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  1. Working on a Frostgrave Warband very slowly. I'm going with an Enchanter, and got a discounted Empire Steam Tank I'm modifying to represent a Large Construct. I'm removing the Hull Cannon to replace with a Battering Ram, since the Large Constructs lack ranged weapons. Should look good when/if finished. Haven't decided on anything beyond that, but I'm thinking I'm going with a Siege theme, despite siege not really being a part of Frostgrave.
  2. Some of my fellow nerds from the GG Pathfinder Society have ventured out into the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The "card game" aspect is a misleading title, as it is functioncally closer to a board game. Game is cooperative, somewhat alike to Arkham Horror, in that the players are up against the game, attempting to defeat a particular "scenario" while traveling between locations. Each player has control of single character, who is pre-defined in general terms (you can't make your characters), but has certain deck-building options where you have options in your spells, equipment and other options. Game is much less complicated than the Pathfinder RPG, but still remains complex enough as to remain a game for nerds. For Casual Play, you need a "Base Set" (they have 4 base sets, any will do) which retails for $60. This includes everything needed to play for a group of players. Although I haven't tried, the game is supposed to be able to play by yourself. For Organized play, there is an Organized play option from the Pathfinder web site (Paizo is the company). For Organized play, each player requires a "class deck" which retail for $20 each, and the group requires a "Base set" which retails for $60. Additionally, there are "Scenario" downloads for sale on the Pathfinder site. So one player requires being the "Coordinator" and has to buy more stuff, but for recruiting players, that single $20 class deck includes everything required for the player. Amazon has the class decks for often varied prices, from $11 to $25, depending on the class. There are also two "class decks" for Goblins, which I'm told feature a more "stab your buddies in the back" style of play. I've played twice. Each game took about 2 hours. We had 4 players, and I learned as I played. We lost the first game, and then replayed it (this is allowed) to win the second time. It was very fun, and it did feel like the RPG feel was somewhat captured, despite the reduced complication of the game. I recommend the game to any that enjoy RPGs or Arkham Horror style games (setting is not horror based, though). Additionally, as a fan of the Pathfinder RPG, I like that each card features illustrations, often of things that presently lack illustation from other Pathfinder sources. Great for modeling PFS characters.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. 3/5. It was cute and upbeat, and it was fun to watch, but the film is without new ideas. Honestly, the flow of this film was closer to music, than a film. I liked it, but won't likely watch it again, so 3/5 stars. Warcraft 2/5. As a fan of the PC games, this was very disappointing. They took an excellent fantasy setting with an extended wealth of history, and then destroyed the good parts and kept the bad parts. Want to watch a battle in a fantasy setting where they use no tactics at all, that's this film. Want to see a bunch of warriors fighting in plastic-looking ceremonial armor, again, this film. Want to see a stupidly complex, bad plot - yeah, this film. Want to get a feel for why Warcraft has so many fans, sorry, not this film....
  4. Picked up a copy of Frostgrave. Got about halfway through on the bus ride home, but so far I like what I see. Not now, but in the future I'd like to get a practice game in with someone.
  5. Hardly, I love the Dragonball series. That first series is an easy 5/5. 3/5 for Dragonball Z and the other spin-offs. And Dragonball has lots of dialogue and plot which is explained, while this film was not that type of series. Also, Dragonball doesn't have buddist themes like this film did - you'd have to watch it, and then you'd really know what I mean. Anyway, I watched the Monkey King (1). Mainly identical review, though this one is fully kid safe. 3/5. I suspect that these films are recreations of religious stories, and would make more sense if I were a chinese buddist with a knowledge of that religious history.
  6. It would be pretty silly to move their most successful game (40k) to match up with the less successful game (AoS). More likely, this edition of 40k will the groundwork so next edition of AoS will be made compatible with 40k. From the rumors, does look like 40k is moving halfway towards what AoS is now. Still not sure if I'm going to stay with 40k. Does seem like now is a good time to sell off my 40k books, since GW says they'll be giving new rules for everything anyway.
  7. The Monkey King 2. 3/5. Chinese film with subtitles. Netflix suggested it and I watched it without knowing the title (didn't realize it was a sequel until I went to rate it). Anyway, solid special effects. The film included very little dialogue. While the plot kinda made sense, plot clearly wasn't the point of this film. Fighting in the films feels like anime, not real people (live action film). Film is very colorful, and costumes are well done. I don't think this is a very good kids movie, since I think they may have some of the villians a bit too scary for small children, but it is just scary, not overly violent or any profanity (for example, one character drinks the blood of children, but he drinks it from a cup, not like a vampire). Whole film feels like a cartoon from the 80s (He-man sorta thing, but with real people). I will note that the plot is very pro-buddisim. Didn't matter to me, but always useful knowing ahead of time when you are going to see a religious themed film. The end in particular, is very pro-buddist and could be regarded as anti-climatic from an american film standpoint.
