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  1. hmmm I kickstarted this ... picked up some random minis as well. Good luck!
  2. threads like this... remind me why I want to get time to play this game. Great painting - great sculpts. - fun game - d
  3. very cool - I will be getting these I think
  4. :P
  5. hmmm well without going into the specific figures (I can't remember the names lol) - I have portions of 3 factions... along with a few other items.... Ludus Mangus, Morituri, Zephyri along with some Gorgons & beasts. With those factions I have 4 or 5 for each. - so far only about 10 figures are assembled for play lol. But you can mix and match as well.
  6. I have dove in on Arena Rex... picked up a nice bundle from someone local selling his stuff. So far I have not painted any - but play has been fun. Looking for more players and planning on building a custom arena soon. -d
  7. I did pick up the rulebook - I intend to try it out ... sometime
  8. I'd like to see how folks feel about the difference after they have 10-20 games or at least a few months play under their belts. At least it seems that a lot of the discussion is based on "math-hammer" than play. But then again I have yet to play myself lol. My intention is to primarily play power level mostly in the beginning (I guess because I am lazy lol) - mostly because I abhor the traditional tourney / competitive scene. I just want to have some fun - and play games with my mini's -d
  9. I'm hoping to get over to Geeks and Games in OC next week for some 40k - we will see how things pan out. -d
  10. pretty much my thinking on this - for fun games - and for learning I will lean on power levels. If I ever get beyond that or into competitive play I will opt for working out the points. -d
  11. Just wondering - just started looking through the rules and army books. Wondering what the preference will be for setting up games. I figure I will start with the power ranking - then move to points after I re-learn the game. -d
  12. sadly, 5pm leaves me searching to find things to do for hours (3.5) before those games. Unfortunate - but I get off work at 1:30 ...
  13. ok - BroG... I may be good with weekends - (not this next one - I am out of town). Weeknights tend to be a problem for me because I get off work at 1:30 typically... (means I get to work at 5am ... which means... I am sleepy at 9:30 LOL). Weekends I am typically more flexible for time. Wow game nights would be good - but again - doors down there don't open too early - even harder to get a game in that early lol. -d
  14. cool bro-G... when and where do you play these days? -d
  15. lol - well my EXISTING forces are painted lol... Eldar - not the new box stuff lol. -d