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  1. Fate of Konor

    I'll have new models done for this weekend (maybe), or just as a ringer during the campaign. :)
  2. Phoenix Nest 40k/Infinity Fall 2017 Escalation League

    So i've decided to run the Infinity league a week or so after the current 40k campaign ends. Then after that, we will run the 40k league you all have come to know and love. It would be really awesome if we could get some new people into Infinity and actually play the game some at the store regularly. :)
  3. This is the start of a discussion. I have been far more into Infinity lately than 40k. I want to run both of these events. So I am proposing a four week 40k Escalation league, and a 4 week Infinity Escalation league. How many of you would be interested in me running a league for each of these games this fall? I'm thinking 40k during the end of August until mid September, and Infinity from late september until late october. Maybe shift it back slightly. who would be interested in playing in each league, and who is only interested in one or another?
  4. GW does it again.. broken datasheets

    I paid for it... all of it. I am, in fact, disappointed. I just finished my comprehensive exams for my PhD. I'm not all but diss, and these books were my reward to myself for a year of grueling work. Yeah, some reward.
  5. GW does it again.. broken datasheets

    I dont think the Mega boosta or the Rokkit-Bombs are in the core index. The KFF is, so there's at least an argument for that. But what happens when a model has a special rule that SAYS the same thing as a piece of wargear ,but that piece of wargear is not listed IN the units wargear list. RAW Buzzgob gets the effect of a KFF without having to pay for it. Which makes no sense.
  6. So, I picked up the Xenos 2 FW book, and I must say I'm disappointed. They reduced the number of units by a lot, and some of them don't make any sense. I wont go into stats of weapons and units, as that wont matter (like how they turned a D str weapon into a gun that has a damage value of 2). What I'm really disappointed in is the sloppy copy-editing and the broken sheets. Take Buzzgob for example. He has a KFF's game text in his abilities box, but the KFF is not listed in his equipment. So as far as I can tell, RAW, he has a free KFF that is just an innate ability. Not only that, but the KFF isnt even listed in the points cost for ork wargear in the points section. Then we get to the Meka Dread. It lists the stats for the rokkit bomb rack, but doesnt say you can take one as an upgrade, AND it's not listed in the list for how many points it costs. And since the KFF isnt listed, the Mega charger upgrade isnt listed, there's massive ambiguity if either of the upgrades cost any points. It's just a hot mess that leaves a LOT of loopholes and questions that dont have RAW answers. Irritating as hell. Thanks for humoring my venting, I was just really excited about this release.
  7. Forgeworld Order for the new Indexes, etc.....

    ORKz DUUUUH GET ME THE THING! IT was my birthday on June 7th, you can get it for me for a birthday gift! (kidding) I'm in, I'll pay you when you want me to just let me know how much.
  8. Origins Columbus

    I'd love to, but I'm in crunch time for my comps, and I can't spare an entire Saturday for it.
  9. anyone spliting or trading?

    I'm up for getting my claws on some new marine models, unless they have "U"s on them. if someone wants to split, let me know.
  10. the fallout

    I'm putting together a themed siege list designed to accurately depict the Iron Hands trying to penetrate a fortification.
  11. New 40k edition

    Well, if you want to keep playing the current rules set you can pay 30k. I know it' not the same, but it keeps the same rules. It's not perfect but it's something.
  12. New 40k edition

    I cant believe that people are upset at a rules change. 7th edition is a hot mess that has nearly killed all enthusiasm I have for the game. It's polarized, unbalanced, and stagnant in the extreme. 8th edition is a welcome change, and probably the last chance that GW has to make 40k "great again". I welcome the new edition, and will happily fork over the money for a book. To be fair, they are a business, and they are in business in an industry where you have to make new things, or everyone just keeps what they have and sits on it. That makes no money. Yeah, we gotta fork over some green. New direction, new game, welcome changes I say.
  13. Wait.. rhinos that can run?! (rules question)

    That's what I thought. I figured RAI was for the infantry, but to be fair, I've stopped trying to guess what GW's intentions are anymore. I just go by what they actually write down.
  14. OKay, so clearly rhinos cannot run. The question is, the stormlance battle demi-company states... "...Other units from this formation can move D6" immediately after they shoot in the shooting phase...." It's not a run, it's a move. And it doesn't specify infantry. Can the razorback and rhinos move the D6" as well after shooting? If they can, that's really cool and makes for a very mobile and scooty army. I"m going off RAW, but it seems like they can. Maybe I"m behind the times, I"ve just never looked at this formation before really. Now, i'm not asking what you think the RAI is, or what you think is balanced, i'm asking about RAW. Thanks for the input.
  15. OFCC 40K FAQ Discussion Thread

    Agreed. But not playing competitively, and having one-sided games are different. Most people don't enjoy one-sided games, win or lose.