  8. Depends what it looks like from behind, but that pictured model would make a very solid pathfinder or warhammer fantasy mini (Sorcerer in Armor...).
  9. The Knights are better suited for 2,000pt games. The Baneblade (and variants) will only shine in apocalypse size games with much larger tables. Get yourself an 8'x8' table with 10k per side, and those Baneblades will start working right. It's not just the unit rules, the model itself is rather large for a 6'x4' table. Some of the Baneblade variants are intended to function as a transport, but given the cost of the unit and the superheavy, and you can't really field enough other things to make them work. Plus, the commonly enforced LoW limit of 1 (ITC) means that fielding multiple baneblades is out. Basically, the Baneblade is a bigger scale leman russ, and really only functions in games where it fills as much of your army as a normal leman russ would. Imperial Knights, on the other hand, are very well suited for under 2k point games and function nicely on small tables. For Astra Militarum, the main challenge in fielding a Knight is that you can't really assist it in melee (maybe with psychic powers). Poorly written, but you have two sets of twin-linked weapons (listed in the unit profile). The weapon profile is given for a single weapon, and they assume you are noticing this and applying it twice. I think the idea is that they were giving themselves room to add that weapon to another unit without altering their unit entry (GW often does this sort of thing). The downside here is that with two weapons, you can't move and fire both due to it being a normal speed vehicle. Not a huge downside, but if you've seen them shooting only twice, it's possible that they were moving and firing.
  10. Then, yeah, totally want that orc. Let me know when you'll be in the area.
  11. So then is the crossbow a metal bit that comes with the set, or a plastic attachment from something else?
  12. Been trying to find a picture online of this guy, but can't. Got a picture? Certainly interested in a Crossbow Orc for Pathfinder since all mine have bows.
  13. Elder Scrolls Online for PS4. Definitely the best MMORPG availible for the PS4. It's a WoW clone, but since WoW isn't an option for the PS4, that hardly matters. That Final Fantasy Realm Reborn is very poorly designed for use on the the PS4 (requires a keyboard and the PS4 has poor keyboard support...). Elder Scrolls Online seems very well designed for Controller use. Quests include NPCs that verbally read quests, but can also be skipped through if you just want to quickly complete quests. Game includes minor dialogue quest options, allowing for slightly different quest outcomes (often have Evil, good, and greedy quests variants). And they do have a crime option, should you want to sneak around and steal from NPCs or murder them (and there is an awesome option where you can disable the option to be able to accidentally attack "innocent" NPCs). I've been doing just PvE content and haven't been interacting with other players (though I do kill creatures that they are also killing, sometimes). For an exclusively multiplayer game, the single player content is awesome. Oh, regarding classes. So if you've played other elderscroll games, the use of classes is a big turn off. That said, the use of classes is misleading. So there are 4 classes presently, and each has 3 exclusive to the class skill trees. There is also a shared pool of additional skill trees which more than covers the more tradional elder scrolls options. You can also unlock additional skill trees during the game. For example, the use of a fireball staff is covered by the Destruction Staff skill, which is availible to every class. Boosting sneak/hiding skills, pick pocket, and locking picking is also a shared skill tree. Joining the Mages Guild, also an additional skill tree, this one lots of magical powers. You can make an entirely competent character that doesn't use any of their class abilties. And my class choice has yet to come up in-game through NPC interactions. Regarding the Cash Store. I think the game is plenty good without paying anything. DLC is bought though their cash store, as are things XP boosters, alternate appearance options, and fancy mounts. I bought a few things: an upgrade option that expands my race selection options per faction, a long beard facial hair option, and some blacksmithing appearance options. I didn't need any of these, the game plays just fine without them, but I'm happy with what I got. Oh, and because it costs to get the base game, I've encountered way less random jerks shouting profanity or blaring music. For a rating, I suppose 5/5 as an MMORPG for the PS4. 4/5 when comparing with MMORPGs availible to other platforms (I've played quite a few). 3/5 when just comparing to other games in general (MMORPGs sacrifice quite a bit in order to be so multi-player). So vs generic other games, it's a good casual game with lots of content for extended play, but there's nothing unique or amazing here. It's still the best MMORPG on the PS4, right now.
  14. Wow, must be a really light population game. Keeps allowing me to use character names that are normally taken. Keep naming my PCs after pathfinder deities. My Breton Nightblade is Norgorber. And my Orc Dragon-something Is Ayrzul. I may have to make a bunch of characters to place hold names...
  15. Enjoying this one. Thanks for the suggestion, Duckman.