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  1. Eclipse question

    Yes, in that due to the darkening, more people are apt to look at the sun during an eclipse. So it doesn't do more damage, but people are more likely to be damaged by it.
  2. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    So what armies are currently represented?
  3. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    You need to show up so that I don't have to bring two armies :)
  4. LF: Logitech G330 or Corsair Vengence 1100 headsets

    Yeah, I saw those. Was kind of hoping to find the corsair pair as the logitech always has an issue with the volume button on theirs.
  5. My new blog :)

    Update Rick!
  6. V4 FOW thoughts

    Gordianus and I tried to play a while back. The play itself wasn't bad. There were a few things we didn't quite understand, and may have gotten wrong. The hardest part for me was actually coming up with a legal force even though I've got plenty of brits and DAK. I'm not a fan of the current lists. Too restrictive in my mind. And who's bright idea was it to include a stand that no one ever used before in DAK infantry and now make it required?? That was just plain dumb. It seems like they went out of their way to make it difficult for me to use my existing models to play v4. I'm sure that isn't true, but that is what it feels like.
  7. So I really love the behind the neck headsets for gaming. Unfortunately, my logitech G330 died on a recent trip (got crushed in my bag). So I'm looking for a replacement. Unfortunately, can't seem to find these anymore. Just curious if any of the ordo gamers out there might be hiding one. Its a long shot, but why not?
  8. 40k 8th Edition Escalation League @ W.O.W. 8/8 thru 9/26

    I really want to do this, but I just got back from vacation and not really ready. Can we come in next week?
  9. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Dunkirk - 7/10 - good solid movie. Not a hollywood picture. Just an accurate representation of what the people involved were going through. $15 a pop though at Hollywood theatre for the 70mm version. Ouch.
  10. New 8th Edition Starter box trade thread.

    Hey CLC, I'll do that trade. I'll send a PM.
  11. Someone at GW finally figured out that if they made all of the chapters cool, then people would want to field all of them.
  12. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Spidey - 9/10. We loved it. Kept us in the movie the whole time. Really enjoyed the fact that they made you feel like he was in HS. If I wanted to be really picky, there are two things that sort of stand out as "wha??". The first is Aunt May. Not that I don't like the actress, but that isn't the May I grew up with. The other part was the high tech Spidey suit. External web shooters?? Again, that's being really picky. On the flip side, the tech suit added some opportunities to add dialog to spidey only scenes. I do think they went too far with what it could do, but it does fit with the story they have created. I mean if Tony Stark makes you a suit, it isn't just going to be stretchy. :)
  13. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    GLOW - 7/10 available on Netflix. 30min episodes. Drama that is entertaining and not too serious. A little slow at start, but ends great.
  14. Yeah, the RG stuff is cool. As long as the other 7 chapters get the same attention, I think you can call it a win. Almost makes me sad that I got rid of my salamanders.
  15. PC Core components for sale

    I've got an ASUS p8z68-v motherboard, with an i3-2120 processor, and 8gb of ram, plus a monster CPU fan. I just upgraded so I don't need this setup anymore. Toss it in a case, add on a HD and you are good to go. Even better with a vid card. PM if interested.