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    Preface: I play one game of each edition of 40K, always telling myself this will be the start of a glorious age of gaming in the new edition. This is promptly followed by never playing again. Thanks to @DisruptiveConduct (DC) for teaching me the new rules as we played. His patience knows no bounds. Game: 100 PL of my IK vs DC's Genestealer Cult. Hammer & Anvil deployment. Armies: DC took a bunch of bugs and some annoying psychic dudes (triply annoying because Knights have no psychic defense) plus a SHADOWSWORD super-heavy tank. I took this list, assuming it will be a common build with the new codex: Household Tradition: Krast -Imperial Knights Detachment (6 CP + 3 CP for Battle-forged) -Knight Castellan (the shooty Dominus, Warlord Trait: Krast) -Knight Gallant (no guns, 2 weapons version of the Questoris) -Canis Rex (special character Freeblade Preceptor) -Super-heavy Detachment (+3 CP) -3 Armiger Warglaives (taken as units of 1) Game: Turn 1 GCS - GSC moves first using their shady "pop up anywhere" rule. Smite, lucky shooting, and rending claws take down Canis Rex (but not Sir Hehktur) and one of the Armigers. Turn 1 IK - The Castellan takes out the Shadowsword with 1 volcano lance shot and 1 shieldbreaker missile (28 wounds total). The rest of its guns decimate some genestealers. Sir Hehktur and the other Knights shoot up some more bugs then charge and stomp them into the ground with Titanic Feet (not Sir Hehktur). Turn 2 GSC - More psychic power silliness, with the Patriarch using Mind Control on the Castellan to fire ALL of its guns at my Gallant. Fortunately this only results in 5 wounds. Turn 2 IK - The Knights casually stroll out of melee and shooting wipes out swaths of bugs. The remaining roaches are decapitated by chain-reaper sweeps and crushed by Titanic Feet, including the Patriarch and both Magi. Turn 3 GSC - DisruptiveConduct calls the game, his Tervigon still huffing and puffing its way across the board. Result: With Sir Hehktur still alive, Canis Rex does not count as destroyed, so only 1 Armiger was lost during this Roach Motel operation. Post-game: Knights shooting is... insane. Melee isn't shabby either. Though to be fair, take whatever you can to get rerolls so you don't miss. Whatever you hit is going to die, so make the most of each shot. Not sure what to do about psychic powers. Grabbing some cheap IG psykers for defense feels dirty (or rather, puny). Maybe a Culexus Assassin?
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    Ordo Septenarius

    Imperial Knights WIP

    Check it out when you have the chance. Thank you. https://mordheimpdx.blogspot.com/2018/06/imperial-knights-wip-part-i.html
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    Ready to crack this mirror

    Spent my 4th of July assembling the 4 Shadespire factions that I have and building a deck for each of them. Then painted my orks, ugh, I mean orruks 😒. Ready to play!
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    New Terrain to Replace Sector Imperialis

    I know WR knows about this already, but this stuff looks amazing.
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    Random Photo Thread

    **edit - As a side note I actually own this shirt :)
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    Team Fanger Zone will be returning and I shall Captain it. Airline tickets already bought.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

    Negatron strikes again!
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    Rose City Raid Review

