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  1. I will be there at 5:30, but I'm hopeful that folks will be beating me there :)
  2. This should work, but only if your army is VERY shiny :)
  3. I will be there!
  4. Woohoo! Welcome to the club! It was good meeting you on Tuesday. :) The Champion level will run until the end of January 2018 (calendar year + 1 carry over month) What to do now? Play games and hang out with us on Tuesdays :) We also have Game Nights on Sundays and have just started up on Thursdays. Make sure to check the Game Night threads to organize a game. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out :)
  5. If you plan to Captain a team, please post below so you can be added to the Captain's forum and learn all the hidden secrets of 40K OFCC. :) 40K Captain Roll Call so far: Xavier319 - Team Diversity WestRider - Gladi-haters necrontyr - Crusade Force Bartel AbusePuppy - Invalid Command Chappy - Fanger Zone pretre - Things Best Forgotten generalripphook - Big Dick Bee Warhamsters Sume - Team Sister evil_bryan - Team Bacon KAPcom - Imperial Fist Bumps Aaron Bang - The Emperor's Neckbeards VonWalther - Team Glows in the Dark alexcragg - DMB - Riders of Brohan Edosaurus Rex - Kill! Maim! Beer! From Facebook: Chris Jones Kristopher Lyman Chris Born
  6. Feel free to PM me to see if it could work within this year's modified structure.
  7. It is actually harder rather then easier to set up a challenge round, and it would have been extremely complicated with the other changes being rolled out this year. Since we have open gaming on Friday and Saturday night, you will certainly have time to arrange a game if you'd like. :)
  8. I will be there for some hot gaming and/or grabass action :)
  9. In :)
  10. A Mercenary is simply an individual player that is not team associated, and not a substitute player for an existing team. I am happy to change the term used if you can think of something that sounds cooler :)
  11. As this question was raised earlier today, I had a chance to revisit this decision. It is my opinion that Inquisitors were always meant to join various units (not just henchmen), and including them in the restriction would make them very difficult to play. I have revised the FAQ to provide Inquisitors a singular exception to the rule. This will apply to Inquisitors only, and no other independent characters.
  12. Correct, but if a Merc does accomplish any of the pre-event criteria and decides to join or form a team, then they would get credit for their accomplishments.
  13. Check out all the details at:
  14. Welcome to the 2017 OFCC 40K Team Event Players Guide! This post will outline everything you need to know to play in this year's 40K Team event. This is a 2 day, 5 round event on July 29th and July 30th. Although this is a team event, we will allow players who are not affiliated with a team to play as Mercenaries. As you read through this guide, you will notice that this event is not referred to as a tournament. OFCC is about focusing on the experience and not the outcome. There is nothing wrong with wanting to perform well and to celebrate victory, but if that is your sole motivator for playing at OFCC then you may be disappointed. List Building Restrictions: OFCC is about celebrating our hobby, demonstrating good sportsmanship, and playing fun games. Players are encouraged to bring armies that reinforce those values. This event is designed to encourage and reward players who embrace the experience. The army size must be no more than 2,000 points It can include any 40K units from any number of 40K approved Games Workshop or Forgeworld sources Age of Darkness (30K) rules and armies will not be allowed If there is a 30K unit with 40K rules, it can be used with the corresponding 40K rules Team Requirements: A team must contain 4 players One team member must be designated as the Captain Any player not affiliated with a team will be a Mercenary Event Specific Rules: This event will use the Games Workshop 7th Edition 40K rules and the Games Workshop official FAQ documents The 7th edition rules will be used as written with one exception: Untrusted Alliances - Battle Brothers will not be used, so the best interaction between factions in your army will be Allies of Convenience Different Space Marine Chapters are different factions Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus are one faction Inquisitors are exempt from this restriction and follow the normal Battle Brother rules What to Bring: Your painted and based army (see Painting and Basing Requirements) Dice, tape measure, templates A printed copy of your army list A deck of Tactical Objective Cards A good attitude and desire to have fun Painting and Basing Requirements: All models within OFCC armies must be fully painted and based Painting must include 3+ colors Effort must be made to transform or replace the bare plastic base Models that