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  1. Apparently his name is SmashF***er, but that was inappropriate, so Smashfluger was born!
  2. So sick of 7th! Had to play a game last night (league runner and we were odd on people) Had just a silly CAD of Necrons vs an Iron Warriors Bikestar with Smashfluger (teehee) and Librarium Conclave and Grav/Melta bikes. So silly. I spent most of the game running back and forth trying to score objectives and not die. Perfect example of formation power over CAD. Die 7th! Die! If I never play another 7th game it will be too soon.
  3. You need to set the BIN higher to fish on! Then put a best offer to give realism a shot. :)
  4. The Rule book will have fluff (story), core rules for the game, rules for matched play, narrative play, Detachment rules, missions, etc. The Indexes will have all of the datasheets for the units of each army, broken up into 5 books. Later on we will get codexes that will have faction bonuses, other detachments, and may or may not have updated datasheets.
  5. You guys doing 8th for this?
  6. I think the pacing we have seen thus far has been that GW has had all this stuff in the works for a long time and needed to push it all out before 8th dropped. Thus the mad paced release of the 7th edition material. This is my conspiracy theory.
  7. Boise Cup GT will be 8th edition! Come play 8th in the first GT of the New Edition! 7th is dead, long live 8th edition!
  8. Thursday, apparently.
  9. June 17th is going to be one expensive day for 1-2 Starter Sets Rulebook 5 Databooks Le sigh.
  10. You can't look at this in a vacuum. Orks will have tons of options to hurt knights, Their vehicles will have deadly close combat vehicles, the stompa will have similar stats, the morka/gorkanauts are look very tasty and remember that everything can be hurt on a 6. With how damaging things are in this edition, it will be fine. Tons of people are continually looking at what is now for their armies but you just can't because EVERYTHING is being redone and changed. It is looking more and more that most forces will have completely viable forces in this edition. You can't make too many assumptions based on what you have now.
  11. Mission Completion! While not perfect, it was a good test to see how this will work for the Boise Cup. I"m donating it to the Storm of Silence!
  12. Why the hell is Nine Lives in my Prime Recommended moves! Why? Why! My children haven't sullied it yet so........why.....
  13. From tragedy comes triumph! Sent the first 3d printer back and got something else. First one was too finicky and hobbyish for my tastes. But the one they sent me was missing the glass print bed and I needed it to get this pistol together for The Storm! So I went and got a pane of glass and cut it roughly to size and had to tape it down. Its janky, but it seems to be working and as of this morning has 3 hours left to print the final piece I need. What a a pain! I should have it painted and assembled as of tonight!
  14. I'm thinking Ork vehicles are going to be hilarious.
  15. So I choose when Deep Strike/Reserves happens now? Sounds great except when I forget, which is always.