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  1. Nathanvoodoo's escalation league

    Sick bro, sick!
  2. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Happy Birthday Bryan! I'm sorry to report but your pictures are showing up as Circles with dashes through them :(
  3. Eclipse question

    https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-recommends-safety-tips-to-view-the-august-solar-eclipse https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive
  4. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I'm supposed to find that out tonight...
  5. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Oh? Friend said he saw at least 3 book themes in it... Go figure
  6. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    You think they stole from all 7 books? I had hoped very small sampling for future story lines
  7. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    The Dark Tower - 8/10 - Very interesting movie. I have high hopes that they continue the series
  8. Random Thought Thread

    Might be a tall order
  9. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Life - 6/10 - They could have ended the movie at 45 minuts. But no one knows how to follow protocol! Ending was sadly predictable... I hate when, even I, see it coming. I'm dense when it comes to reading movies, but the ending was duh.
  10. Where in the world is Ordo Fanaticus

    Holy cow man, what an adventure!
  11. LF: Logitech G330 or Corsair Vengence 1100 headsets

    Gouge much? https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B002I3OZB2/ref=dp_olp_used_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=used Shockingly Ebay says sit on it... go figure
  12. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Thank you sir
  13. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I don't think I've seen that one... is it on any of the streaming agencies?
  14. Custom URL: steamcommunity.com/id/WarlordGhrom
  15. Sorry man, I've been swamped, let me try and carve out some time on Wednesday or Friday