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  1. Tau shield drones aren't comically useless anymore.
  2. Cantina Patron
  3. Cool, thanks.
  4. AND I AM!! It's like GW was listening just to me
  5. Is there a cut-off date for tickets/registration for this event?
  6. I'm with you, Ish. I deeply respect history and linguistics (Not sure if this is meaningful to you, but Ars Magica is my favorite game ever). I'm just really frikken' easy to annoy.
  7. Holy carp, you're right... that's a valid ye olde tyme spelling. Of course, it's still annoying but what're you gonna do?
  8. I picked up the 3-model minibox for S&Gs... just wanted to see the bigger marine models in person. I was surprised to see that they're keyworded "Adeptus Astartes" and "Ultramarines" but not "<CHAPTER>". I imagine this is fluff-driven, right? Also, the "Reivers" spelling is going to drive me nuts.
  9. Wrong side of the river... aside from that sounds great :-)
  10. Marines in cover are like freakin' cockroaches. You just can't get rid of the damned things.
  11. Thanks, I'll swing by there when I get and chance and take a look. Never been to the store, will be worth a visit either way.
  12. I went looking at a couple of the usual Portland area spots and couldn't find any. Guess they must have sold out pretty quickly.
  13. I've bitten off WAY more than I can chew with the Tau. At least these things are done..
  14. I choose the hidden secret option, "I Like Pie."