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  1. OBBL season two schedule - updated 8/16

    If only they had an ordo account. Stale slice of pizza like to stay off the grid.
  2. OBBL season two schedule - updated 8/16

    **Message from the Commissioner** One of our coaches has filed a formal complaint regarding the scheduling practices of one of our staff. We here at the Ordo Blood Bowl League take allegations of corruption and favoritism very seriously. I have decided to have our investigative team, @ROGRE and a slice of stale pizza, to look into the matter. If our team finds any part of these allegations true, they have been instructed to also suggest appropriate sanctions tor other actions by me in order to write whatever wrong may have occurred. If you have any information that could help in the investigation please contact @ROGRE. While I hope that the investigation shows our organization used only the best randomization methods available to determine matches, rest assured that if any impropriety has taken place, we will punish all those involved. We pride ourselves on running fair and fun Blood Bowl leagues and hope that this investigation does not cause any disruption to the remainder of the season. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. On another note, our investigative team is also looking into if there is any difference between a California and an Oregon burrito. If you have any information that may help with this other matter, please send it to @ROGRE. **
  3. OBBL season two schedule - updated 8/16

    I will be getting my game 6 in with Burk on Sunday to be ready for round 7
  4. Spike Practice Games

    I am going to be at the Super League GN at Guardian tomorrow if anyone wants to get in a practice game for Spike
  5. OBBL season two schedule - updated 8/16

    Works for me @Burk
  6. Return of Necromunda?

    so excited. I hope it has more depth in terms of how gangers get skills and the like than SWA does.
  7. I will be there to take away space from 40k players to get my BB league game in.
  8. OBBL season two schedule - updated 8/16

    Well my mind is blown. Where have the weeks gone? @Burk, when works best for you to get our game 6 done. I cannot do Tuesday due to playing my game 5, but am free after that.
  9. OBBL season two schedule - updated 8/16

    Well we are only in week 2 of the 3 week period. I am playing my round 5 game tomorrow, and will be getting in my round 6 game with Burk easily I am sure. Thank you for your concern though.
  10. Spike Practice Games

    I am playing my league game vs Petes orcs tomorrow at 4 as well, but I can meet up any day of the week if you happen to have time available.
  11. Spike Practice Games

    I need Spike practice games. Let me know if you want one as well and we will work out a time and place! Here is my list for comment as well. http://www.littlearmybuilder.com/bb/6100903889207296/299253
  12. Where in the world is Ordo Fanaticus

    Looking at the photos online that place looks super beautiful. So jealous.
  13. OBBL D6's

    Only 1 Swag Pack left already!
  14. OBBL Super League coach needed

    I think we all know @ROGRE needs to step in
  15. OBBL D6's

    looking forward to getting my set!