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  1. I have the Nurgle half for sale. $60 and I will ship it to you!
  2. Has no one read a book since January! My wife reads a lot! I come to you guys for good suggestions and I got nothing. Help me Obi-Fanticus Kenobi, youre my only hope!
  3. I concur
  4. Then you will likely not like Ghost in the Shell :(
  5. how does it compare to Necromunda?
  6. Ghost in the Shell was good. They cannibalized a lot from Stand Alone Complex. The bad guy was similar to Laughing Man but not as good. The acting was pretty good. I mean watch Scarlet in Avengers and she plays Black Widow gracefully, like women typically are. In Ghost in the Shell she walks with power and no grace, like I believe the Major would (Major is all power imo). The sets were amazing, the scenes were well done, the costumes of background character were awesome. Casting was good. Chief and Batu were great. Togasa was good. Sure Seito is black now and theres a new female thats fine. The bads are Hollywood demands a back story and it was poorly done. Majors character development is mostly crap. All in all a good flick that is better at the theater. However, the movie only made 19mil in America and 40mil worldwide with a 110 mil budget so its not going to stay in theaters long. 7.5/10
  7. Thread necro! Some guys up in Everett are talking about this game and I was wondering if anyone down in Portlandia is/are playing and what they think of this game?
  8. Castle Panic: Play it as a co-op not competitive
  9. I have high hopes. But its sounding like a FPS and not a tactics game
  10. Still the 2nd ed close combat rules. Those rules do and always have sucked
  11. Sweet! Thanks
  12. I am not very up to date with 40k these days so I have 2 questions. 1) Can you use Custodes as a Kill Team? 2) Why did they include the Bolt Caster rules? I dont see anyone on that PDF that can take it....
  13. An FPS, co-op space hulk game. PVE Highly intrigued!
  14. Gameshire will be holding a 75 point, Steamroller Tournament on Saturday October 22nd! $5 entry fee. 3 Rounds. 60 minute Death Clock. Dual list with character restrictions (can’t use named characters in both lists). Dice roll at 1pm! Come down and play like you got a pair!