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  1. I can vouch for Song of Blades and Heroes. Decent activation system, works with 5-12 minis per side. I plan on using it for samurai skirmish fun.
  2. I have sent out the Bat-signal for Lyraeus, he does stuff in Portland weekly. My group is just two of us in Vancouver, next game probably not until Mid April.
  3. Lyraeus can give you more insight here, but from what I can see... Decently. The February tournament had 8 players, from 3 different play groups. There were 3ish more that couldn't make that particular event. The Portland Game Store has a dedicated night to both Hawk games (Saturday, I think?). Hawk is releasing wave two (Corvettes!) next week. They have also released two erratas so far, so they care about balance.
  4. we played about 2/3 of a 4000 point game. My Empire of Dust against Gil's Twilight Kin and Charlie's Nightstalkers. It was awesomely epic, but I was on a downward spiral at the end (mostly because my Idol of Shobik couldn't kill a standard bearer). We called it a minor win for the allies. The next game I put on will be in May, due to my kitchen remodel.
  5. So, I have a question. Is there anyone in the Portland Metro area who wants to play Kings of war that I am not already emailing? More out of curiosity than anything else.
  6. Hello all! Myself and 5 others are going to be crashing at Guardian games on Sunday March 19th to play some games! If you have ever wanted to check this out, this would be a great time to stop by.
  7. So, I am modestly interested in this. Are there more Pact or NATO players in the Portland area?
  8. Understood. I do want to demo Dropzone, too.
  9. What time will yo be there? I will bring my Dropfleet stuff!
  10. Sorry about that, I haven't checked the thread in a week. Send me a PM. Next game day is the 22nd.
  11. If you are looking to keep playing warhammer, 9th age is your best bet. If you want a streamlined game experience, KoW is better. Horses for courses and all that.
  12. The Brotherhood is a Bretonnian list for Kings of war. It is found in the uncharted empires book. It has all the traditional stuff, plus foot knights and water elementals, if you so chose. Plus, you could come try it out at our monthly Kow game in Vancouver.
  13. I have a small group that meets in Vancouver 10am-1pm on some Sundays. Next one is January 22nd- PM me for address. I know Rijel (who sometimes comes to my meetup) has a small group over in Portland. He can say more.
  14. Doing a demo morning at my house (In vancouver), Sunday January 29th 10am to 1pm. PM me for an invite.
  15. January 22nd, 10am-1pm in Vancouver, WA. Does that odwalla anyone's koala?