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  1. So there are little acrylic signs with resin bases meant to sit on the ground as mini-kiosks. The signs do not fit in the resin slots. Seriously. The acrylic is bigger than the slot. With careful filing on the inside of the base, I may get the sign to properly fit. Meh.
  2. Hello All, My Micro Arts Kickstarter Arrived today. It was only six months late. There were a few freebies thrown in (a car, a van, some stickers and logos). The detail on the mats is very nice, but the edges are all slightly frayed. Meh. I will bring it on Sunday, so we call all look at it.
  3. Hope to see you on Sunday! Plus, you owe me a beer!
  4. Olive green where the orange traditionally is painted. Gray (blue tone with white hight lights) in the greaves and holsters. Jade as the standout color for the tech glow, tabards, etc.....
  5. Last Kingdom. The main character is a bonehead at times and the show misses several historical and mythical touch stones, but it is not terrible. 6.5/10.
  6. Olive green, jade, gray.
  7. Yes, it was a Seraph. If it is not a Tik-Blong or Uhlan or Jotum, they are all blend together for me.
  8. I played Joel last night. Joel did a great thing. He tried a new typeof list and faction. Instead of playing his foxtrot picket and defensive grunt fireteam, he went for a hunter style list with Pan-O. He had a Seraph, Father Night, Black Friar, Joan and Order Sgt link team. He played out of his comfort zone and I applaud him for it. The biggest hurdle for him in the game was a deployment. He left Joan in an area where she could be picked out with a few orders. HIs Tag had no luck, my Ghulam sniper crit it twice. I had luck on my side. Joel rolled well. I rolled stupidly well. We talked about deployment after the game. After gaming, Jeff and I went to Scout and talked about life and Infinity. Not a bad day at all. See you next week.
  9. You played, learned, and we all enjoyed your company! Plus, you got your super sweet Deep Cuts Studio mat! That is a win to me!
  10. There is no banging allowed the club. Please keep that type of activity at home, in a hotel, or a car.........
  11. It is a Gila Monster.
  12. See you all on Sunday! Bring a Friend. Beers afterwards! 3 PM
  13. From our good friend, Adam: Camo Tactics
  14. Latest Update: Human Sphere
  15. King Arthur: Clive Owen, Keira Knightly, etc....... I found myself heckling the movie with my daughter. It is not that bad, but some parts make no sense, 6/10.