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  1. I may need to drop out. The heat today has already ruined me, and the goal has become finding ways to escape from it.
  2. Wonder Woman - 8/10 Glad to finally see a decent movie from the DC peeps. I can't go higher than an 8 because some of the writing was so awkward that it really distracts from the experience.
  3. It's gonna be quite toasty, so dress light and don't forget your Deo.
  4. Paid! Let's get it going!
  5. I have the same concern. The problem is I'm worried that I'll hate the look of the dog's feet with mud, and it will take a lot of effort to paint them back to matching if I mess them up. For now they will be mudless, but maybe in the future I'll find some way to do it to my liking. Edited for stupid-as-hell typos.
  6. Should be 100% less sick by then, looking forward to getting some games in! I'll be sure to bring 200 and 300.
  7. Pulled myself out of bed to finish up on Uncle V., the heart and soul of the commies.
  8. Update! I've been sick for the last few days, no signs of improvement so far. Probably safe to count me out for this weekend.
  9. I might be in Seattle for Father's day, but if not I will be there!
  10. I am so sorry to hear that, Eric. There are no words for that can bring peace to a terrible moment like this. My deepest condolences to all of your family.
  11. Updated the profile pic to be more Ariadna-esque (courtesy of Raindog's excellent camera skills). Hoping for a hobby-filled month!
  12. I'm planning on being there.
  13. Perfect.
  14. *sigh* most hated enemy. Guess I'll play something with links :)
  15. Main takeaway from last night's game is that the scot's guard ML is a menace if he can get into assault pistol range. Late in the game he cleared an entire flank for me before shooting off the board in an escape pod. Car is getting worked on today and tomorrow so I'm putting a few coats of paint onto Uncle Vernon's antipode. I'd like to get more done, but it's hot and I'm too busy cursing at the sun.