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  1. Ever seen a grown man naked?
  2. got a fancy pants Idea for you........................cut and paste
  3. burk - chaos dwarfs....TBD
  4. in. probably CD's Only issue is I wont be at GN the first or 2nd tuesday of the league. so will have to schedule outside of that.
  5. As defending tribal league Champ, I kind of have to attend.
  6. pretty standard. same as dz1.
  7. actually only 1. The wording is "remove any skill from one of your own players" I thought the same till Savion corrected me.....
  8. I think tuesday is 5/2
  9. Wow, you have really sped up your normal play.......
  10. what about to head to head?
  11. ok, so I was just looking on GW's website.....maybe I guess it could be..... If it is, then it is clearly a way to reduce the power/exposure of 3rd party vendors that are getting a boon right now with only limited GW made teams being widely available.
  12. havent seen this on GW, so I doubt its real.
  13. Title says it. I want to buy about 20 FFG's imperial assault miniatures. need all types of imperials. troopers to officers. tell me whats you got and want to get rid of. thx
  14. and we have a winner. !