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  1. Malifaux yay! And Dan check your site emails... I want that mug you owe me, you thieving Canadian!
  2. So my take is the free rules will actually be great for matched play, and power level. Narrative will want all the extra. It will be the base rules free, the book had missions and other war zone type things... the sky, trenches, cities oh my!
  3. So I'll show with my sisters models and we can run a demo this week?
  4. Thanks for the info and involvement. You should know that the warhamsters are basically Canadian tho. We are in Bellingham WA bout 30 ish minutes from the border up i5. We would live to play you guys more regularly but 6-8 hours of travel limits our use of wow.
  5. Sororitas please
  6. So fail all the way around Teach me to only use ordo for my internet fu
  7. They lost the ion shield I bet so taking into account that saving Some damage. The jump didn't surprise me. Also realized I was talking more about regular vehicles not super heavies and the ones that should have been but didn't quite make the cut... Internet fail
  8. What vehicles have we seen fully? I don't remember the rhino. The barge here had 4 hull points.
  9. 4+ save on the Necron vehicle is interesting not all vehicles will have a good save. Also I'd say it is a good bet that most vehicles will have 2 wounds for every current hull point.
  10. Just realized why this works so well! It is the 40k equivalent of a nun's habit. INSPIRATION!
  11. I do have this color called death metal from scale 75... maybe this is a good chance to use it. It is like black but metallic...
  12. I'm looking for inspiration to finish the heads... I'm happy with the armor and weapons but the hair and face are still grey
  13. Okay reviewed good idea but not really outlandish in a way I could bring to the battle sisters...
  14. In my mind's eye it could be legit... but you are prolly right!
  15. This gave me visions of crazy bright eyeliner, eye shadow, blush and lipstick... I think I might execute on this. Combine with squad based maybe I could research some shock rock bands and paint them up by band...KISS, twisted sister hmmmm...