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  1. After breaching the faux I got all excited too! Any one that wants to learn in the Bellingham area can hit me up. I'm already convincing peeps to play now to see if they keep it up... Maybe just maybe I can convince Ashley to play at wet coast...
  2. Damn posted before I realized I'm back at work. Won't be down till 5:30 or 6
  3. I'll bite... saga has intrigued me. I have no models. Picts sound cool.
  4. Wish I could meet earlier :(
  5. For tanks and stuff nothing beats battle foam. As you expand keep an eye on the pack plus and make sure your big carrier interacts with it.
  6. I loved the last statement of the faq... this is a new edition it isn't even out yet and we have a faq! Seriously lol *The edition’s not even out and you guys have an FAQ - how times have changed!
  7. This is a case of the Wyvern having a total of what normally would be four guns. But in the current 40k are two pairs of twin linked guns each of the pairs has 2 shots. The vehicle before damage has 4 twin linked shots. A weapon destroyed result will drop it to 2 twin linked shots.
  8. There was I have the stuff... but I'm not at home
  9. I needed 4... desperate times lead to desperate measures. I'm surprised I didn't get pulled over...
  10. Speaking from experience, I recommend obtaining the carts locally. Do not procure them then pack them with you. While it is nice to know for sure you have a cart the fuel economy hit is not worth the trouble.
  11. Sucks if even your kid doesn't like it tho
  12. 40k! fyi I took my blood bowl home, Garrett called the league a bust... also, I got really excited about malifaux again after the weekend. It really itches my need for a game with super unique models/ pieces, without all that mucking about with experience tracking and getting games with a decent number of different people and trying to keep the number of games fair. I have a two player starter demo kit for malifaux :) and I'll be going to Canada in July for the wet coast gt and getting some massive malifaux in. Would love some local practice and I have tons of loaner stuff...
  13. Hey Munkie, they may have missed the question...
  14. 40k? Malifaux?
  15. Nope didn't find it...