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  1. Fair enough, as said I've only been poking through this thread recently, and there's a lot of info to sort through... I'm sure I'll end up picking the starter set up, since I like print rule books with fluff and awesome art, and I think the models are pretty great. Looking forward to cracking open some beers and stumbling through a game!
  2. Isn't that what the Index are for, to supply you with the points? You'll have to forgive me, as I didn't get into AoS, but I thought the core rules were the same, and the General's Handbook simply introduced points for everything, isn't that what we're looking at with the rules vs the Indices? Or am I way off here?
  3. Sorry if this has been answered, but I’ve just recently had my interests piqued by the new edition, and I’m in the process of slowing shifting through 46 pages of forum posts, heh. Has there been any indication as to what the rulebook has to offer over the free rules that are coming out, aside from fluff / art / hardbacked goodness? I will most likely pick it up, but I’m kinda weighting the pros and cons of getting the new starter set vs picking up an Index + Start Collecting box + $50 worth of minis.
  4. I think you are mistaken sir, everything is my army is scoring except for the single models...
  5. So I just picked up my 9th Age ticket for OFCC, and I'm getting myself hyped up, reading through the tournament packet and putting together lists. In the interest of getting this hype train going, I thought I would post my list that I'm looking at running, and see what other people looking at bringing? I'm looking at bringing the Ogres (once again!), since my KoE are nowhere near ready: Shaman -General -Wizard Master -Lvl 4 -Hellfist -Book of Arcane Lore -Great Weapon 812 9 Tribesman -Full Command -Iron Fists 670 4 Bruisers -Musician 273 3 Bruisers -Musician 185 6 Mercenary Veterans -Swiftstride & Thunderous Charge -Standard / Muso -Banner of Speed -Iron Fists 810 2 Tusker Cavalary -Muso -Iron Fists 340 Kin Eater 200 4 Bombardiers -Muso 315 4 Bombardiers -Muso 315 Thunder Cannon 300 Slave Giant 280
  6. So yeah, decided to part stuff out, since doing so will fund my OFCC ticket and give me a leg up on my Bretonnia needs
  7. Mostly, to get my ticket and have some cash to spend there, heh. Other than that, possibly put together a display board, and then fill out my Bretonnian models for next year
  8. So I've got some OFCC projects I'm looking to fund that are somewhat time sensitive, so that end I'm lowering the price to $200, firm. Otherwise I'll look at parting out the lot on Saturday.
  9. My team is all set this year, looking forward to seeing y'all in the ring!
  10. SO, now that my son is here, I'm getting a clearer look at what my hobby time is going to be like, heh. So I've decided to focus on my Bretonnians / Ogers and let my Vampire Counts / Undead army go! Here's what I've got: -89 Zombies (Mantic). About 1/2 are assembled, 1/2 partially assembled. A couple have a little paint on them, but otherwise they are bare plastic. SOLD -40 Grave Guard. 5 on sprue, the rest assembled / partially assembled. 10 are primed, 1 is painted, rest bare plastic.$80 -Corpse Cart. Needs some stuff glued back together. + Reaper Bones Necromancer guy. - $20 -20 Dire Wolves. 10 assembled, 10 nos. - $20 -1 Varghulf. Metal, partially assembled. - $20 -37 Mantic Ghouls. Assembled, some paint. - $40 -5 Crypt Ghouls. Assembled. -3 Vargheists. Assembled. -2 Crypt Ghouls / Vargheists. NOS SOLD Also for sale / trade: -11 Chaos Knights - Partially assembled - $25 -20 Chaos Cultists from Dark Vengence, unassembled. - $20 -Tech Priest Dominus. NIB - PENDING Willing to do partial trade / cash for some Bretonnia stuff to: `-18ish Grail / Battle Pilgrims - 9 Mounted Yeomen -Lord on Hippogriff (most current, metal preferably)
  11. So yeah... bringing some knights to OFCC 2017 probably isn't going to happen. Incoming baby + work + life brought the KoE to a screeching halt, in case the lack of content since January was evidence enough. But hey, there's always OFCC 2018! I love the army, and it's going to continue to be my primary project, once I finish up a few small projects for Blood Bowl and the Ogres. While progress is been almost non-existent, I did manage to squeeze some in! Airbrushed some base colors down on the Grail Knights, because this guy has zero chill when it comes to trying to put down reds and yellows over large flat surfaces, heh. Spending some time putting Peasant Crusaders on square bases. I love these models and want to try a big brick of them carrying around the Sacred Reliquary. I've got 16(?) so far, so hopefully I can get the other 18 I'm looking for as time goes on, although they are pretty scarce on Ebay. And figured out a somewhat solution for my Pegasus Knights, that involved a large rock and a comically tall flight stand. As always, noble and knightly tunes are a must! Cheers!
  12. Definitely better advice that what I can give, since apparently I can do D6 averages, heh. To be fair, I think I just got home from work when I posted that, and my brain is usually fried at that point. Also, did not realize that Dwarves had the +1 to cast rune. And I know some armies do very well relying on bound spells (Beasts come to mind). That being said, I still think there's a strong case to go magicless with the Dwarves.
  13. So I’m considering going to Adepticon in 2019 for 9th Age. I haven’t looked into it too much, but the rumor(s) I’ve heard floating around is that with the release of the 2.0 rules (this summer?), there is talk about having the rules locked for something like 2 years. 2019 is a ways away, but the wife has her eyes set on Disneyland next year, so can’t squeeze two vacations in the same year. I’m curious if anyone has ever been, and would care to share their experiences? Is it worth traveling halfway across the country? My wife is a non-gamer, are there any “touristy” opportunities there that don’t involve driving an hour to get to Chicago?
  14. Another thing to consider with Dwarves is that your opponent will get a +1 on all of their dispel attempts because you are casting bound spells, and you get zero modifier, so against anyone with a Wizard Master or the Aether Iocn you'll have to throw 4 casting dice for every 2 dispel dice they use to get a spell off, assuming average rolls.
  15. I think the Anvil and the Runesmith both have their merits. I personally like the Anvil: 36" gives it some reach vs a Runesmith, plus a pretty good magic missle in Rune of Shattering. But dispelling as an apprentice vs a master is no small difference, and the Smith giving a unit armor piercing is nice. For dispel power, my experience is that you don't see "scroll caddies" in 9th. I usually don't run a scroll in my lists, but I do like to run a level 4 wizard master. There's a lot to be said for going magicless though, especially for Dwarves. A Runesmith with an Aether Loadstone, in combination with Hewn from the Mountains, can make it tough for enemy casters.