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  1. 5 dark elf riders slamming into the flank of an ogre tyrant with ironguts. 90pts taking out 750+ VP he looked at the fight disbelieving that his fully kitted out Tyrant could fail him so badly then shook my hand saying "good game, I can't recover that." 2nd turn of the game. best unit of dark riders ever.
  2. It is just a Goblin Shark. They reside off the coast of Japan not out and aren't known to be very aggressive.
  3. A whole new campaign book is out and it is awesome! Check it out dust players.
  4. Any idea what those demonettes are worth in general? I've got a box of them that I was thinking about selling but have no idea the value on it.
  5. I am pretty much open to anything right now.
  6. I've got warhammer fantasy empire, darkelves and lizardmen up for trade or will even purchase.
  7. I can understand a drop in spears but down to darkelf levels? That's waay too low for such a good unit.
  8. I've been playing dust a few times and absolutely love the game. It's ability to react to your opponents moves is amazing and creates amazing game theory possibilities.
  9. I just played Dust Warfare last week and absolutely love it. Sorry to hear nobody playing in your area. Its pretty big where I am.
  10. not going to win any speed medals with that saw. It needs a pointy tip to stab effectively and a saw face to cut!
  11. 94%, 5 miles, 256 sec. I was 9 miles off of Pennsylvania and it pissed me off since there was almost no red showing yet Hawaii I threw on there sloppy and it was just fine.
  12. HON > League I'm an avid HON player but still maintain my league account if you want people to play with.
  13. People actually play 4th edition? I haven't found anyone who really enjoys it in my neck of the woods. We just started a 3.5 game centered in Mordheim and the Warhammer world. Everyone seems to love it so far.