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  1. Greetings gamers! I, Captain A, purveyor of Trader A and Trader A3D am coming to OFCC with all sorts of gaming goodness to sell. FAT Mats - $60 I have some excess new FAT Mats left over. These are brand new and have never been used. 2 Urban Combat 1 Urban Combat 2 2 Industrial 1 Grassy Plains 1 Snowy Plains Trader A Webstore! I'm planning on bringing my entire webstore to OFCC! Search my store, find something you like, pay cash and take 10% off! Trader A 3D Objective Tokens - 3 for $5 I can do plain or with numbers for the following factions: 40k Loyalists: Dark Angels Ultramarines Imperial Fists Blood Angels Salamanders Space Wolves Raven Guard White Scars Iron Hands Black Templars Blood Ravens Astral Claws (pre Badab War) Inquisition Custodes Vindicare Cult Mechanicus Skitarii Chaos: Undivided Chaos Khorne Nurgle Slaanesh Tzeentch Black Legion Alpha Legion Night Lords Word Bearers World Eaters Iron Warriors Red Corsairs Xenos: Eldar Eldar - Harlequin Eldar - Saim Hann Tau Tau - Farsight Tau - Vior'la Tau - Bork'an Tau - Dal'yth Necrons Orks Tyranids Dark Eldar 30k Emperor's Children Iron Warriors Night Lords War Hounds World Eaters Death Guard Thousand Sons Lunar Wolves Sons Of Horus Word Bearers Alpha Legion AOS/40k Wound Dice Counters - $1.50 apiece or 4 for $5 Mix and Match! Turn your dice into wound counters and mostly never fear for them to flop over with these handy dandy wound counter holders! Dice - 75 Cents Apiece What? You don't have dice? I do! I have recently secured a fabulous lot of D4's D8's, D12's D10's, and D20's! I'll also have other random items such as dice blocks all at great prices! If you want to put an order in up front PM me! Thanks!
  2. Terrain discussion yes, terrain setup, no.
  3. That's not how it works at a tournament. How many events have you played at?
  4. GW FAQ'd it bud.
  5. You still have to be within or at least partially within to get the cover save. I wish it was the other way.
  6. That's okay, I love you anyway.
  7. completely disagree. LOS is imperative to a good table now. If you can see across the table, it will invalidate many armies in 8th as the new deathstar will reign supreme.
  8. I disagree, most area type terrain is pretty pointless in 8th with how many devastating weapons players are bringing to bear, especially for vehicles and monsters.
  9. That is not necissarily true. MOst tournaments have limited terrain due to the cost and time it takes in doing such an amount for that many tables. I'm feeling that pain right now getting ready for the Boise Cup, but more events are already talking about the need for more terrain on the tables and many events already have had more terrain. Just not necessarily themed terrain, which is what I'm trying to do more of.
  10. LOS is the new black in Tournament terrain and will show up more and more as well as house rules to make current terrain LOS terrain like no shooting through windows.
  11. Not a bad idea...
  12. I went with an Ultimaker 2+. It is pretty expensive, but I"m also now looking at a Prusa I3, which is one of the highest rated 3d printers right now.
  13. I have a d20, and am hoping to have a d12 and d10, but my cad skills are limited, but it will be a good learning experience methinks.
  14. I plan on having sets at the OFCC.
  15. So I've gotten into 3d printing and am working furiously on some stuff for the Boise Cup but am also planning on bringing stuff to the OFCC. I had some ideas about a few things and wanted to bounce ideas off of peoples heads. Wound Counter This is a d20 holder that works as a wound counter for large models. Keeps it from rolling around. Objective Marker Objective markers with 40k icons on them. Area Buffs One of the big things in 8th is the use of aura or buffs that impact units. Putting tokens next to affected units will help with memory. What do you guys think? Any interest in these kinds of things?