in 8th is saying "Jinkies!" every time I have a Unit jink. But on the flipside, it looks like there will be a lot more opportunities to disembark multiple Units from a single Transport. "OK, gang, let's split up and look for clues!" ;)
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    Tonight, I brought 2/3 of my OFFC Infinity Table. Here is a teaser.
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    I'm totally fine using power levels rather than points. I think its just a quick way of saying 2000pts without carrying too much about the gritty details of per model costs. I remember making army lists and really thinking way too much about how to spend points and kit out each model. In the end it doesn't matter that much as long as the game is roughly even, 50-100 points difference doesn't swing a game either way. Heck, I can even remember games when I forgot half of the wargear that I bought and never used it. Points are so ingrained to how wargamers think though, its hard to get out of that frame of mind. Which I can only assume is why they included both points and power levels. I'll be trying to make my army the same for both so that I can just play more and worry about nitty gritty details less.
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    I made a google sheets list for my armies. Honestly though, the stated reason for points being the way they are is that they are easier to change per the stated plan of doing yearly points adjustments.
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    Okay, Possessed are done! Now onto the Warp Talons (pic below) I will post a photo of the completed Possessed with my completed Warp Talons, just so I can do it all together. On a side note, I also finished painting my Chaos Land Raider but I failed to post a picture of it before it was painted. Oh well. It still looks really cool! I'll post a picture of that soon just for fun.
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    No, the power system has nothing to do with friendliness. And your proposed power limitation is just another Comp that doesn't do what it intends.
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    IG Horde! Battllion Detachment Company Commander Company Commander Company Commander Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe 5 Ogryns with Ripper Guns Leman Russ with Executioner Plasma, 2 Multimeltas, Lascannon Leman Russ with Executioner Plasma, 2 Multimeltas, Lascannon Wyvern with Heavy Flamer Wyvern with Heavy Flamer Basilisk with Heavy Flamer Basilisk with Heavy Flamer 5 Ratlings Battllion Detachment Tank Commander with Vanquisher with Heavy Bolter Company Commander Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe Infantry Squad with Lascannon, Flamer, and Power Axe 20 Conscripts 1997 points again. 100 infantry bodies and some serious tank firepower. As well as OGRYNS AND RATLINGS!
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    So, with the super secret leak I was able to make this for my 2k Ork list Warboss with Power Klaw Boss Snikrot 30 Slugga Boyz: Nob with Power Klaw 30 Slugga Boyz: Nob with Power Klaw 30 Slugga Boyz: Nob with Power Klaw 10 Gretchin Runtherd 3 MegaNobz in Trukk with Big Shoota: 3 MegaNobz in Trukk with Big Shoota: 10 Kommandos w 2 Burnas: Nob w/ Power Klaw 20 Stormboyz: Nob with Power Klaw 2 Wartrakks: Rack of Rockits 4 Mek Gunz: Kustom Mega Kannon 15 Lootas: Comes out to 1997 pts Interestingly, it has almost the same number of models as my 2k 7th ed list. Missing 2 Warbuggies, a bunker, 1 mek, but gained 7 Lootas and Snikrot (HE'S BACK BABY!) Oh, and that's a Battalion Detachment so I have 6 command points.
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    A bunch of pics from the SM Dex:
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