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  1. I had to re-roll and failed to range in both for the Rockets and the 105's so yeah, it was most dfinitely big given it was 670 points that didnt fire. We were in a 90 degree room for 10 hours though, so maybe it had an effect. I'm always down to play of course.
  2. Got back from Enfilade. 1:08 AM but car is loaded, lists printed and I am ready to go. Panzergrenadiers reporting for war.
  3. You may wish to poll it
  4. I thought you didn't like spreading out shenanigans? or was that just when someone else is doing it? Lol. Anywho. Needless to say, KFF's did lose their lustre when shenanigans were disallowed and if GW thinks they are getting abused, I assume their regular "meta updates" will fix it. At least, so we are told.
  5. Thank you for the clarification.
  6. I have a lot of orks I'd like to play more. Should be fun.
  7. Twoul be nice to have you in the friendly confines of OC&C.
  8. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/132050864015040/?active_tab=about WHO: You, foo'!!! Bring yo' posse. WHAT: 2000 point 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000 kick off partay. 3 color minimum. $15 entry fee. WHERE: Olympic Cards and Comics (where all the action is) 4230 Pacific Ave SE, Lacey, WA 98503 360-459-7721 WHEN: It's in the title. We drop dice at 11:00 AM on July 1 2017, which means you need your PRINTED LIST and your CASH MONEY turned in long before then. My suggestion? 10:00 AM if you want to ensure your spot and get that sweet sweet extra deployment time. WHY: because your addiction is real, mang. You gotta' have you some of that 40K, bruh. Thought you knew! Some important Deets: 1. Didn't bring a printed list? No gaming for you. Recent events have forced us to be hard about that. Write it out or print it out, but your opponent needs to see it without having to handle your expensive electronics, or ferreting through the idiosyncrasies of a dozen list building programs. 8th Edition is going to be new to everyone and the easier you make it on your opponent, the better your sportsmanship score will be. 2. We cannot know what the missions will be like yet, and so we will be fluid on the subject of what missions we will use and would ask you to be as well. 2. Scoring. Your scores will include sportsmanship as a component. The system is simple in a yes or no format Measuring Correctly: were they generally attempting to be accurate in measuring, given it can never be perfect? Rules: Were Explanations offered politely when asked for, given that rules this new do need some noodling? Dice Discipline: Did they generally make sure you knew when they were rolling for something and what it was for; and did they give you adequate time to view the final dice results? Slow Play: Was your opponent playing fast enough to finish the game to a clear conclusion (even if the game did not technically end, the conclusion may be obvious and therefore to a clear conclusion)? Schedule: We are going to put Games Workshops claims to the test and see if a game can indeed be played within 2 hours at 2,000 points. 10:00 Registration begins 10:30 Pregame announcement and Tables are assigned. Deployment may be done but do not start until 11:00 11:00 Dice Drop 1:00 round 1 ends. Situate your models so they can be checked for painting AND THEN go to lunch. 2:00 round 2 Begins 4:00 Round 2 ends. 4:15 Round 3 begins 6:15 round 3 ends. 6:30 Prizes are awarded and much shopping occurs for all.
  9. the addiction is real.
  10. ...or maybe they just include Cities of Death, Terrain rules, Stronghold assault stuff and other extraneous but important information but all the "how to play" rules are free for normal matched play and otherwise. I dont think they would exclude matched play from the free rules. Thats just my take on it.
  11. I can bring two tables full of terrain if need be.
  12. you know I should probably work on my list now. We are getting close.
  13. Then hit the print button and go!