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  1. I can, again, virtually guarantee there won't be facings. Vehicles and MCs are going to be identical for the most part. Facings were always complicated and sometimes confusing (I've never heard a convincing argument one way or the other on the facings of Knights, Valkyries, or Eldar Skimmers, we all kind of winged it). Best to scrap them entirely, honestly. Again, the game is going for streamlined, and checking facings and precise model movement are anathema to speedy play.
  2. We all want that.
  3. Do the burny dance, beakie!
  4. Its like second edition all over again!
  5. What I really like about flamers and blasts doing d6 or whatever hits is that now targeting single models isn't so silly. 15 Burna Boyz vs a single model would average 53 hits...
  6. They already posted the Dreadnaught statline. Facings are gone.
  7. I can virtually guarantee that there are going to be fewer reroll overall.
  8. They've already stated morale is going to work differently. You can safely assume the Astartes will have some rule or the other to be in line with how they currently ignore most morale issues.
  9. I assume it'll top at 6+. So s1 vs t10 would be a 6. But notice that vehicles have armor saves too. Assume all heavy vehicles will be 2+, so even though a lasgun can wound, the tank can save. 72 shots on average to wound a t5+ with 2+ and hitting on 4s. Heck, even the dreadnaught would require 288 lasgun shots to bring down on average. Possible, but hard to pull off in a normal game. But it does help with avoiding completely wasting shots.
  10. Rarely have I ever seen anyone cram around an objective in such a manner that blasts would be that much better than other forms of shooting.
  11. Which is the same justification used to run min-maxed lists. I'm using the rules to the best of my ability to win the game. As you say, a moot point now, thankfully.
  12. Also, I love that all the ITC haters out there have to eat crow considering that Reece and Frankie got name dropped as big time contributors to the playtesting of 8th edition. That makes me super happy because I always believed in what they were doing and GW obviously agreed.
  13. Every one is the same in this, when we see someone doing something that doesn't look like how we imagine it should look and it is being done to gain an advantage in game, we find it off putting. Spreading out and making weird shapes out of units is just taking advantage of the way blasts/templates work in the game and has nothing to do with the reality of the game. I'm not saying its not a justifiable tactic, just that it feels greasy to me and I dislike how deployment and movement and unit types (specifically units on big bases) would negate the effectiveness of blasts whereas there was no way to avoid high rate of fire weapons. Again, I liberally used these tactics, just always felt slimy for doing so.
  14. Call it what you want, but it always took me out of the game to see units in big Os or spread out to the max. To me, that's just as abusive as min maxing (not that I didn't do it too!) or any of the other frowned on tactics in 40k.
  15. Blasts were always gamey. Too easy to manipulate their effectiveness by spreading and on models with large bases. They are also ludicrously time consuming to place and scatter and determine models hit. No idea what the actual method will be but I suspect something along the lines of roll to hit. Hit = D6 hits Miss = D6-3 hits. Large adds +2 hits.