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  1. Alright. I'm going to stop by my storage unit and grab some 40k models. 2000 points?
  2. I'm coming down looking for a game of 9th Age, Armada, or... 40k?
  3. It could be yours today for only $105!
  4. Ditto! Was a lot of fun!
  5. @SigurdBC I'm going to say reserve me that 3rd spot in Dark Souls with the caveat that I might drop if there's a 9th Age or Armada game available.
  6. @D_Lo did you want a game after 6? I'll be down with some Vampires around then.
  7. @Gabado @Sherbert I'm down for 9th as well. Is Gage also looking for a game did you say? I could also be down for Armada or trying out the Dark Souls board game.
  8. If by Shadow War Armageddon you mean 9th Age or Armada... then yes! I might also bring down Star Wars: Rebellion if anyone is itching for a big board game.
  9. Teach that baby to paint!
  10. I'll be down with 9th Age and Armada if anyone else is looking for a game.
  11. I'm down
  12. I'm still looking for a Ninth Age game or possibly Armada. Anyone down?
  13. I attended Kublacon down in San Francisco this past weekend with @JMGraham, @Fix, and @stark1261 and got a chance to see a gigantic X-Wing battle in progress with a custom-build Imperial Light Cruiser! We just watched long enough to snap a few pics, but I thought you guys would appreciate it:
  14. Going to start this thread up early to see if I can get a 9th Age game scheduled up. Any takers?
  15. I've got an Armada game scheduled with Leif. Pew pew says the Star Destroyer!