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  1. Probably will be their own unit that buff all Drones not just sniper drones I would imagine.
  2. I love how GW is like: "Well we made Truescale Marines to replace Regular Marines but that would just piss off people. SO lets called them "Primaris Marines" and give them new rules and basically state they are the new breed of Marines that will over time replace all Marines." Step 1. Profit Step 2. Profit Step 3. CRUSADE! I actually think this was genius of them.
  3. Guess I am out too then :(
  4. I will be coming with my 2k of Ironjawz
  5. Those are just reference to Dataslate, not Formations. Unfortunately you cannot just take it without taking a) the Detachment its in and b) the Perequisites. Formations are those listed as Dataslates with the 3 little skull and circle in between them. There is a page in every book with Detachments that explains what each is.
  6. No Age of Sigmar?
  7. Also you forget, if I charge my Aetherwing turn one in lets say your archerboyz, and you kill them, I get to shoot them again with the Hurricane Crossbows. If I get double turn, I get another set of free shots. Its not that I can table everything on the drop, its that I can maximize a double turn to render all your counter punch very lack lusters :P.
  8. Easy, Aetherwing Strike Force 1 Azyros with Lantern of the Tempest 1 Venetor with Luckstone 2 Units of 5 Prosecutors 1 Unit of 6 Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows 1 Unit of 6 Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows 2 Units of 3 Aetherwing 2 Units of 10 Liberatoes 1 Lord Aquilor with Staunch Defender Basically, give you first turn. Lightning Strike the army in position optimal for shooting. Venetor attempts to Snipe your Warboss, if that fails then the Longstrike Crossbows will finish the shot. The Hurricane Crossbow will basically erase Archer Bows or make them lack luster. If the Venetor kills the Warboss than the Longstrike Crossbows will kill a Huskard. If I can get lucky and basically sacrifice some Aetherings in fruitless charges at your Huskards or other Units, I get a free shot that turn. If I win the Iniative and get a Double Turn, the Longstrike Crossbow will probably kill another Huskard (or Reposition with the Lord Aquilor to get another shot at a Huskard), and thats in the Hero Phase. Then Shooting Phase, erase the other Huskard. Welcome to 40k, I mean AOS. (This is literally what happenned to me with my Destruction army a few days ago)
  9. I dont think Chais Knights are worth it when you have access to Enlightened. Also surprising you arent running a Cabal with three Tzangor Shamans
  10. Disciples of Tzeentch are an interesting army in the game. They probably have the best combination of Ranged Mortal Wound generation short of Clan Eshrin in the game. Arcanite/Mortal Tzeentch are the big winners because the Tzangor Shaman on a Disk is both a Daemon and an Arcanite meaning they can pick from any of the Spells pools and Relics while also benefitting from a Lord of Change Command Ability. The Skyfire with the Destiny Dice can generate quite a few MW in Shooting while the caster do it in the Hero Phase. The Enlightned are quite hard hitting with the rerolls. A Gaunt Summoner on a Balewind Vortex is the bane of any horde list
  11. Yeah its not that its a Ynnari Detachment, its that I took the Spectre not in a Formation. The Death Masque specifies Formations specifically. (Or you know a Harlequin CAD if you could or Masque since they dont have dataslate limitations)
  12. Oh Winterman, I chose Venoms over Raiders cause I have a lot of the Harlequin Starweavers I plan to use as proxies :P I have like 4k of Harlequins. Here are the Lists, I had save the PDF incorrectly.
  13. No Disapointment, I can literally just Take the Cast of Player Formation in the Reborn Warhost and literally get the same thing I was planning for with out losing anything. This is why its important to get multiple eyeballs on a list in today world.
  14. Torg, the new Warhost is the best way to Run Harlequins and the Power from Death really works well with them. Been working on various List Compositions for a Major Harlequin list using the new format and thus far I am loving the following: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1inyj14auv2uuwp/ITC%202017%20Reborn.pdf?dl=0 Link to a PDF of my three List Idea. I think the Number two works more for you as it uses Cegorach's Revenge.