    Hello Ordites and Infinity Fans! This last weekend was the first Rose City Raid! Held by @thediceabide, and his solid band of friends, the event promised to be a fun weekend of Infinity at a beer hall. What could could be better? Not much. In less than a week, the event sold out! Could our newest Warcor bring off a 32 person that tournament? @thediceabide had only run small, local ITS events. The difference between 12 players and 20 is huge. 30 players is logistically daunting. First, Adam went away from the usual places and found the Lucky Lab as his event site. Great! I like the Lab. It is close to my house and has a ton of breweries and distilleries near it. It is close to the club and there is plenty of parking. Wait, it was not one in SE, or in NE, but the one in NW. Oh, no NW PDX, Slabtown....... The Alphabet Block in NW is notorious for no places to park and bar has no on site parking....... I scouted the area out and found a pay lot a block away at 20/Pettygrove with a fee of $12. That is cheap for the downtown core. There were metered spots and local permit spots, both had a cap at four hours on Saturday. The permit zones were free on Sunday. Awesomely, after unloading a carful of terrain ( Thank you Obadiah, Joe, @Natetehaggresar, and anybody else that helped!), I parked at the pay lot. It was 3 bucks for the day! Score. More money for food and drinks! Parking was never an issue. The NW Lucky Lab is in an old Freightliner truck factory. The ceilings are 25 plus feet high allowing for sound reduction and air flow. The floors are cement. Concrete bounces sound and makes for a hard day of standing. For Portland, the food and drinks were cheap. The main section of the bar was never close to being full. The players, their friends, and their family were always the clear majority at the bar. The Raid paid their bills for the weekend. Even better, the staff was nice. This can be rarity in hipster PDX, were bartenders and waiters are slumming until they can find better work. Our bar tender on Sunday, found lost models in the floor and made sure we found their owners. The banquet hall is the on the street with two garage doors that roll up to the street and a third that rolls up to the main room. On Saturday, this was great, the weather was perfect and helped air out the room. The only minus, people smoking outside. The smoke found its way inside. Adam, @thediceabide, had plenty of hands to help set and they all came early. Looking north, the tables were set up in an inverted E with 4 tables to a row. There was not much room for models and books. Two rows were very close and I rubbed backsides with Joe, who was playing behind me, several times. There was a small seating area near the bar in the west end of the room and a stage on the east. Spacing was not too tight, but I would not want less room. Noise was a problem. I was one source, sorry Tony, People were having a good time and the volume just kept going up. Since we were so close it was hard to hear normal tones. It was even hard to hear the PA. What about Tables? There was no shortage of tables. Several were left un packed and unused. Chris Matthews of Top Down Terrain, aka @NakedPanda, brought an amazing table. He has several, not for sale, prototype pieces I would buy in a heart beat. He even has his own mat! Brian Boese had two amazing Top Down Terrain tables and @Andrewc brought his Top Down table. There was a Strom Point Alpha table from Muse on Minis. The tournament even gave one away! I wanted to see one of these in person. I have been tempted by preprinted buildings, but I was unsure of the quality. It is solid and a prize I would have happy to win. Adam made his unique table beach table. There was an Yu-Jing themed city, an Ariadna forward base, a shanty, and and alien themed city brought by @Twinmasks. Most of the tables were were great to play on. One or two were a challenge with one spot that dominated the table or the lack of cover. They were the exception. I wish I could have played on more. Check-in was relaxed, allowing time to order food and drinks and chat with your friends and new people. This was great since there plenty of people I did not know or have only met once. Players came from Tucson, Salt Lake, Seattle, the Bay Area, and Canada! Heck, there were more people from out of town than locals. What a plus! I like the locals. They are great guys, but I like meeting new people and playing them. At the front desk there were stickers, a nifty Raid patch, and our raffles to enter. There was a Pan-O army, a a Stom Post table, a winter table, and a S2 model that Obadiah would sculpt and paint. I like when the best prizes are up for raffle. It leaves the games relaxed. No one worries about the prizes. The scenarios were fine. Loot and Sabotage was the only tricky one. Most people I know had one list for Loot, and another list for Supremacy, Transmission Matrix, Decapitation, and Annihilation. I was glad not to have Rescue or Hunting Party. I wanted to throw dice and not hurt my brain. Furthermore, Adam was kind enough to have the least demanding missions on the last day. Was there plenty of time to play? Yep. Posting were up early. There were half hour gaps between rounds. I played five full games without worrying about time. Yes, the projector was having trouble with the heat, but what can you do? What about prizes? Do we really need them? No. Are they fun? Yup! In addition to the raffles, there was the full compliment of pins and new Karage Station patches. Plasti-craft was in abundance. There were blisters and mats and Systema and more. I think everybody walked away with something. Stainless steel steins went to the winners, Overall, Best Painted, and Best Table. For last place was the Tohaa Army box, so even if you lost, you won. Saturday Night, we moved to the large hall at the Lab. Some played Aristeia or Terraforming Mars, most just talked at super long tables. Only a handful of people went elsewhere. So Raindog, would you go again? Yes. I had a blast. I was too loud at times, but I enjoyed myself immensely. Adam set the right tone. This will be my summer go to event. Do I recommend to others? Yes. Many locals did not play. They should. It is an ITS that feels like a Rampage.
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    Most of the time when something looks crazy like this, explanation is mundane and boring. Could be many, many things. Maybe when Whasisface took over GW he changed some criteria for FW as well. Possibility 1 *Numbers are arbitrary and fully made up* Old system: any kit that sells 50 units per month gets molds remade when they wear out. New system: any kit that sells 100 units per month gets molds remade when they wear out. All the stuff on "last chance" is 51-99 unit per month stuff Possibility 2 Plastic production has a historically long build up time. GW had FW pull the items because they're aiming to add similar kits in plastic and don't want to cannibalize future plastic sales with current resin ones (at a lower margin). Possibility 3 A consultant looked at the many offerings by FW and found the extra overhead of multiple similar kits is greater than the extra sales generated by them. The only ones who really know are on the GW board and they're not telling us.
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    W: Tanith Ghosts H: $/trade

