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  1. Maybe it needs seasoning?
  2. Hoo boy.
  3. lol D6 damage. Nice.
  4. While I agree that it is nice to have semi-opposed rolls, it is a low hanging branch for removing unneeded complexity.
  5. Added the following: Dark Angel Veterans (6) (Painted plastic. 1 DV Captain, 1 DV Sgt, 1 BP/PP, 1 CCW/SS, 2xBP/CCW) PIC - $15.00 Deathwing Knights (5) (Painted, Plastic, Magnetized arms) PIC - $25.00 Deathwing Terminators (DV) (5) (Painted, plastic) PIC - $20.00 Aegis Defense Line (With Quad-Gun, Painted) PIC - $20.00 Cadian Command Squad (6) (Painted Plastic. 1 Officer with PF, 2 GL, 1 Comm Relay, 1 Banner (hand painted)) PIC - $10.00 Cadian Shock Troops (10) (Painted Plastic, 1 LP/CCW, 7 Rifles, 1 Autocannon Team) PIC - $15.00 Cadian Stormtroopers (16) (Plastic, Nicely Painted and converted. One Metal Karkin Sgt with LP/CCW. 2 LP/CCW, 1 Medic, 1 GL, 11 rifles) PIC - $25.00 Cadian/Guard Job Lot (25) (25 partially primed/painted guardsmen, bag of arms/weapons for them. Bag of extra IG bits (including vehicle bits, etc), stack of MT Scion sprues, including banners, etc) PIC - $35.00 Leman Russ Battle Tank (Painted, Plastic, HB Sponsons and HB) PIC $25.00 Leman Russ Demolisher (HB, No Sponsons, Painted nicely, plastic) PIC- $25.00 Leman Russ Eradicator (Painted, Plastic. Plasma Sponsons, HB.)) PIC - $25.00 Leman Russ Exterminator (Painted, Metal/Plastic conversion with 'battle damage', HB Sponsons and HB) PIC - $25.00 Militarum Tempestus Scions (10) (Painted Nicely, Plastic. 2 Melta, 1 LP/CCW, 1 Medkit, 1 Double CCW, 3 Rifle, 2 Plasmagun) PIC - $30.00 Bikes (12) (Painted plastic, nicely converted from DV bikes. 5 Plasmaguns, 3 meltaguns, 5 BP or CCW) PIC - $80.00 Dreadnought (Plastic, painted, AC/PF) PIC - $15.00 Dreadnought (Painted, Plastic. Double AC? Converted with Land Raider Sponsons) PIC - $10.00 Drop Pod 1 (Partial Paint, Doors open, DA Insignia) PIC - $23.00 Drop Pod 2 (Painted, Doors open. One Fin needs to be reglued. No harnesses.) PIC - $22.00 Drop Pod 3 (Partial Paint, Doors open, DA Insignia, one fin needs to be reglued) PIC- $22.00 Land Raider (Painted, Plastic) PIC - $40.00 Land Raider Crusader (Painted, Metal/Plastic Hybrid) PIC - $40.00 Land Speeder Typhoons (2) (Painted, Plastic, with MM) PIC - $30.00 Librarian (Painted, plastic DV) PIC - $5 Predator (Painted, Plastic, TLL and Las Sponsons) PIC - $28.00 Scouts x5 (Painted, plastic, Sniper rifles) - $13.00 Tactical Marines Job Lot (33) (Painted, Plastic. Mix of Starter and normal marines. 4 ML, 2 Plasma Cannon, 14 snapfit bolters, 7 bolters, 1 bp/ccw, 2 plasma, 1 flamer, 1 badly converted lascannon, 1 company banner. See pic.) PIC - $40.00 Terminator Assault Squad (5) (2 TH/SS, 3 LCx2. Painted, Plastic) PIC - $25.00 Terminator Chaplain (Resin, Painted) PIC - $10 Terminator Librarian (Painted, metal) PIC - $10.00 Vindicator (Metal/plastic hybrid, 2nd edition. Painted. Needs reglueing/repair) PIC - $20.00 Vindicator (Painted, plastic with Metal Vind Cannon.) PIC - $25.00
  6. You guys suck the fun out of everything. :)
  7. It'll take people a while but they'll get giddy when I 'make a mistake' and then feel silly when they realize it doesn't matter anymore. the same thing happened a bunch when I would measure templates in the movement phase and people thought I forgot to finish moving. Good times.
