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  1. Got it thanks all. Super stoked. Only problem is what to play 1st
  2. Any details on when and where the free rules are? cant find them
  3. Agreed. Models are hard to dupe in detail, for now. Rules are words, which are free. First hit free mentality
  4. Lol same thing to me. Hoping something can take root. Probably premature, but here's hoping GW figures it out or someone else does
  5. Not new, just tired of it.
  6. I am starting to lose my faith in GW as a rules maker. Power creep to sell models, as is most of the industry. So with that said, anyone know of any projects in this area? 1
  7. Yeah that mech battle got me going
  8. I am still in for the warlands campaign, but I am out tonight. Kids brought down a canadian cold or something.
  9. Hello. If anyone is looking for a cheap way to bolster their fighter fleet, I recommend Star Wars Risk. For about $25 on sale you get 20 X-wing fighters, 16 Y-wing fighters, 15 B-wing fighters, 56 TIE fighters. Sure you dont have the flight stands, but for the number of models you can jury rig some extras. Also won't work for official events, but great if you want to run a huge battle, which is what I am planning. So just wanted to give the heads up since I got it for Xmas.
  10. Keisha and I will be down. Hoping for some cocaine and cowboys, then maybe a game?
  11. Completely newbie so sure... lol
  12. Yes indeed. I will bring it down all shiny and new. Should be down by 6.
  13. Sounds like a successful game to me.
  14. Both of us were sick this week. Next week I got in my Car Wars kickstarter so if anyone wants to give it a try.
  15. Wow I leave for a few months and the store becomes a den of sin. I like it