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  1. with power level WAAC players will find the most broken list with the most free stuff with points WAAC players will find the most value for the points. it just seems like WAAC have more options in power levels to bring on the feel bads.
  2. 8/10 "What we do in the Shadows" since the director of Ragnorok did this we watched it. it is a fun mockumentuary about vampires in New Zealand. dragged towards the end.
  3. it is pretty huge. I can get better pics of it later tonight.
  4. Don't skip leg day
  5. Brass scorpion is 6" by 11" so it doesn't matter
  6. 40k is not about winning!!!!
  7. Planning forgeworld craziness for this thing. The return of AnGgrath riding a brass scorpion!!!!
  8. I saw there was an itc event on the first and was putting together a list super heavy detachment AnGgrath 700 greater brass scorpion 625 renegade knight with thermal cannon and chainsword 426 patrol detachment kharn 173 13 cultists 65 stompy mashy goodness
  9. The joys of new shooting is that the las cannons can shoot big but the missiles at 40 points are strength 8 ap -3 2 shots 72" 3D which is almost as good as the 100 point 4 shot las cannons at 48" str 9 d6D. The 60 point saving keeps an espensive flyer from becoming too spendy
  10. Got my forgeworld book today so the fire raptor is 250 points the quad bolters and reaper balls are modeled to be interchangeable those are 72 and 84 points the other option is hellstrike missiles(40), bale fire missiles (60) or two twin linked las cannons (100) points if I build it with missiles, it covers both. I just don't see the benefit of the las cannons. The las cannons are also more difficult to model and I don't think it is worth the cost. thoughts?
  11. you are correct. 1. get the item 2.replace it then as by the rule posted count up the points in your army. not count up items no longer in your army.
  12. Hanaur is clearly wrong on this. you add up the points of the weapons in your army, not the weapons that were replaced. the rockets get replaced with tankhammers so they are no longer in your army so you don't add it up. A rule has been posted that this method is correct. where is you rule, Hanaur?
  13. The brass scorpion charges 3d6 but you can't charge anything outside of 12"
  14. 1. An'ggrath can be taken again and he is 700 points 2. my plasma pistol zerkers who have sat on shelf since third are back 3. i am loving my forge word stuff 4. all of it will be banned 5. 8 is enough no need to 9
  15. The assault pod doesn't seem to be in the space marines forgeworld book, only chaos. The points on the dred pod will be interesting.