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  1. Final update sealed, last round was an epic failure for the Necrons. Unable to locate their objectives...
  2. Sat/Sun OFCC is about sportsmanship and fun. There are no prizes for winners, best painted, etc. Just a silly medal. However, getting favorite opponent pins earns you additional tickets for the prize raffle which is done. As to hard or soft, it's really about don't be a dick and facemelt someone while rubbing it in their face (no one likes that). It's in your opponents hands to judge you, thus this is what OFCC is about. Previously being a team event allowed captains to create better list matchups, but that's part of the design too. Every player is different, some are hardcore win at all cost folks. Others are painters and field what 'looks' cool. The final answer is, have fun (both you and your opponents). (Oh and edit to address above points, Friday's event I'm less familiar if it's focusing on competitive. However, the weekend event is not about soul crushing).
  3. Anyone still doing last missions for SWA league? I need a match still.
  4. I'm trying to figure out what my Necron facemelters are...one hasn't appeared yet.
  5. I'll be there around 5pm and looking for another SW:A game (or 2). I can get there as early as 4:30pm if needed.
  6. Updated, good round finally. Had to make up for round 2.
  7. You'll have to explain this one to me. I can't figure out if they have 'larger' bags, or if they're just adding a tray to the same size carry case. I don't see this holding an entire army for 2k of 40k, vehicles, etc.
  8. Deal, I can be there by 430 easy enough. :)
  9. Looking for a Shadow Wars Armageddon game (or 2), I can be there around 5-6pm (could do earlier if needed). Let me know if you're game.
  10. I'm so SORRY! My wife is badly ill, and i need to run the kids to the Dentist today instead! I won't be able to make our 430 game! Seriously bummed, wanted to get some fun in.
  11. Sure, I can try to be there between 4:30/5. Definitely by 5pm, but we should be able to sneak a game in. Mind setting a table up before i get there?
  12. I'll be there with some need for a couple of Shadow War games, anyone be there 5pm or later & up to some Shadow Wars?
  13. Updated with round 2's BRUTAL defeats!
  14. Bryan will be there about 5pm ish. Apparently, our 2 usual early keys can't make it tonight...