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  1. The Gamer's mullet: Match Play in the front, Power Levels in the back ;)
  2. Actually seeing the trailer for it increased my enthusiasm by a further 60-70% :D
  3. I think you could bring it back with an Apothecary if it actually took a Wound, but if you use it to shoot again, it's just "removed", not "slain", so I don't think the Apothecary can keep cycling it back in that case.
  4. The Kytan has height, but yeah, it's kind of spindly.
  5. Learning that he was the director increased my enthusiasm for Ragnarok by at least 20%
  6. Little grav units on there could look cool, too. And would be very fitting for a Unit associated so closely with the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  7. Let's be honest. Some of those people, there ain't NO way to stop them from complaining ;)
  8. I'm not seeing Reivers or a Primaris Librarian in there anywhere. As far as I can tell, it only has the ones from Dark Imperium.
  9. The General’s Handbook 2017 – Announced The General’s Handbook release last year proved to be perhaps the most important book released so far for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It introduced the revolutionary concept of the 3 Ways to Play – open, narrative and matched play – and was packed with a massive amount of content for any Warhammer Age of Sigmar fan. You gamers out there loved it, and we saw an explosion of Warhammer Age of Sigmar gaming across the world, from narrative campaigns to awesome multiplayer wars, and a huge increase in matched play tournaments. But this book was only ever going to be the beginning. The General’s Handbook is to be the mechanism by which the game is continually supported every year, and we’re delighted to announce today that a sequel is on the way. The General’s Handbook 2017 will again be an invaluable resource for any Warhammer Age of Sigmar gamer. For open play, the multiplayer rules have been massively expanded, and now include Triumph & Treachery – devious rules for mid-game betrayals. Narrative players are about to get really spoilt. With Path to Glory soon to become its own stand-alone expansion, this section has been freed up for a huge amount of new content in the 2017 edition. Highlights include rules for siege warfare in the Mortal Realms and Time of War battlefield rules for locations in every realm (even the one’s we haven’t been to yet!). Matched play is set to get plenty of updates too. These include new Battleplans, new rules of one, and updated points for units in every faction in the Mortal Realms. Perhaps most excitingly of all are the new Allegiance Abilities. These are much expanded from those four Grand Alliance army-traits from the previous General’s Handbook. The new book will cover Allegiance Abilities for the likes of Fyreslayers, Seraphon, Slaaneshi hosts, Nighthaunts and over a dozen others. This book is going to be seriously awesome for any Warhammer Age of Sigmar fan. For those of you with the current edition, loads of the content in there – such as the battleplans, narrative games and campaign overviews – will remain valuable gaming content, so it will be well worth keeping hold of. The General’s Handbook 2017 is on the way later this year, and like it’s predecessor, will come in an affordable paperback format.
  10. Tauroxen look so much better with wheels than with the tracks the stock kit has. Good call.
  11. Yep. Anyone with the Chaos and Character Keywords can summon.
  12. I actually thought the same thing when I saw the pic of the new one.
  13. I think those Reivers might end up being my first Primaris purchases. They seem like the sort of Unit that would be easier to add in to an existing Army than a Line Unit like the Intercessors or Hellblasters.
  14. I got a letter today from some group dedicated to St. Jude, asking me to send them money. For those who don’t know, Jude is the Patron Saint of lost causes. I’m not sure if it was genuinely fundraising, or an act of devotion.
  15. Generals Handbook 2017 edition - cover Tags : generals handbook. age of sigmar Howdy Guys and Girls :) GH 2.0 cover - via Elyar from warhammer forum Regards, Lady Atia