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  1. I'm really hoping this weekend I will get some quality BFG organization time in....
  2. So far other than mentioning free rules, there hasn't been a lot of detail about them ....
  3. Actually, didn't the fluff say that the admech dude has already been working on these for close to 10,000 years....
  4. Damn you , you beat me to it :) I also would be looking for the Nurgle goodness out of the box :) So When Splinx gets his fill, I will take over :)
  5. Ordo Gamer Garage Sale When - Saturday June 3rd, 2017 Setup - 10AM Sale Time - 11AM - 3PM Clean up - 3PM - 4PM Where - WOW - 717 SE Main ST Portland, OR What - Basically a big nerdy Garage Sale Why - We have had a few of these now, and all have been great success! And....we always have more stuff to sell, so of course we can buy more stuff :) Who - EVERYONE! Tell all your nerd friends! Post on Facebook! Get the word out! Do you want to sell something? Ordo Champions get first dibs at table space, first come first serve! If you are not an Ordo Champ, no cost, just be aware that Champs will get priority of space (but I don't think it will be an issue). If you are planning on selling, plan on utilizing a 4' Long x 2.5' Deep space approximately (if tables don't fill up, we can spread out some). MORE DETAILS This is simply a gamer garage sale. If you are selling please bring what you are selling and some cash change so you can make deals. If you are looking to buy, bring some cash! Any further questions, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!!!
  6. I wonder if the Primaris Marines are going to follow something closer to 30K force orgs....tacticals have bolters, support units will all special weapons, etc...
  7. Wow, you are awesome! I don't recall on the renewal thing, but I'm sure one of the smarter people will chime in :) Thanks for supporting Ordo, it has definitely been a good home for this wayward gamer :)
  8. GotG2 - Loved it, very fun again, dragged a bit in the middle. Great use of music again, though it was in the trailer, the actual usage of "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac in the movie was just about perfection. 8/10
  9. Is this in a google sheet by any chance that you can share? That is awesome...
  10. So Zorcon, do you have any handy ship identification tricks other than using the BFG books? I'm very out of touch with the game and don't have the memory to identify by sight each of the ships. Any suggestions, as I would like to do a spreadsheet catalog of my inventory for reference. Thanks!
  11. I'm not near ar organized as Zorcon, but I definitely have a few fleets that I can get ready :)