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  1. Am I blind, or is there a schedule of events for the weekend? Kinda wondering when everything is kicking off...
  2. I know there was some talk about Friday Battlefleet Gothic. Who all is in for this?
  3. Got a few cool things up for sale on ebay. Free shipping to local Ordo buyers!
  4. You don't fully understand the terribleness of the I-5 bridge...
  5. Speaking of 8th edition, do we need to submit or post our 8th edition lists anywhere?
  6. FINALLY got all lists in...
  7. Spiderman: Homecoming 9/10 Marvel nailed this one. Great integration into the MCU, while still standing on it's own. Tom Holland was an awesome Spiderman, Michael Keaton was an awesome villain, and the effects were flawless. Best Marvel movie since Guardians 1.
  8. I know a couple of my teammates are new to the game, and won't be up to speed on 8th, (let alone 7th entirely.) My list will be super simple to cross over, so I can play either no problem.
  9. 10 Codex by Christmas?! Man, they are gonna be pumping em out. Space Marines, Grey Knights, Chaos Marines, and then Deathguard are the ones coming up.
  10. Lots of clarifications here.
  11. Post pics to either Imgur or dakkadakka. Would love to see what you got.
  12. So I know Dice Age does 40k on Monday, and Fate and Fury are on Wednesday nights. Is there a set night for Mythic Realms, or any other 40k nights I'm not aware of? I really need to get some 8th going.
  13. Pretty sure any Chaos Character is a summoner now.