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  1. I'm down for either 9th or Armada. I just played Sherbert last week so someone else should play his Orcs and then someone else else should play meeee.
  2. I'm already playing Sherbert, but I'd be willing to bow out for Armada if @greenwoodcan make it and wants to Armada some more (or if anyone else wants to Armada)
  3. *cough*...Rune of Destruction...*cough* Meanwhile, I believe I'm playing Sherbert. @JMGraham, clean up this thread! Someone hit enter too many times!
  4. Seriously WTF was up with the beer selection last week??? I blame Jim.
  5. I am absolutely interested in some Armada. 400 points is my vote.
  6. I've been playing Battle Brothers on Steam. It's a low-fantasy single player strategy RPG focused on managing a group of Mercenaries and moving around a map from town to town taking on contracts and fighting brigands, orcs, undead, and more all while leveling up and equipping your fighters. It has a procedural world map with random end-game events that range from a war of the noble houses to an undead or greenskin invasion. The combat is all tactical turn-based style with an AP system and various skills for your fighters based on their weapon type and perks. Each action you take generates fatigue that gets burned off turn-by-turn and it also has a morale system with a Resolve stat, terrain advantages, injuries that take time to heal, and a pretty cool graphic style. I'd recommend checking it out, but maybe wait for a sale as its $30 price tag is a little high if you're on a budget.
  7. I'm down for a game of either 9th Age or Armada. Any takers?
  8. I love complete newbs (for breakfast) so you should definitely come since I'll be coming down.
  9. And the official word is in. Sherbert, Scipiano (Jake), and myself will be traveling down from Bellingham. See you then!
  10. Ben & Yarb might have an easier time attesting to this since they were victorious at the Ham Slamwich where we just do store credit/gift certs to the winners, but in my experience gamers never have a hard time spending money at a game store. I'm not sure how Dice Age does things, but Dark Tower has entrants pay their $10 to the store and then they give the TO the ability to split that "pool" up into store credit to be divvied out. If you're just collecting cash though, I think gift certs or just cash handouts if you don't think that would be too weird (I wouldn't have a problem with it and have done this before for tournaments).
  11. I might have two other Warhamsters interested in coming down with me to fill the last two spots. Put me down for two more tentatives and I'll let you know as soon as I can confirm one way or the other.
  12. Conan with Jim, Joey, and Brad? I'm in.
  13. If you crazy kids don't start a Dread Elf civil war, I'll take one of you on. If you can I'd say try to grab a game together, but if not I'm down. I'm alternately up for a game of Armada if anyone is down.