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  1. 1 rulebook and 2 faction books(xenos:orks& chaos) from my FLGS and Forgeworld chaos book from Forgeworld. that doesn't seem too bad.
  2. super heavy detachment: Khorne dozer, Kytan, brass scorpion. :)
  3. the rules for grot tanks and super grot tank will be interesting.
  4. meme never truer!!!
  5. it seems like free stuff goes away. Free stuff always sucks from space marine rides to demon magic.
  6. The point levels are where this edition lives or dies.
  7. it is time for making $@#&!! Berzerker
  8. agreed. I have the fire raptor, storm eagle, heldrakes and assault pod that can't fit into one. hopefully there is an airforce detachment.
  9. For smoothness it should be move. Fight CC. Shoot.
  10. It is going to be armour mods that make a difference say gun has -1 ap then termis in cover are still 2+
  11. I was going to bring Orks but the work required was more than I was up for so I brought silly 1500 khorne kin 4 land raider chaos lord in terminators with lightning claws 3 termis with 2 combimeltas and power axes 2 8 man cultist squads one with autoguns fire storm redoubt with quad lascannons lost first game to Todd's sisters 5-4 his melta did a number on me lost second game to Tau farsight with 2 forgeworld riptides and a missile gargantuan suit. So just shot off the table game 3 was a blast from the past. Played verses Reid and his IG. I probably haven't played him since the game wizard in 2006 I couldn't kill anything and he just rolled up my flanks winning 12-9. I look forward to 8th
  12. Back in third when they had chaos legions in white dwarf. World eaters could get plasma pistols for 5 points. They were worth it since they had no other weapon choice.
  13. Best news ever. I am really hoping for FW to being standard. I really love the models.
  14. the fall back fixes the other kick in the nuts in 40k when you have one surviving guy who stops your whole army from shooting the assaulters.
  15. Really tempted to run Orks on Saturday at PFC games to play them once in 7th edition.