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  1. the rule is they are REMOVED from the board. Therefore, not on the board.
  2. I would like to give a nod, after this weeks tournament, to my Kroot Hounds for being incredibly impactful in my games. They did a ridiculous amount of good tjings for me.
  3. My go to unit has been my Pathfinders.
  4. I think the point is, 31 is tooooo high and the disparity for some forces sooooo great that drawing a line does not seem strange for events that purport to be about friendly matchups. Also, winning still requires you to win. Competition doesnt disappear when you cap it.
  5. Add two Firesight Marksman. Add a Marker Drone unit. Split the Sniper Drones up. Now you have a Brigade.
  6. Actually 12 was just an example I had used when we were discussing it and specifically in the context of using it to guide you for more friendly tournamwnrts. I went on to say (after my first couple games) that maybe 13 was better (a bull ork boyz unit is 13, so fairly mundane units reach that point). After further playing and testing (I'm now 16 for 16 in 8th Edition!) I can see with more clarity. You can get up to about 21 power and still have what might be considered a "normal" friendly list. Once you get close to that number, it starts to get less friendly. The StormSurge appears at 22 for example. Understand that Genestealers don'g get above an 11 Power for their stuff. Tyranids only get to 15. But an ork can get to 49 Power. The disparity there becomes obvious and so once you get around 21... The scale tilts significantly after that between the haves and have nots, so to speak. So That is why I say 31 is well short of where I might draw the line. It's just the comparative power that various forces CAN bring and the comparison of the two. Consider it an observation worth thinking about.... in the context of a friendly tournament where the goal is to create less mismatches.
  7. Theres a point at which you just have to call shenanigans and Power 31 is well past when I would.
  8. I like the book missions. I PREFER not to have random stuff in the mission for matched play. Dont hate having it but dont prefer it
  9. Its the story of the little red hen all over again!
  10. Havent seen a single bike played yet. That is odd...
  11. Everyone agreed that because Dennis helped me set up for the tournament the night before, he should get it. It was actually one of the players idea and we all clapped for it. So there you go. It was a good problem to have.
  12. Great turnout guys. We had people come from Beaverton to Seattle and east to South Dakota. In all we had 21 show up and afterwards many of us went to eat ribs and bs'd. We had some young players win nice sized prizes and got the chance to kick 8th edition off with a bang. Plus free schwag. Free schwag is always good. Our winner were Best Paint: Ryan Fredin Best Sportsman: Dennis Bowker Top 5 Placings: 1. Joshua Death 2. Derek Erlenbush 3. Nathan Billings 4. Greg Skewis 5. Dennis Bowker Congratulations to all our players for a job well done. Not one single person got anything but a perfect sportsmanship score, making it a great time for everyone. No complaints. No fights. Just fun.
  13. Im answering as an opponent and on the strength of what I have seen so far. 1. It appears they definitely are. They were my number one target in one game. as Dark Eldar, i have a lot of multiwound models and those Razorbacks can hurt me pretty badly for a good cost and can also harm the vehicles effectively so they are worth it. 2. Primaris Marines do not seem like they are worth it to me, again speaking as the guy slaughtering them. I have only seen their enhanced range truly matter once and there is just too much plasma now. Plasma is very good now as my Militarum Tempestus can explain.. Theres a unit that can take 5 plasma and I would do that. I think those ones are Primaris. 3. Vindicators are "okay". They aren't much better than a Lazerback hnestly, but they do fill their niche reasonably well. They last a LOT longer now and that does afford it a lot more in the way of not feeling like you wasted points on them. I think they are a perfectly legit choice compared to before though and I do own one I will test out eventually. The one i faced was effective while it lived. 4. I'm not sure.
  14. I thought it was probably this. That is the most intuitive reading of the rules as I know them as well. I do not think the "healing" of units is the same as summoning which I am now told was the issue i needed to rule on. Withough any books to look at, and with the initial question being nebulous to me at first, i needed help. Thanks for giving it. Discuss more if its needed.
  15. Someone asked on my facebook page about Tervigons and Termagaunt spawning. Is there an issue here i need to understand? Please discuss. I don't have my books and don't know Tyranids yet but I do need to understand what the rules issue is with replacing Termagaunts.