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  1. Awesome Matt! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday and having you play 9th Age at OFCC, I have a lot of fond memories of getting games in vs your Slanesh Warriors / Skaven (minus getting hit with that damn Brass Orb!)
  2. Looking forward to Saturday sir! I believe there is a general paint scoring rubric out there somewhere, but damned if I can find it. I'm sure points will be awarded for having a proper display board, and I know we had some beautiful ones last year. I doubt I will have time to get one put together myself though.
  3. Don't really have any more exciting banners to show, but how about my "OFCC to-do list?": -Rebase / paint 2 Tusker Cavalry -Clean up / paint 4 movement trays, as well as add flex-steel to the Bombardier's tray. ...and if I get a chance, maybe add some highlights to my Kin Eater. No idea if I'm even going to attempt a display board of any kind, since my last one got wrecked.
  4. I looked around and couldn't find one, is there a preview of what the shirts look like?
  5. Troop Master and Shadowseers are both HQ units for Harlequins, I believe?
  6. I agree that it doesn't make sense that Papa Nurgle only has 12 wounds as opposed to 16 like the Bloodthirster / LoC. He does around 100 points less than either though, plus Disgusting Resilience means he can shrug off some of the wounds that the other guys can't... although the 'Thirster has the 3+ armor and the LoC has the 4++, so maybe that's a wash.
  7. There's nothing to keep you from using any Ork clan you want (or making up your own!), the only thing to keep in mind is that some named characters only buff particular Clans. I don't have the book in front of me, but I believe Zagstruk only buffs "Goff" Storm Boyz, for example.
  8. So it looks like everyone is looking to trade their respective lots as a whole, but if anyone decides they want to piece their stuff out, I'm looking to pick up a Bloat Drone and maaaaaaybe a set of Poxwalkers at "less than ebay" prices, or trade from the hodge-podge of stuff I have on my trade list. Also have some interest in the Ancient as a conversion idea, but prefer to trade for him.
  9. From Ogre Mercenaries, pretty much my only exciting banner, heh.
  10. Absolutely agree. I doubt you will see more than 3 detachments allowed in events, outside of wacky / narrative stuff.
  11. I think it really just depends on which detachment (or combinations you take): -Air Wing Detachment allows for 3 to 5 flyers -6 other detachments allow you to take up to 2 flyers per. Assuming you are playing by the "3 detachment limit" suggested by the rulebook, you could sprinkle up to 6 in if you stick to some of the more traditional detachments, or you could take 3 Air Wing detachments and get up to 15.
  12. When I asked last year (about 9th Age), I was told that we needed 6 tickets to have the event fire off. I'm not sure if that was because you only need 6 people for an event, or if it was "6 more tickets," but we ended up with 8 people and had the event fire off.
  13. Color me interested! Is this for 40K or Fantasy?
  14. Well, now I'm really hoping that a racoon shows up to the AoS event with a Chaos army.
  15. I hate TV, hardly ever watch it. Hard to work them paint brushes when you have a baby glued to your arm, heh.