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  1. Kay-bee-O-bee, So this is the big gantry piece I have been working on. It is built from Mantic Deadzone pieces (If you don't want yours, please give them to me I promise I will put them to good use). It is massive. The inner square is slightly larger than an eight by eight square. That means a command room can me set into the middle. The piece blocks the middle of the table quite well. The corners are all meant to be elevators, so troops can easily get up to the second level. All the second level corner pieces have a door way that can connect to the three other gantry pieces that I have built and painted (two are small and one is one side of the big piece). This allows dynamic play on a second battlefield level. Last week end, I sprayed the piece red over the gradient paint scheme below to create a non-uniform paint layer with shadowing and hightlights pre-built in the process. Now, I need to break out the big brushes and start to coat the monster very red. Secondary highlight layers will come later.
  2. I propose cuff links or Link Heartthrob.
  3. In sadness, I must report the suave James Bond, Roger Moore has passed away at 89 of cancer. He was great in The Saint, I used to watched on KPTV 12 when I was in junior high. It was on at 12 AM, I would watch it on Tuesdays when my dad was out of town on his truck route. Young Roger Moore was about the coolest spy around. My wife loves him in the movie , Spice World, where he plays the enigmatic, absurd proverb providing, manager behind the band.
  4. Will we drink in your honor.
  5. I find with the Marvel shows, there should really be only 8-10 episodes. Several of the middle shows are filler and drag the over all story down. Indeed!. They tried to do this with Hell's Kitchen, but failed. Mainly, since Hell's Kitchen of today is nothing like it was when the Daredevil character was invented.
  6. I would like to see a table with multiple command rooms in play. Not only do they block line of sight, but with the proper scenario, can force the game into rooms for close quarters fighting. I can see a scenario forming......
  7. Waiting for paint to dry on Doctor Knife..... On the terrain front, I have another large piece primers, layered is grays and whites for color gradients and then sprayed red.
  8. Tonight, I played Seth in the Abandon Sip scenario. I won WIP and went first. I ran one team to the control room and released a pod. The Muyib link ran into a pod and left. Seth advanced his robots with a series of coordinated orders to challenge the pods on my right flank. I tried to blast my way through the robots, but his o e bot would not go down. Then, Seth killed my LT and my COC using his sensor Sat Lock skill and a guide missile shot across the board through the a room to where the prone Farzan was hiding. I hunkered down my remaining models in Suppresive Fire. Seth could not open the door to the escape pod with his last orders with one set of troops, but two left on the other side. I won 4-2.
  9. Next Sunday, 200 points and Biotechvore. Cascade Beer afterwards.
  10. What a great night! I hope everybody liked the the mission. See you next week.
  11. No prob. Thank you for letting me know. What show?
  12. Anybody coming to paint?
  13. Pfffffff. I am reaching out to another club to drum up support for Ordo and the OFCC.