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  1. Please don't confuse points and power level with degrees of competitiveness. That isn't the difference. It is a difference in accuracy. Points is simply a more precise version of the list. Therefore, it works better in most cases for competitive games.
  2. Again, power level can be fine as long as you and your opponent agree to how you use it. However, lets say you and I get a game in. If I run mostly stock units, and you upgrade the hell out of yours, then that game might not be very even. I want to use points not because I want to build a competitive list, but because I'll know that our two armies are somewhat equal to each other (as proposed by the designers). I don't agree at all that points equals WACC or "tournament level" armies. I just think it is a truer representation of the capabilities of the army. That is important to me. If you bring a super soft fluffy list at 1000pts, then your army has a better chance of having a good game against another 1000pt list. But if that same fluffy list is power level 50, then it could end up having a very lopsided game vs another 50 PL army that was designed to win.
  3. Damnit...I am so torn on getting this game. I've never owned any of the zombicide games, so I'm not sure if my family would like it. This looks like a great deal though for $120, but I don't want to toss money if it won't get played.
  4. You and your opponent really need to be on the same page in order to play power level. Power level is fine if you want to run stock lists with no changes in wargear. Otherwise, it is far too easy to take all of the costly upgrades that have significant impacts on the units capabilities, and yet you aren't paying for it. If someone brings a "friendly" list and the other person brings a "competitive" list, then that is not going to be a good game. Due to that fact, it is not a good way to research lists. If you end up with 200+ points above your opponent, how is that a fair battle representation? Power level games are really only for games where you don't care if you win or lose. I know for myself and how I play, I'd rather do points. It would be a very specific scenario for me to play power level.
  5. Please show me where it states to pay for gear the model is no longer equipped with. The rules are crystal clear. You add up the points for the models in your list, and then you add up the points for the wargear they are equipped with. That is it. Nothing else. No buying gear that is standard and then you have to swap it out nonsense. That is no where in the rules. Both rules location even use the word "simply" because why? Because it is simple. You pay for what is in the list. End of story, end of discussion. It is pure ego for you to continue this argument. You constantly say "rules I have read" and yet have never produced said rules. Are they with the Comey tapes?
  6. No. There is no circle. You asked for the written rules. I posted them. You just keep ignoring it. You keep making up rules and expect people to agree that they exist without proof. So no circle. You just won't admit that you were proven wrong. Kind of sad really.
  7. Looks like he's going with the "ignore the picture of the rule proving me wrong" defense. Lets see how it plays out for him...
  8. Wow, that took me all of like, 2 minutes to find in the rule book. But keep arguing..if you want to ignore the written rule.
  9. Are those rokkits that were replaced by the tank hammers in the army? No. therefore you don't pay points for them.
  10. The book doesn't tell me to breathe when playing, but guess what?
  11. Yeah, I had to reread the thread. I don't see why Hanaur isn't subtracting the costs of the rokkits that are being removed. Those models no longer count as having rokkits.
  12. Went back and re-read the thread. I gotcha now. I'm in the boat where you only need to pay for what the model actually has. Even if I paid for the scything talons first, when I replaced them, I'd take off the points for the talons as I no longer have them, and then add on the replacement cost. If you remove a weapon from a model, why would you not remove the cost? That seems silly.
  13. Are we debating which drugs you were on when you posted this?
  14. My biggest issue right now with 4th is that the mid war roll-out is far too slow. It is my preferred period and the choice to go with very restricted lists just does not appeal to me. So my option is to play the same stuff over and over again, and maybe they will eventually roll out more stuff for those factions. And it has been a couple of months and still no new factions. I know why they are doing it...but it is not drawing me in to play. Not when I have a new version of 40K that dropped, and I can play updated versions of all my armies from day one. Big shame because I was really looking forward to getting back into FoW. But their roll-out is not appealing to me. Who knows, maybe in a year enough stuff will have been released to make it worth looking at again.
  15. Nope, we are doing it on Sunday. People can start showing up as early as 9am if they want to help with the prep.