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  1. how I miss G$!!!
  2. pretty much since I have no team and they have gone weak on list rating, I am not going to OFCC this year. The team part was great, the rest was subpar like most of ordo.
  3. 5 things you learned so far 40k 8th

    The no fire arcs on flyers is boss. i played a 50 Point game vs my son and the fire raptor and storm eagle and heldrake shot him off the table.
  4. Rulebook FAQ and all indexes

    Where have you played 40k? have you traveled the world playing this game have you played in the east coat, west coast, europe, and asia dozen of times in each location? NO? oh you are just an internet tough guy with no real experience says a man who has done all of the above. you sir are a joke and I laugh in your general direction. HA.
  5. Rulebook FAQ and all indexes

    Yawn tired of the moronic responses. Sure, events should say no understrengrh units. but I stand by that if you try to break the game by doing questionable stuff, you are the jerk and should get booted from event or given the chance to change before the boot.
  6. Rulebook FAQ and all indexes

    No bringing a list to an event that explotes a hole in an obscene matter means you are unsportsmanlike and would be a detriment to the event. go home!!
  7. Rulebook FAQ and all indexes

    Pretre, that is when a TO can just tell a guy who brings that to go home. They are unwelcome in the event. simply as mud. 40K players are D!cks and TO's need to treat them as such.
  8. Leg day

    The legs are 10" across when landed and it is 9.5" tall
  9. which one...power ranking or points?

    with power level WAAC players will find the most broken list with the most free stuff with points WAAC players will find the most value for the points. it just seems like WAAC have more options in power levels to bring on the feel bads.
  10. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    8/10 "What we do in the Shadows" since the director of Ragnorok did this we watched it. it is a fun mockumentuary about vampires in New Zealand. dragged towards the end.
  11. Leg day

    it is pretty huge. I can get better pics of it later tonight.
  12. Leg day

    Don't skip leg day
  13. 2k list for July 1st event: chaos

    Brass scorpion is 6" by 11" so it doesn't matter
  14. 2k list for July 1st event: chaos

    40k is not about winning!!!!
  15. July 1 2017 2000 point ITC 40K event RESULTS ARE IN

    Planning forgeworld craziness for this thing. The return of AnGgrath riding a brass scorpion!!!!