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  1. It was easily 110 in there when I dropped off a package at 9 PM.
  2. The Barid is done. Now, the last Muyib.
  3. It is hard to paint in the heat. It is hard to be motivated. The paint dries very quickly.
  4. Anybody want wartrukks?
  5. We are up to 11 purchased tickets! Kacy and Derk have bought tickets!
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, The OFCC is a month out. We have 16 tickets for the two day tournament and 5 tickets for the one day event. If you do not have your tickets, buy them ASAP. Thank you, RD List of the People Awesome People who have bought tickets! If a teammate of yours has yet to buy a ticket, please remind them. Alex Sinkowski Seth George Erik J Grey Jay Darron Forbes Aaron Musk Timothy Steed Edward Sayers Eric Weber Justin Morgan Jeff Rockwell Adam Bienvenu Kyle Randolph Andrew Claflin Nathan Lough Joey Konopka
  7. I have some, but am busy until the OFCC. I can put them in the lockers at Ordo nex5 week. They are from my Gorkamorka box.
  8. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.
  9. They have a good range of hackers and forward observers, too.
  10. For the rest of you, Crashprone has the best Wotan battle reports. They are art. He is under the Guardian Games banner for the Stores in Wotan. @crashprone I went Haqq this year. To better learn the game, I thought I needed to try a new faction. Haqq was a close second choice when Instarted collecting models, so Red Veil made the decision easy. As luck would have it, I am a better Haqq player than Nomad Player. After OFCC, I may switch back, but I have yet to exhaust my options with them. I hope to see you soon!
  11. Crazy cool!
  12. On Father's Day, I played Seth. Seth was given a day pass free from his children to anything he wanted to do, so he spent part of the day at the club playing Infinity. I think I have known Seth for seven years. He has yet to beat me at a miniature game: first at Warhammer Fantasy, and now at Infinity. Our Infinity games are always close. Seth jokes luck tends to favor me. And yes, my dice tend to shine when we play. I set up my personal table for us to play on. It is an industrial site / ship interior, so it perfect for Wotan. Seth prefers corridor / ship interiors where there are no dominating sniper towers and static, long range fire teams can grind down the game. At the club, we have been playing two hundred points of limited insertion, so prepare for the upcoming Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge. Seth plays remote heavy Yu-Jing. He rocks two total reaction HMG bots, a sat lock bot, and a Ru-Shi, so he play the smoke game. Finally, he has a pair of hidden deploying Ninjas to go with a handful of cheap troops. I have been playing the same list for weeks: A cheap Ghulam fire team, an hunting Muyib team, and two role players. There is nothing fancy of tricky. Today, we were playing Hunting Party. It is an odd scenario. Killing models is not what you want to do. Stunning Lts. and specialists is hard. If you have a choice in list design, you take a minimum amount of specialists. I won the roll off. I had Seth deploy on far side. He elected to go first. I was surprised since he had two TO Ninja Killer Hackers to grab tower at the last moment. Seth said he thought I had fire superiority and did not want me to shoot his pieces off the table before he could use them. The Celestial Guard guard launched smoke to let the Ru-Shi attack the Ghulam link. L.Shariff held out and burned orders. On one attack, she saved on a double 20 armor save roll. Ru-Shi advanced enough to kill the link leader Ghulam Doc and ended his turn. I advanced my Muyibs and took a transmission tower. A Ninja decloaked to attack. He rolled a 2 two dodge engage. The Muyib Spec Op responded with an 8-9-10 for shotgun blasts. The Ninja died with Coup de Grace to achieve my classified card. My Farzan took out one total reaction bot in the gantry and stunned the doc behind it. Seth let the Ru-Shi go with more smoke with little success wounded a Muyib. The doctor Muyib killed the wounded Muyib. I peeled back a few more orders and including taking out the Ru-Shi. In his final turn, Seth revealed his final Ninja and claimed the opposite tower. He was low on orders and made a mad dash. I tried to shooting him twice and flash pulsing the Ninja to no avail. At that point, I had the game 5-1, but I decided to go for more. First, I tried to take the opposite tower. That resulted in the Ninja stunning my Ghulam dodging for the tower. If I had been smart, I would not have dodge and had just tried to alter the tower. So instead of 4-2, I was at 3-1. Finally, I tried to stun the sensor bot with my Farzan with my remaining orders to lift my score back up, but failed. It close and fun. We both felt we were able to push our game agasint the other.
  13. I don't always roll double twenties for armor saves, but when I do, it is usually against Seth.....
  14. There are no bad units in Infinity. What does not work for you, may work very well for somebody else. It is about styles of play. Some people like Jay like Heavy Infantry and hard hitters. I like cheap troops and playing piece trading. Some people like to set up defensive teams and have a few action pieces to take the objectives. That being said, the Scot ML to is burley in the right hands. Doziers and SAS are solid. I like Highlanders. They are cheap and can link with William Wallace for and order battery. I would use them as piece traders, but that is my style of play.