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  1. Won't be able to make it :(
  2. Yes, you can bring them against any other Saga faction.
  3. Have you tried posting to the NHMGS Yahoo or Facebook groups? I think a fair number of members are in the area.
  4. Spotted this a bit late, but I'm a bit interested in Mali faux. I played it some way back when it first came out but dropped it in favor of Warmachine. Now I'm a bit burned out on competitive Warmachine, so... couple of questions: What's the best starting point? How long does an average sized game between average players take? About how large a model collection do you need before you have a deep enough bench for creating crews that aren't one-note (Masters excluded)?
  5. Try Savage Worlds Showdown. Or, for fantasy stuff, Open Combat or Song of Blades and Heroes. For sci fi, there are a lot of options: Gruntz, Rogue Stars, or Horizon Wars, for starters.
  6. I'd be down for a game of Federation Commander. No time or really inclination to relearn SFB.
  7. Starfleet Command I and II back in the late 90s IIRC. Pretty good stuff.
  8. Federation Commander, very rarely. I haven't played SFB since college.
  9. I wouldn't call that army-scale, but man, those are pretty models. I'll think about backing this one...
  10. I'm pretty sure the Silmarillion and other works aren't covered by the movie license.
  11. I think you should. They're your figures. (Probably won't fly for tournaments, but who cares?)
  12. Deliciously wrong.
  13. Little something for the 15mm sci fi crowd:
  14. You may! Thanks for the pointer.
  15. I figured the Sigma Event 2177 Relaunch kickstarter might interest some folks on here. I'm planning on backing it at some level.