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  1. Your reasoning has reasoning...
  2. Don't be so sure. They could put in save modifiers for facing.
  3. You can put it together pretty much how you want. Each kit will work with the others. Its basically a bunch of squares and rectangles.
  4. Check your PM's cause I already did brother!
  5. I have some ideas that could help a lot with pairings and could easily incorporate multiple challenge rounds.
  6. I recently finished The Passage by Justin Cronin. Pretty good, if a bit long. Vampire pre/post apocalyptic story, the first in a series.
  7. I was just thinking of something like this the other day!
  8. Last one dropped early May. My bet is may again this year.
  9. So in getting back on the saddle for this ITC year, and wanting something that interests me and would be fun to play, I've settled back on my Daemons and the Lords of the Musk. My Slaanesh Goat conversion army. I tried a variation where it was 2 knights, fateweaver, and my daemonettes in a flayertroupe, and had some success, but it was definietly a mid tier army that suffered against Eldar, Tau, and others. I was also very sad to have my supreme sorceror get outclassed by a psyclopia cabal and other stupid psyker formations that cast on 2+ or 3+. It was dumb. So I'm going dumber with Magnus. I tried Magnus with the FLayertroup and it just didn't work enough. Magnus is a warp charge hog and needs a lot of dice to fully be realized. So I'm going hard warp charge with Magnus, Lord of Change, Fateweaver, and other fixings. It is also a bit complicated as to get magnus my minimum point cost is 815 and 840 if I do the Thousand Suns formation, so I have to be careful for ITC if I want to be having all my scores go to the Daemon faction. (its most points in a detachment or faction, not warlord now). I've tried a test game or two and have enjoyed what the new list brings, but now have to get everything cracking. I'll use this to log the progress of the list/models/events i go to for funsies. Some of it may crossover for articles at Frontline, but hey, a boy needs to get some coverage to make a buck ya know? Proposed List Thousand Sons CAD Sorceror - Mark of Tzeentch 10 Cultists - MOT 10 Cultists - MOT The Maggoat - Magnus The Red Daemons Cad Herald of Tzeentch - Exalted GIft (Grimoire), Exalted Locus of Creation 11 Pink Horrors 11 Pink Horrors Daemons Formation - Omniscient Oracles Fatewaver Lord of Change - Impossible Robe, Lvl3, 2 Greater Gifts This makes Fatweaver or Magnus a 2+, LOC a 3+, Magnus a 3+ with a blessing and should allow them to fly around and act as gunboats and summoners. Focus on Magnus with Fatty and LOC backup. Lots of warp charges and fun. The Build Magnus - To honor the Lords of the Musk, Magnus has become The Maggoat - I put a Cygor head on him with Tyranid wings and greenstuffed fur. Doing his armor seperately and will put it on later. So far so good. Pics incoming Pink Horrors - These will be Gor's with greenstuff flames and tentacles on the arms. Painted pink with brown fur. Blue Horrors - These are ManticAbyssals with Tzangor, Ungor, and Abyssal heads for unit breakdwons. Brimstone - Bought a bunch of Bits Pudlo brims. Mixing in some little guys from the Abyssal sprues. Cultists - Ungors with human heads and guns. Sorceror - Cool Beastmen Character I have. LOC and Fateweaver - I have one of the new kits and think I may just get another and go with these as they are pretty dope. DOn't know if I have the skills to do a full on goat conversion with those big kids. I had another goat daemon that was old fateweaver size and quoato in nature (Total Recall). May still go with that. but then it'd be so much smaller than the new LOC. Pics later.
  10. I tried to make that work. I tried so hard. Makes me mad.
  11. I think this is a great thing that will bring some flavor to certain armies for sure. Even though I'm putting together a super Tzeentch list - Magus, Lord of Change, Fateweaver and support, I'm not to worried on the whole. Having played large events for some time now, I remember being absolutely terrified by the cullexus with my centstar, then went many events and never saw it played. There is typically a lot of doom and gloom with this kind of thing but a person has to devote 300+ points with it to shut down a specific type of build, which I think most top players won't end up doing. Of course there will those games that will suck as I"m fielding against that 27" bubble, but most of the time I should only be facing an 18 inch or 12 inch bubble and be able to play around that. I think that most players are the 99% and not the top so we should just play for us, set our own goals, and not worry too much about these meta shifts we see. Or at least that is what I tell myself at night as I'm crying and worrying about those dang sisters in that rhino shutting down the Maggoat.
  12. My experience on ebayne is with a package with usps that ships for like $30-40 will cost around $15-20 on Fed Ex.. Larger boxes with more weight. Its models so it should be lighter.
  13. I'm a gulch!
  14. Fed Ex has very reasonable large package shipping rates....juuuuuuust sayin!
  15. You would need to go over it...