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  1. That is tough... if it helps my wife gaming indifferent originally really started digging games after learning Zombicide.
  2. For my set of inferno pistols I chopped up the hand flamers... flattened the ends with a file, took off the tanks filed them flat in half (too small to cut), then glued the tank half to the body melta style... can't upload pictures it is slick and will be in the team frowbakk
  3. They are models, I believe yes much like the ork assistants... if you look at the ammo runts and such in the ork book they even continue to be characters.
  4. Summoning... all characters can and this would allow for more flexibility in deployment. Additional thought you can wait longer to bring them in... they are not reserves and therefore do not count as destroyed after turn three... this I'm now thinking is super powerful better than deep strike...
  5. Sold on a 2k 8th ed game
  6. If you want 40k I'd be game. 2k or 1650?
  7. I know he is trained well in English master, perhaps even doctorate...
  8. Yes my interpretation as well! Better said
  9. I quoted pg 130 codex xenos with the orcs and all headings for the points section and forces... I got snarky cuz you never acknowledged that and went all Imma do it my way. When I felt I offered a very valid separate reading based on a single page related to what I was actually doing instead of combining two pages. On top of this my simpler interpretation was accused of being mental gymnastics...
  10. Replaced means you no longer have it hence it is not in the army...
  11. Thank you all for the pictures and the straight reading... needed that as I'm at work on phone.
  12. But you don't pay points for what you had only what you have... so if you replaced it don't worry about it when posting points easier and follows what is written.
  13. Fyi you are the one doing mental gymnastics... my opinion is you need to quit mixing systems... pay for the model them recalculate its cost with new equipment... I write list pay points for what they have not what they had but no longer have...no subtraction, points gives model sans gear pay those points, then find gear model has pay points for that not gear it replaced plus gear it has, just gear it has all of it... Final verdict? Vonvilkee never travel to Lord ran events impasse... course I always felt the ambassador ever while a cool concept was clique like wanted to go but found it overwhelming to apply to go so never did... now this aggressive you are doing it wrong and will be kicked out of my events stance, while ignoring my page references and debating with others instead.
  14. It does not tell you to add equipment costs that you don't currently have either... you are doing more than the book tells you we are suggesting doing what points says... look at model what does it have not what did it have that is no longer there... Pg 130 ordo xenos your logic is also the problem with the different squad sizes... I feel it was intentional matched play points are different than power level points...
  15. And above I have a different logical way of looking at it. An illegal one according to you.