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  1. Definitely shooting for the Brigade detachment with my Orks.
  2. Spearhead Formation solves my question about all tank IG. Praise be to the Throne.
  3. I like being associated with smashing and [big bad swear word]ing! I'm good to great at both.
  4. QFT! Now including rokkits in squads isn't ever an issue because they can still fire while running. Now I just need to find someone who will cast rokkit boyz for me (and a bunch of other stuff!).
  5. I wonder what the standard limit on detachments will be... Assault weapons being able to be fired after running is great!
  6. "The Fluger was five meters long, had four thick legs, a body of impenetrable molecular density and numerous teeth capable of chewing diamonds into powder. It was four hundred massive kilos of violence, savagery and hatred. When the Fluger arrived as unlisted cargo in the enclosed city of Olympus, it launched itself on a murderous rampage which couldn't be halted. It presented that terrified utopian community with the problem of how to stop an irresistible force. The only answer seemed to be a hired alien assassin - an outer-space humanoid about whom the citizens of Olympus knew next to nothing except that he was a professional killer who would not quit until his job was done. But when the irresistible force met the immovable object they turned that fragile city in the sky into a raging battlefield, and their 'savior' looked to become as much of a menace as his monster counterpart."
  7. They specifically [big bad swear word]ed Orks because Orks' lack of ap3 and ap2 meant that BA were saving twice as many wounds as other marines. They also usually had lots of assault squads which work better than tactical for clearing mobz.
  8. I still don't like it, but it never stopped me from spreading out before. Just because I use rules to their utmost doesn't mean I like them. Mostly though, I miss having my kff big mek on the board.
  9. Of all the days to be stuck with a bunch of real world nonsense, it had to be today, the day da Orks drop. First thoughts: Yay! My 5th edition weird conga line formations for getting as many mobz in range of the KFF is back baby! 5++ for days! Bonus that the Painboy gives out 6+ FnP as well Combined with the new to wound chart, Ork infantry hordes are now a lot tougher. Consider that a BS4 S5-7 shot has about a 25% chance of dropping an Ork in range of those two. That means 10 scatter bikes should drop only 10 Orks per shooting round. That was true last edition for just ONE unit if it had both the painboy and KFF in the unit, but now it works for everything in range! The combination of the best parts of the 7th ed book (ere we go) and the 4th ed book (mob rule based on unit size) with some new stuff (the ability to use the leadership of a nearby mob is great for those small specialist units) The new Waagh ability is different but potentially better as you don't have to call it at the beginning of the turn and it isn't a one time use. There's been no confirmation on Orks keeping furious charge, but with the changes to the to wound rolls that probably won't matter. The Big Choppa is a big winner depending on points. S6 vs S8 is totes worse, but having a reliable 2 damage and -1 save without the -1 to hit penalty seems to really balance it out. No word on movement rate, but if we assume 6", then a unit of Orks has a 6"+3.5"+8.32"=17.82" threat range every turn as long as a Warboss is within range. That's some turn 2 charge potential. Good stuff.
  10. Big choppa is baller! The morale and buff bubbles are great. So pumped!
  11. No random game length is a big one too!
  12. http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view7/4739929/andy-dwyer-oh-o.gif
  13. Agree that it seems tlos is here to say. My only hope is the requirements for various percentages will be lifted.
  14. To be fair, you're projecting here (unless I missed something). There could be a status of obscured having to do with intervening terrain and models. Warmahordes uses this conceit.