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  1. Eclipse question

    Awesome, confirmed my guess.
  2. Eclipse question

    Can't find it online: Is there any larger danger in watching the eclipse over staring at the sun normally?
  3. Skitarii / Cult Mech Codexes

    No problem, I should save my money anyway...
  4. Skitarii / Cult Mech Codexes

    Pictures of the Statues, please.
  5. Sounds compeditive.
  6. Sounds a bit too competitive for me, but I like the idea of growing the hobby.
  7. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Doctor who Series 10: 3/5. I like doctor who, but this has been the worst season so far. Definitely seems higher budget, but I'm not enjoying it as much as with previous seasons. They definitely tried some new things with this season (lesbian and a bald white guy for side kicks, plus the really old Doctor from the previous season), which I liked and I do like the overall direction the series is going, but the episodes themselves seem rather mediocre in plot. Perhaps they've just done everything. And they keep pushing this "end of the doctor" which is depressing, with depressing being a direction that Doctor Who, the show, doesn't normally go. Not as enjoyable as a depressing show. I like the energetic, upbeat doctor, and this isn't that. So 3/5 with high hopes at a better next season (2/5 if this is the end...).
  8. Thanks, yeah, not planning to shelve it, just didn't have the time for this event. I'm glad someone is going in my place, as the main point in going was because the event was short on people - goal accomplished!
  9. Looks like Deadwing34 found someone. I'm hoping this is simple. Worst case, they wear my name tag for the event (and become the best paxmiles ever).
  10. If it was just one unit, I'd be okay too. I'm overwhelmed. Not going to happen. Thanks to those that tried to help me get there. Yeah I'm officially pulling out at this point. Since the refund is impossible, then does anyone want to go on my ticket? I don't mind if you can find an extra player with an army to fill my spot. Free ticket. No strings. Though pictures would be nice...
  11. No refunds, right? I'm reaching the deadline and I'm kinda overwhelmed here. The whole army needs to be 100% painted and based, right? 2000pts + a giant terrain piece in under 30 days was a mistake in hindsight. I might still make it, but I have to ask, is there a refund option? Would be a huge relief....I sure don't handle stress very well.
  12. Best in Faction...?

    Lol. Totally figures.
  13. Best in Faction...?

    Anyone else running the Death Faction for OFCC? Would be nice to win a prize/title without trying...
  14. OFCC

    Just annoying, since I'm bringing a Malefic Gate and I was kinda planning to have it in my deployment zone. As for "Free" that's only in points - I'm spending quite a bit of time painting something that the opponent could get to start with...In hindsight, I don't think I would bring this terrain piece if I had known that it wouldn't be part of my army. Kinda too late to redesign the army, but this ruling is very much an unpleasent surprise. From the rules, I was under the impression that the "free" terrain was part of the army and would be deployed with it. You still can't put the terrain on top of other terrain. Especially if the placement would look silly (like putting the sylvaneth forest on top of a tower...).
  15. OFCC

    So my opponent could deploy their army at my terrain piece, thus preventing my deployment at my own terrain piece?