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  1. I signed up and paid for Enfilade. Next question is how to sign up for games
  2. hehehe, That actually is a funny point. I hadn't thought of that.
  3. Morale is more like "Deserters". The number of failures = the number of soldiers who lose their grit and run, throwing their arms down or what have you.
  4. Well I spread out like crazy as you know and would be guiltier than most of not lining up for the slaughter. I call it wisdom. But as i said: with its elimination we have less need to do it.
  5. weird. Those things are worlds apart in my mind. It doesn't matter in any event. it wont change the game play itself all that much. Just more rolling and less squinting.
  6. It weas called "sound tactics" to spread out and "poor play" not to. Hehehe. I dont know about "manipulating" anything. But your point on time is well taken and less moving around the table, for me, my back, my poor eyesight and my patience over people who seem to always find a way to exclude two models that are obviously under the blast will be good for me. Lol. Less arguments, faster games. Sounds solid thinking to me.
  7. Well it looks fine to me. I will have a ton of unusable templates and blasts which makes me sad.
  8. Well the rules arent as far from the old ones as I expected them to be, so thats really nice. Much has NOT changed. However, some granularity was introdcued which is definitely new and army construction looks like its similar but definitely differen, more along the lines of 40K in the sense that you can take multiple Formations and then you can take individual units from those Formations. Bu I was pretty surprised at the similarities. The rulebook is much smaller and im grateful for the font size. =)
  9. I suppose there will be quite a few games of 40K in the coming months, as people try to figure it all out. This alone is a good thing. More excuses to play.
  10. Put Guardian Games in the subject line also. It's helpful for casual viewers to see, without digging and scrolling through. Just a suggestion. We often TRY to do it on our local forum and it usually pays dividends. Not an absolute must , but its helpful.
  11. 2 shots per gun. Two guns.
  12. Put the time and date and location in the subject line.
  13. D&D always comes first! Obviously. That's why I didn't even plan to attend until an hour before, but my D&D game was moved up so hey...I suddenly had time! Boy am i glad i did. sweet prize.
  14. 14 of us fought it out at a tournamnet this Saturday. The guy who put it on is moving to Vietnam and so he used the tournamnet tyo help fund that trip. He used this as his grand prize: HERE'S THE MAGNETIZATION HE DID:
  15. 6E was too much. 7E was worlds better and ever since they dumped the old CEO, its been getting better.