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  1. I am so curious how forgeworld stuff will be updated. If they will take time to tweek overpowered and boost subpar
  2. the best news is all the codex are invalid. This allows me to not get another iPhone.
  3. The problem is fluffy gamers want flexible army lists so they can build armies to match their fluff. That gives power gamers the ability to make broken lists.
  4. Sparks who finished 2nd didn't play guard his favorite army. Why? Like orks, guard can't win at the top events. There is no balance in 40k and a balanced result comes from poor players playing good codex armies
  5. As a 7ed barometer there were 4 ork armies in the adepticon championship out of 203 armies.
  6. as long as orks become winnable and berzerkers suck less.
  7. I picked up the Quadjumper when I was hanging out at Mugu games waiting for my turn at the DMV. I really like this ship. it has a bunch of fun maneuvers that seem like you could really annoying for opponents. I need to decide if I want to pick up my normal triple allotment of small ships. I also picked up my ships my In-laws purchased for my birthday but I haven't opened them yet. the heroes of the resistance, upsilon shuttle, mist hunter, and a protectorate starfighter.
  8. asked for approval on my forgeworld stuff. should be fun to finally play an event at the store I buy from.
  9. allies: i hate them. there needs to be a cost penalty 10% or something
  10. this was a fun event. I did lose my brass scorpion once to Tau in close combat.
  11. Accept against a brass scorpion on a 4x4 table. They don't have enough to punch through armour 14 in the two turns before it eats your face.
  12. how does Tau get around the ITC rule of only one LOW?
  13. I heard some jerk is bringing one
  14. Yeah I threatened to finish my fire raptor so I could go with 2 heldrakes, a storm eagle and fire raptor
  15. 1000 Points with standard ITC limits was just too much to miss. I will be headed down for this.