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  1. Thursdays gameplay at Gaurdian Games 2017

    Sounds good - see you then...
  2. Thursdays gameplay at Gaurdian Games 2017

    I've got my dice, templates, and tokens and will be there... W00T
  3. 'Nam...

    Astute individual on the BF main forum found this on the Amazon UK site: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nam-Vietnam-Miniatures-Game-Battlefront/dp/1472830245/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1502925440&sr=1-1 Release date is February 22, 2018 (at least according to Amazon)? Who's in? I'll bring the Jimmi Hendrix!
  4. Thursdays gameplay at Gaurdian Games 2017

    I'd be happy to try your Soviets! What time are you going to be at GG tomorrow?
  5. Mike's East German Build Log - updated 8/15

    Here is the latest on painting my East Germans - the good news is I'm making some progress, the bad news is it looks like I'm going to have to continue to borrow and proxy for the first few rounds of the Firestorm Campaign... but I did manage to get real live paint on figures this week! https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2017/08/ddr-build-log-progress-infantry-and.html
  6. Thursdays gameplay at Gaurdian Games 2017

    What lists do you have for both - I wouldn't mind giving your Soviets a test drive... my NVA is still on the workbench... :(
  7. BF preview of the rest of 2017 - with caveats

    Interesting update from Chris yesterday regarding the deletion of 37mm guns from the Armored Rifles and the missing M3 75mm GMC: " asked Phil about the 37mm guns and he said: "in the end it came down to playability. Having a single gun in an infantry platoon introduces a pile of complexities that are just not worth it. Instead, we decided to go with the option often followed (and formalised in the 1943 TOE) of grouping the 37mm guns into a company AT Platoon. This is both simpler in play, and gives the advantage of providing enough punch in the critical place to be significant while not burdening mobile operations with cumbersome guns." "As for the GMC this came down to miniatures range and popularity. We have been making some conscious decisions as a company about how big the supporting releases will be for each book, trying to ensure that we have a good range of options for players whilst still keeping it manageable for retailers. The Flames Of War range has grown to the point where it is too wide for the majority of retailers to stock effectively and if they cannot stock it, customers cannot easily get it. "In the case of the GMC we looked as the sales of it over it's lifetime and the reports from play testers about how it was performing on the table relative to other options and it was decided that we would not include it in the book. Moving forward we are going to have to continue to make tough choices about what is in the books and what is not. We don't make them lightly and we (as a team) definitely have robust discussion before committing to leaving anything out a book."
  8. Team Yankee campaign games SAT AUG 12 @ GG

    I'm planning on being out at the store on Thursday if I can borrow and/or proxy some things... unfortunately all of my East Germans are still sitting on the painting table, but I'm making progress!
  9. Team Yankee campaign games SAT AUG 12 @ GG

    I don't think the two are mutually exclusive... we could have the store basically attacking through the Fulda Gap or another area and report our batreps to the global campaign... I'm "helping out" with the global one, and would love to get some games reported... :D The main goal of the campaign is to get people playing and having fun with TY... so in short "Play more games!" The online campaign is at https://firestorm.warconsole.com/ - and they have an amazing set up... it's really going to be worth your time. Basically you just need to report games and give a short batrep - pictures are good too!
  10. Team Yankee campaign games SAT AUG 12 @ GG

    Are you guys going to do the Firestorm campaign that just got released?
  11. BF preview of the rest of 2017 - with caveats

    ... and I absolutely get that for a brand new game with no established base like Team Yankee... FoW isn't that game, though. You've already got a large "installed base" - many of which were still willing and able to buy new product for FoW - especially with them finally getting back to MW. And yet they've gone out of their way to "reboot" the game - like they're trying to reproduce the TY uptake with FoW with a whole new customer base... and that's the approach I strongly question. From where I sit, alienating your base on a historical game is usually a "bad idea," but maybe there's enough new players to take up the slack. We won't know for a year or so at best...
  12. Thursdays gameplay at Gaurdian Games 2017

    I'm hoping to start getting back out in a couple weeks - will be looking to play some TY once I get my DDR force painted... :D
  13. BF preview of the rest of 2017 - with caveats

    It's been asked in the thread related the new U.S. book on the main forum, but so far crickets on this particular omission (though other omissions like the M5 have warranted comment)...
  14. BF preview of the rest of 2017 - with caveats

    Yeah, but why should we have to "make up" rules at this point? This isn't a "brand new" game, it's V4 of an existing system... BF still has the M3 75mm GMC miniature on their web page, why the heck didn't they include rules for it in the book covering the most iconic battles where it was used???
  15. BF preview of the rest of 2017 - with caveats

    The M3 75mm GMC made a big impact at El Guettar, so any force trying to recreate that battle is fairly lost without them. I'm honestly at a complete loss at this point - had high hopes that this would get the FoW stuff off of the shelf and back on the painting table, but so far it just isn't happening...