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  1. actually only 1. The wording is "remove any skill from one of your own players" I thought the same till Savion corrected me.....
  2. I think tuesday is 5/2
  3. Wow, you have really sped up your normal play.......
  4. what about to head to head?
  5. ok, so I was just looking on GW's website.....maybe I guess it could be..... If it is, then it is clearly a way to reduce the power/exposure of 3rd party vendors that are getting a boon right now with only limited GW made teams being widely available.
  6. havent seen this on GW, so I doubt its real.
  7. Title says it. I want to buy about 20 FFG's imperial assault miniatures. need all types of imperials. troopers to officers. tell me whats you got and want to get rid of. thx
  8. and we have a winner. !
  9. no worries weav...I will boardgame then.
  10. Scott, I will be at WOW tuesday if you want to get our game in: \ \ Clar Karond Corsairs v. Smash Mouth All-Star
  11. suprisingly Dan's Slann got destroyed (and I mean destroyed) by Jeff's Morg (and some haflings)
  12. 1. It could be describing a Doom Diver...which I would call "rickety". 2. I can see your point if it was truly a "flying machine". like truly flying. So no need to jump to conclusions 3. you all need to accept the are moving 40k and fantasy into on universe....maybe even one game. (my opinion). In which case the 40k versions of Orc flying machines.....perfect description.
  13. ok, so now you are really off your rocker....how else would you describe the machines the (historic) fantasy (and sci-fi) orcs create? Elegantly long lined works of art? Seriously they have constantly been described as cobbled together craft.......especially for the 40k version. they are not artists for crying out loud.
  14. I take solace in my thought from this quote from wiki on the bread:
  15. loos like an arab. neck matches. but the dish is minor..... can you tell my wife is a horsewomen?