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  1. Spotted this a bit late, but I'm a bit interested in Mali faux. I played it some way back when it first came out but dropped it in favor of Warmachine. Now I'm a bit burned out on competitive Warmachine, so... couple of questions: What's the best starting point? How long does an average sized game between average players take? About how large a model collection do you need before you have a deep enough bench for creating crews that aren't one-note (Masters excluded)?
  2. Try Savage Worlds Showdown. Or, for fantasy stuff, Open Combat or Song of Blades and Heroes. For sci fi, there are a lot of options: Gruntz, Rogue Stars, or Horizon Wars, for starters.
  3. I'd be down for a game of Federation Commander. No time or really inclination to relearn SFB.
  4. Starfleet Command I and II back in the late 90s IIRC. Pretty good stuff.
  5. Federation Commander, very rarely. I haven't played SFB since college.
  6. I wouldn't call that army-scale, but man, those are pretty models. I'll think about backing this one...
  7. I'm pretty sure the Silmarillion and other works aren't covered by the movie license.
  8. I think you should. They're your figures. (Probably won't fly for tournaments, but who cares?)
  9. Deliciously wrong.
  10. Little something for the 15mm sci fi crowd:
  11. You may! Thanks for the pointer.
  12. I figured the Sigma Event 2177 Relaunch kickstarter might interest some folks on here. I'm planning on backing it at some level.
  13. Dropfleet is spaceship battles, drop zone is ground combat.
  14. The Warmachine crowd here is pretty healthy. As mentioned, the usual nights are Mondays at Guardian and Thursdays at Portland Game Store, with a few folks showing up Saturdays at Red Castle or hitting Dice Age. Down in Sherwood, Glimpses of Warfare and Wonder does Tuesday nights, and I believe Haven Gaming in Salem meets every Friday. We usually have a tournament every month or so; the latest ones were a 35-point Mangled Metal at PGS on Sunday and the I-5 Team Championships at the Portland Convention Center on Saturday. Next one, IIRC, is at Portland Game Store on 11/20 - a 50 point Foodmachine event. Events usually get announced on the Cog Collective Forums, but these days most conversation happens through the GroupMe app.
  15. Hobbytown USA on SE 82nd and Johnson Creek (next to Bike Gallery) has a selection of neodymium magnets behind the counter. It's where I usually get mine.