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  1. Speed machine over here. Good work. Go team!
  2. Will be there. Packing up all the Infinity terrain after we play to get it ready for our big weekend.
  3. Yay!
  4. Yes we will be open on Sunday at 3:00. I will be gone but Pete will be the hosting. The OFCC practice games that our regulars are playing are 200 point limited insertion. So come on down with a list and Pete will make sure you will get a game in.
  5. Don't screw up?
  6. I might be able to paint the nurgle half after OFCC.
  7. We have a partial team listing in the the thread.
  8. Mon then, ya wee runtie scunner! Aile kick the right sense oucher munter fanny. 😜
  9. Thank you to everyone who came out last night. We had a good time stuffed into that small room. It was great to have two new players join us. A personal thanks to Jeff for staying longer to play that unfortunate game with me and my nasty Haramaki. 😅
  10. Oops. My brain forgot that part of our conversation. Sorry Pete. Edited the OP.
  11. Game night is on. Let me know if you are coming. Bring your two lists from last week and we will get some games going.
  12. You guys are awesome! The ticket sale train is rolling. This is shaping up to be a huge Infinity event. If anyone you know is interested or on the fence, talk them into it. We can form merc teams for anyone out there who wants to participate but needs a team. I'm excited to see you all next month!
  13. I was just fine in the AC.