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  1. The acrylic fit is a common problem. I have dealt with it on products from several companies.
  2. We can just be twinsies. :)
  3. You are dead to me. ;)
  4. Hostile lifeform detected on the outskirts of Wuyi, Paradiso. Activating response force...
  5. Yay! You posted. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Deployment was a bad choice for that mission and then I chose poorly on which table side. Next time my Imperial State will oppress you better. ;D
  7. Week 6: And with Jeff bringing his team-mate Bob to Ordo game night for the first time he has overtaken Eric for first! Jeff - 47 Eric - 44 Ed - 23 Evan - 26 Pete - 20 Justin - 19 Joel - 19 Darron - 12 Jen - 4 Ian - 6 Seth - -4 No league next week for Holiday. You will get credit for posting either of the next to weeks. If you paint a model a week and post that you have done so I will give credit both weeks.
  8. That also gives you two weeks to get a post up or paint a miniature for league.
  9. The next Senate meeting has been scheduled for April 15th at 1:00 PM. The meeting location will be at WOW. The Senate meeting will run for 1-2 hours and is open to all members.
  10. Hey Infinity players - So I wanted to give you a heads up and get some feedback for the next few weeks. First of week 7 will take place on the 23. April 16 is Easter and whether you observe the Holiday or not you will be getting a break. If you have nothing to do that evening, it would be a great chance to get some models painted. Secondly I was thinking of changing up the format a little bit for the last three weeks. I have heard a lot of you express desire to get your OFCC lists figured out. So my proposal is that from here to the end of league, bring two lists. One 300 point standard list and one 200 point limited insertion list with a 12exp spec op. You can use any s2 model for the spec op as long as your opponent is clear want it represents. I will try to make up matches based on preference of game size. This will also give you guys the opportunity to get in more than one game each session. Let me know what you think; like it, love it or hate it?
  11. Week 5: We had even more people show for league this week. Jeff even played three games. Woot! We played mission 1 - Border Clash with a secondary mission collect dog tags. Eric - 36 Jeff - 27 Ed - 22 Evan - 22 Justin - 19 Pete - 16 Joel - 15 Darron - 12 Jen - 4 Ian - 3 Seth - -1 I will see you guys next week.
  12. Burninating the county side! Burninating the Evan! sorry Evan. 😘