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  1. Just wondering if the new 8th edition 40K will help bring players into AoS?
  2. Warcraft - 5-6/10 - this was a bit of an odd one for me. The story and such was fine, and the orcs were very well done. I think if something was lacking, I'd say it was the live action part of it. It all looked very much like Warcraft. I think it might have done with a little humor tossed in. It was a very serious tone throughout the whole movie.
  3. will go on my Ranger with the Transuranic arquebus
  4. What does the photo-visor do?
  5. I might swing by to watch for a bit if a game is on. I have soccer at 6:20. Hopefully someone will take you up on the game.
  6. I think there is a big difference between doing a good job with a series and staying true to it. First off, TV is a completely different medium. Adjustments have to be made. And lets face it, when you have a series like Wheel, there is simply no way for the TV to delve into the characters in the same way that the books did. I think Games is a very good example of making a compelling show out of a novel without being chained to it. Where I think shows fail is when they are simply "inspired" by the original. The Black Company can't simply be a fantasy A-team show. That is my biggest fear. Its like when a gamer decides to base their next character off of something they saw in a movie, but then does nothing to bring that character's persona to the table. At least there is hope that it could be good. :)
  7. I wonder how deep they are going to go with Save Modifiers. Capping a save at a 2+ doesn't seem to allow for too much variation. Are there invulnerable saves?
  8. Oh please oh please don't screw them up.
  9. How do we pay using paypal? I went to the store but didn't see anything specific for the league.
  10. I was thinking more in line of, "Get +1 to your resurrection roll when you say, "I'll be back" in your best Arnold voice."
  11. Oh, and I hope necrons get extra bonuses if you talk like a robot during the game.... just kidding....maybe....
  12. Looks like they learned quite a bit from the AoS launch. I wish they had done it the other way around. I do hope it works. I have sunk thousands into 40K and would really like an edition that brings me back to playing.
  13. We have two tables reserved in the Critical Sip area for play. We will be using 50pt armies made from the new DAK and 8th army books. At this small size, we will most likely have two games going on each table (3x4) play area. If you are attending, and can bring an extra 50pt force, please consider doing so for new players.
  14. For anyone interested in learning to play the new v4 Flames of War, we are having a meet and greet at Guardian Games on Sunday, 4/30. It will run from noon until 6pm. Bring your 50pt Mid War DAK or 8th army forces and find an opponent to play. There will probably be extra armies available, so if you are interested and don't own an army yet, come on down. There are two tables reserved in the Critical Sip area for the event, must be 21 and over.
  15. Is there premeasuring in the game? If not, the deadzone stuff would not be so great.