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  1. via War of Sigmar
  2. I wouldn't have actually been entirely surprised if you managed to beat that by not setting a BIN. I've seen them go for well over $20 each (tho usually not as bundles), and those are all bare metal, which is almost unbelievable these days.
  3. I have to admit, I'm kind of curious to see what that ends up going for.
  4. I need those Objective Markers, too. So amazing.
  5. Lady Atia has it at 95£, so that's pretty reliable. Someone in the comments did a comparison with how other prices translated across, and came up with US$150-160.
  6. I think those are the same flying stands that the Kharadron dudes with the personal flight packs use. I actually kind of wish that they'd moved the Jump Packs lower, rather than higher. So the line of thrust would actually go through their center of gravity, rather than the current positioning that should be causing them to tumble all over the place if the laws of physics actually worked in 40K ;)
  7. The Artificers Forge is the one you want. First one in the Excess Fanaticus category.
  8. 2+, +2. The distinction is important. I see people swapping those fairly often when discussing modifiable Saves, and it drives me nuts, because often both are reasonably what they could be talking about, but the conclusion would be very different depending on which they mean.
  9. Even without that additional bonus, their Save going to 2+ from being Infantry in Ruins (that part was for all Ruins, whether in a Cityfight or otherwise) makes them really durable until you start bringing stuff with a significant Rend value to bear.
  10. It's sort of the case with their opaque gloss paints, too. The flat ones don't have any issues like that at all, tho.
  11. Looking most excellent, dude!
  12. I'm gonna have to go digging. My Nids have been in my storage unit for like a year and a half, because I just wasn't having fun with them in 7th.
  13. The Eldar one talked about more Units, but in less detail. The only concrete details we got from that one were the 2+Sv for Phoenix Lords and the stats for the Wailing Doom. Nids got the full profile for the Swarmlord, some Stats for Hormies, Stealers, and Warriors, a glimpse at a Psychic Power, and a few of the special Rules for the SwarmLord and Stealers. Deeper, but less broad. EDIT: Oh, and Synapse.