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  1. Yeah, pretty sure it is on its way...
  2. ahhh, nice... I like :)
  3. But does Khorne have summoners?
  4. Nicely done!
  5. Well, did he? Or did they not show those at the Turkish prison? :)
  6. The DeathGuard are much more unique in appearance and usage, and really represent one army, whereas the Primaris Marines for the most part save the characters are more universal, and will gain greater usage (I mean, who doesn't want 6 of those flying dudes with super bolt pistols? )
  7. Hopefully ppl actually use it :)
  8. Death Guard!!!
  9. Love old skool GW Chaos minis? Look no further...
  10. Yikes, I'm so sorry Eric :(
  11. Such a great idea...I will be doing this. I will have two army lists, one for 7th and one for 8th. Then I will be sure to have all the models for both lists :) YES!
  12. Wonder Woman 8/10 Finally, from the new DC series of movies, a great one! Parts of it feel a LOT like Captain America: The First Avenger, but that is not a bad thing. In some ways I think they borrowed from the MCU and made the focus a lot less on the villain and way more on the hero, which worked. It was a great super hero movie, no doubt about it. This coming from someone who really disliked both MoS and BvsS also...