  8. I can't wait to face all my tanks away from my opponents just to make them feel vaguely uncomfortable.
  9. Another big lot tomorrow probably. More DA, SM and Guard. This time plastic guard, drop pods, more leman russ, SM Bikes, all sorts of goodies. Stay posted.
  10. You'll just roll your attacks without taking your opponent into account and he will do the same. No one will be better at defending.
  11. Hey folks, As Andy mentioned on tonight’s Warhammer 40,000 Live Q&A over on Facebook, our Customer Service teams are all set to give you vouchers for any codexes or Warhammer 40,000 rulebooks you’ve bought in the last 8 weeks. So, if you’ve just bought a codex for a new army, or the rules for Warhammer 40,000 itself, in the weeks before the new edition was announced last Saturday, we’ll send you a voucher for the cost of your book. Usually, we’d do this for up to 4 weeks before the update was announced, but as we’re so excited about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, we’ll be extending this to 8 weeks (8 weeks for the 8th edition!). And of course, you can keep your book(s). You can claim a voucher no matter where you bought your codex and/or rulebook, as long as you have your proof of purchase and it’s dated between the 25th of February 2017 and the 22nd of April 2017. We have a few different Customer Service teams, each helping a different part of the world. Find the email address for your local Customer Service team here:
  12. Source, btw:
  13. Starting here. Movement is definitely in Vehicles do not have armor values. Vehicles have a damage table that reduces their stats as they take damage. Different Armies will keep their playstyles Still a d6 system They are trying to speed up a game of 40k, 1500pt game in 90minutes now. Narrative with 3 ways to play with connections for shadow wars, campaigns etc. City fighting etc. All models will receive rules in the new edition, including vehicles and scenery Command Points: If you fill your force org chart you gain command points. There are 14 force org charts. You can spend command points to interrupt game play. You may only use one per phase. Thematic armies will get more command points. Templates are going away A lot of playtesting has gone on. Reese and Frankie from Las Vegas Open, and Mike from Nova have done tons of the playtesting. Everyone will get their new rules day 1. 5 books, will have the rules for all the armies at a very low price point. Codexes will come out with new additional thematic updates at a future update Expansions like cities of death, planet strike, will be brought up to speed. Every unit has been playtested and has been balanced. This will be the most robust and balanced edition of 40k. there wont be any broken units like riptides There will be an annual update book "like the Generals Handbook" They want the game to evolve the game with community feedback. Yes there will be an army builder app, but its not ready yet. There are not specific tournament rules, but there are guidelines for organizers. They are pushing the thematic battle between the Imperium and Chaos, so they are focusing on it. All the factions and models will be represented in the new edition 2 different ways to play with point values. Power Level: narrative play- gives you values for squads regardless of what they are equipped with Matched Play: Full points with upgrades like normal detail All current armies will be in the new edition. Any new factions Coming: Yes Monstrous Creatures will also lose stats like vehicles. Everything can hurt everything.... lasguns hurting tanks was mentioned No stat is capped at 10 Bigger weapons do more damage. Allied forces will still be available. Cross army bonuses will be limited now, meaning that a space marine army will give bonuses to other adeptus astartes models. Still has an allied chart. Deathstars were called loopholes in the rules. Keywords structure for the game for rules. There are Benefits to sticking to a single faction like command points. There was a little oversight on the new galaxy map, so no many places were not destroyed. the term "8th" was mentioned Forgeworld rules will be available in the same way. Storyline will continue forward for the next few years, but with no radical changes to storyline. If you just bought a codex or rulebook.... The customer service team will be handing out vouchers within 8 weeks of the announcement to cover the cost of the rulebook.