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  1. He was the Bond I knew as a kid and was always my favorite back then. Rest in peace sir.
  2. Just like in AoS when GW released rules for every current unit in the game, that is what the first codex books are. They just aren't free like they were in AoS. And, just like AoS, GW will eventually release army specific books with new units. Is it really that surprising?
  3. Honestly, I don't know if I'm going to want more imperial DBs. I already own SW and the Sigmarines in the box might be enough for me. I will probably sell mine as a first option.
  4. I will probably be getting a box and won't be needing the gross nurgle losers....
  5. [big bad swear word] Nurgle...they already talked about Chaos...get to the [big bad swear word]ing orks.
  6. Anyone know why there are "order" dice?
  7. New post up. I need to get some painting done...add some pics or something. Le sigh.
  8. Considering how devastating morale is, then I hope every army has some way to mitigate it. Otherwise, there won't be any reason to play anything else but armies that can ignore it, or those with lots of models with large number of wounds (AoS morale is based on models lost, not wounds taken). I'd much rather see horde armies have ways to ignore morale because then they are balanced against the high wounds armies.
  9. Orks better get an immunity to morale based on unit size or I am going to be pissed.
  10. thank you all for ruining 8th edition...
  11. [big bad swear word] the marines and their pansy weapons...I want ork stuff.
  12. I want a spotlight on the Orks please. Who cares about these other armies?
  13. only 3 hours left, but the price isn't horrid.
  14. GW just sold those too with that online program.
  15. Did the sniper drones just lose their handlers?