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  1. No, I'm just not very familiar with the other armies for getting started, so looking for a second opinion regarding balance. I don't really feel that the General's Handbook balances the more cheesey models in my army, and I certainly don't think that Getting Started Army I played with you last time, was balanced against either you or ellie's force. Though part of the issue was that remarkably unagressive Treeman.
  2. Agree it might be too many. Do you think this looks like a fun challenge for your "getting started" army? Or do you think 35 models is too many for that size game? I could certainly reduce the numbers, but doing so does mean increasing the quality of the units I do bring...
  3. As long as they keep the price down, I don't really see an issue. That said, I bought my copy of the current General's Handbook in the last month. So a bit of reasonable annoyance there.
  4. So is the idea that this book REPLACES the current General's Handbook, or that it ADDS to the existing General's Handbook? Description isn't really clear and GW requiring players to buy 2 books seems just as likely as them requiring players to just replace their 1 book with another 1 book....
  5. I blame my lack of motivation on the hot weather.... Okay, tweaks. Managed to snag a unit of Metal GW skeleton archers (7, all one pose. Command will make up the remaining 3). Hero & General: Necromancer (Nightmare) 120pts Unit & Battleline: Skeleton Warriors (10, Spears and Shields) 80pts Unit & Battleline: Skeleton Warriors (10, Swords and Shields) 80pts Unit: Skeleton Archers (10) 100pts Warmachine: Screaming Skull Catapult (1 Catapult, 3 Crew) 120pts Total: 500pts, no reinforcement points (no summoning). 5 total units, 35 total models. Iffy Victory, given how very slow this army is (plus skeletons really don't qualify as "elite" troops). I do have range and numbers, but I doubt my ability to repel combat monsters.
  6. GG's been talking about doing one on Mondays (every monday) during the Warmahordes event (starts at 4pm, but people don't really arrive until 6pm). Haven't heard much more than that. I suspect that if we just started showing up on Mondays to play (and buy things), that they'd be thrilled. Warmahordes, the game, seems to be dying, at least locally. So the space isn't as occupied as in the past (they had 4 tables last week, which is nothing considering it was many times that right around the release of mkII). GG still has the same space dedicated, so having only 4 tables used means wasted space, for them. Space is NOT in the bar area, which means it would be good for the younger AoS players (Like Ish's daughter, Ellie).
  7. Is there any WOW action for AoS? I really need to play more.
  8. Okay, weak list and only in progress, but list for games against Start Collecting armies: Hero & General: Necromancer (Steed) 120pts Unit & Battleline: Skeleton Warriors (10, Spears and Shields) 80pts Unit & Battleline: Skeleton Warriors (10, Swords and Shields) 80pts Unit: Morghast Harbingers (2) 240pts Total: 520pts, no reinforcement points. 4 total units, 23 total models. Should be "able" to win against most opponents, but certainly an uphill battle against some.
  9. Oh, before I forget, note to self: need to make a Skeletor model....
  10. Okay, so model list, as it grows and changes... For Heroes, I have Arkan the Black. Wight King BSB on foot. Wight King with Sword on Skeletal Steed. Necromancer on Skeletal Steed. High Queen Khalida. For units, I have 10 Skeleton Warriors with Spears, I have 10 Skeleton Archers, 2 Morghast Harbingers. 4 Tomb Swarms, 2 Tomb Scorpions. For Warmachines, I have 2 Screaming Skull Catapults For Behemoths, I have 1 Zombie Dragon. Need more skeletons, but I think I'm set for this entire army up to 2k, with just that. Going to work on a list that's more balanced for playing against Getting Started Orruks and Slyvanneth (Arkhan is too much for that level).
  11. Been watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine on Netflix. I'm on season 4, now. Never really got into it before (I liked STNG a lot and disliked Voyager). Rating varies by episode, but I think it ranges between 3/5 and 4/5. Some of their reocuring characters really shouldn't be, and the show suffers from the setting being a space station, rather than a space ship, though they manage to maintain the optimism and good natured protagonists that STNG offered.
  12. Anyway, I'm in the habit of not posting my random thoughts, or posting them in RoC, since my random thoughts seem to stir people up.
  13. Well, was just on that other thread, plus this one has many recent film references, like Captain A talking about Artificial Intelligence, which is a film, too. Westrider is also talking about Deadpool and Darkwing Duck.
  14. Figured as much, but it's easy to explain it, so I figured I'd just add it anyway. Plus, if anyone doesn't know, who's reading the thread, now they know. Good for completeness. As for the materials, plastic and pewter certainly have their strengths and weaknesses. I do think AoS is better suited for metal minis than WHFB ever was, if only for it requiring fewer models (since I can use reinforcement points to replace the need for buckets of undead).
  15. No, but it's very heavy, so you'd need very large, rather invasive magnets and they still don't hold nearly as well as with lightweight plastic models. For metal models, adding just a rod (called a pin) on one end, and just having an unglued empty hold on the other end, is usually the more practical option. Drilling the pins in place can be time consuming, but that is really the only disadvantage over magnets, especially since the only metal models aren't really designed to have interchangeable weapons.