    I’m in the market to finish up a squad or two of the ol’ GW Gaunt’s Ghosts models. http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Gaunt's_Ghosts I have plenty spares of the characters, so mostly looking for lasgun troopers. I have lots to trade and some $ to play with as well.
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    Ready to crack this mirror

    Get your ticket for the OFCC Friday Shadespire Event while they still last haha!
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    Brick Bungalow

    RIP Harlan Ellison

    Fans of sci fi, dark future, psychological horror and just general weirdness really should not miss out on this man's stories (fiction) Fans of literary culture and peculiar social issues really should not miss out on his non fiction editorials and op ed pieces. I disagreed with him about a lot of things but it was always zesty and always interesting. His references are all over gaming fluff if you watch for it.
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    Space Wolves

    Got some more progress pics of the new pack and priest. Final base colors, then off for a wash. Still trying to motivate myself for the Razorback. For whatever reason I have a hard time painting larger pieces.
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    New GSC models... "leaked"

    Hello there, At least GW has a sense of humor about the "leaked" Genestealer Cults models that "accidentally" went on display... Cool gunslinger model, though!
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    06/23 Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

    Super excited! I know I've got some guys coming down from the Olympia area with multiple armies for sale.
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    Hello everyone, I finished some more Chaos projects. I've completed my warlord for my OFCC World Eaters army. Meet Azrath, Daemon Prince of Khorne. I also finished "De-Nurglifying" 16 of my Chaos Havocs so now they can be used in either my Nurgle-themed army or my World Eaters army. Here are some of them. I painted up 2 Renegades and Heretics troopers, Emma and Logroth . They can be used as Cultists, Militia, Marauders, or Disciples. You (probably) won't see my Renegades and Heretics at OFFC this year, but who knows, perhaps you will see them in a subsequent year. And finally, I decided to remove my plasma pistols from my Renegades and Heretics Renegade Commanders and Enforcers. I found that I'm pretty aggressive in how I use them so their role in melee is far more important than taking a few plasma potshots at the foe. Here are a couple of pics with their new power swords. I'm still debating the details of my OFCC World Eaters list. I've locked in 3 squads of Zerkers in Rhinos, a DP, at least 1 Havoc squad, and a pair of Blood Slaughterers. I keep changing up the other stuff I include in the list from day to day. :) Enjoy the pics!
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    Looking for casting supplies

    I have no leftovers, sorry. If you'd like to PM me and share you project idea. I'm hoping to put on a clinic for this after OFCC.
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    Ordo Septenarius

    Roboute (Ultramarines)

    Check it out when you have the opportunity, and as usual, C&C are welcome. http://mordheimpdx.blogspot.com/2018/06/roboute-and-ultramarines.html
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    T9A OFCC 2018

    I just wanted to point out that there is no Haiku requirement in the Age of Sigmar OFCC event...only kidding guys...a little playful rivalry ok!
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    Adeptus Titanicus

    The first rule of Titan club is if it's not your turn, GTF off the field!!
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    Nurgle vs Rogue Traders Board Game

    Man, I should read things more.
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    Get your tickets now if you are interested in coming, we got less than 2 months now till the event. I really want to have this event every year and look forward to meeting all of the passionate Shadespire players in the area!
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    Good News Mechanicus Players!

    I just did my order at the end of May. It showed up this week: Inopportune I suppose.