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  1. I should have clarified, I meant spend 2 caches over the course of a league to help purchase remaining GKs. Current plan is to spend one after game 2 and one after game 3. My current starting list is leader and 2 specialists. If one of them dies... well that is a whole other story.
  2. Well the do use something different to call them 2 paragraphs up when you are recruiting them. I fully understand that Gw has written very confusing rules in the past, I think this one is more clear than many cases of GW writing. I am fine to play it either way. One way just means silly weapons juggling for me. I get the same result in the end.
  3. Well, I think the "new recruit" is rather clear to mean the New Recruit unit type. On multiple occasions they use the lower case to talk about them. Now, get in some more practice games tomorrow!!!
  4. Well, if you want to put it that way...
  5. Cute joke... but some actual information would be very helpful for me.
  6. Interesting catch. My desire to play Gk is dropping fast due to these strange word choices. I don't think it is clear at all what thier thier intent is with this wording. I can still makes this work without having to build some annoying models by basically moving the leader from model to model. Leader with Staff Buy desired CCWs and stick on Gunners Buy GK with Staff, give gunner CCW to leader. Give staff back to Leader and give his CCW to GK. Do the weapon shuffle again when buying 5th GK silly if you ask me.
  7. So, I was scared that it would be next to impossible to buy any additional GKs for my kill team. Further reading has helped remove some of those concerns. Getting only 100 pts to spend in post game and then losing any unspent points seemed insane to me. I have solved my problem, though it still kind of sucks. I have to spend 2 caches to max out this kill team. I will probably spend the points from the first match buying extra HtH weapons as the rules say a model can only carry 1 heavy weapon, but they can carry any number of other weapons. Then, after game 2 I can spend 175 on a new GK and hand him one of the weapons I already bought and spending the remaining 25 pts on Frag grenades or something. Rince and repeat for game 3. After that I am only spending money on incidental stuff and will quickly run out of the need for points until someone dies. Now all I need is a Chaos player in the league to give me someone to hunt narratively speaking...
  8. The flyer is great. Thanks Weav!
  9. Ya, I am concerned about growing my kill team at all from game to game with GK. It seems like it is going to be a struggle not being able to save any points. Coming up with a system where you can save up seems like a great idea to me.
  10. the ignore cover modifiers psychic power is awesome though
  11. Played a learning game against Orks. It did not end well for the GK. Thing started off ok as I was able to take out 2 orks with shooting. I have learned that armor is not really all that great as so many weapons make it a hard thing to pass. Once one of my models was down it was only 2 turns before I failed a bottle test and was out.
  12. Any update on when this game is taking place?
  13. I feel your pain. Just bought GK last night.
  14. thanks for clarifying Weav, I figured the same thing but did not mention it.
  15. 1. You have to spend a seperate in game currency you get for playing games to "rent" specialists for a game. 2. You take ammo rolls anytime you roll a 6 to hit when shooting. Ammo rolls are on 2D6 (instead of the 1D6 in Necro). You have to roll equal to or over an ammo roll number.