fail to meet the event minimum cannot be used during the event Models, Counts As and WYSIWYG: Games Workshop models are not required for this event Alternate models should reflect the same scale as the Games Workshop equivalent Weapon upgrades and certain model specific wargear should be represented on the equipped model It is impossible to outline all the examples, so here is a good rule to follow If a unit would be impacted by the removal of something equipped to a specific model (banner, special weapon, etc.) then it must be represented Proxies are not allowed in the 40K Team Event A proxy is a placeholder when you don't have an appropriate model to use Counts As armies are allowed during the 40K event with the following guidelines: Effort must be made to represent the model/unit in question Representation must be consistent across the army It is the responsibility of the player who bring a Counts As army to inform their opponent early and often about what is being represented Any specific questions or additional guidance should be directed to the 40K Head of Gaming (evil_bryan) List Rating and Matches: Every list will be rated against each other to determine which lists are more powerful than others List power levels will determine the games you will play Similar power levels will be matched against each other Winning will increase your power level, losing will decrease it Matches will be organized on a player versus player basis, not team versus team Awards: The Team Based Awards available this year will be: Best Painted Best Spirit Marshall Johnson Award (Best Sportsman) Best Overall There will also be Individual Awards available exclusively for Mercenaries: Best Painted Best Sportsman A note about Battle Scores and performance: Although we will not be awarding a Best General, we will be tracking battle scores and using performance to match players during the weekend Battle scores will be used to break ties in all award catagories Mission Types: Each mission will be a variant of the Maelstrom of War missions and require a deck of Tactical Objective Cards. We will be using a similar deck building and scoring mechanic as the Ordo Annihilation events. Each player must assemble a deck of 28 tactical objective cards Choose 28 of the 36 available cards for your deck Do not choose cards that are impossible for your army to score During the game, you can only automatically discard and redraw cards that are impossible to score based on your opponents army (i.e. no Fast Attack units) and NOT your army You can only use a single source for your deck (either the standard deck or ANY army specific deck, it does not need to match the army you are playing) If you do not have a Games Workshop printed deck (or one does not exist), you can custom build one for the event Scoring will occur every game turn and you will compare earned points. If you earned more points that turn: +2 If you earned equal points that turn: +1 If you earned less point that turn: +0 The game end when one (or both) players reach 7 points or when the last turn is completed. Event Scoring by Category: Each team will have the ability to earn points in each scoring category (Paint, Spirit, Sports) before the event AND during the event. The total points scored will determine team's position in each category and contribute to calculating the scores for Best Overall. Pre-Event Scoring: Each player/army that achieves one of the below items will score 1 point per completion. If all players on a team achieve the same item they will receive a bonus point. Painting: Photo Spread - Team post on the Ordo Forums with pictures of each army Early Screening - Display your army Friday evening for paint judging Spirit: Advanced Planning - List submitted for review before 6/1/2017 All In - Ticket purchased before 6/1/2017 Sportsmanship: Going Old School - Single Combined Arms Detachment from a single source with no flyers, super heavies, or gargantuan creatures No surprises - Team post on the Ordo Forums with information about your players and their army lists List Submissions: All army lists should be emailed to OFCC2017@gmail.com Army lists should include all units, wargear, corresponding points cost, and source(s) Make sure to identify yourself and your team within the email Captain's Responsibilities: Team Captains are the true heroes of OFCC, and greatly contribute to what makes this event a success. Team Captains will be asked to: Review the team's army lists and have them submitted on time Remind their team to purchase their event tickets Ensure the team meets OFCC painting and basing minimums Educate new players about the spirit of OFCC Questions: For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me in the following ways: Send a PM through the forums Reach out via Facebook Send an email to OFCC2017@gmail.com Stop by in person at WOW on a Tuesday night We look forward to seeing you in July!