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  1. I'm building a Tzeentch team in addition to dark eldar
  2. I'm in. Picked up a box of dark eldar at GG tonight.
  3. I agree. You can switch factions. You obviously don't transfer gear upgrades, experience, etc.
  4. This is Ordo people. Everything is done in the spirit of camaraderie and fun, including interpretations of WYSIWYG. Don't get hung up.
  5. Or you replace the model with one correctly equipped. Teams can be as small as 3 dudes. This is not an onerous requirement. It promotes painting and hobbying over the course of the entire campaign, and prevents people from saying late in the campaign "that tyranid warrior actually has a venom cannon."
  6. Shadow War : Ordogeddon Overview This is a Ordo Fanaticus Shadow War: Armageddon league. As an Ordo event, the primary purpose is sportsmanship, fun, camaraderie, and enjoying the hobby. Kill Teams Kill Teams shall be made from 1000pts, and pursuant to the rules published by GW for SW:A. Each model in your kill team must be WYSIWYG. If you purchase a weapon upgrade for your model at the end of a mission, that model must be WYSIWYG with the new upgrade or replaced with an appropriately armed model to be useable in your next game. Games In signing up for this league you commit to playing at least 1 game every 2 weeks. We encourage games to be played on Sunday at WOW. The second best option is Tuesday nights at WOW. A third option is a game played at a place agreed upon by the players. However, you cannot play consecutive games away from WOW. Meaning if you schedule a game in your garage, your next game must be at WOW to count. You may play up to two games during any period. Players schedule their games with opponents, but cannot play the same opponent back-to-back, and must play every league player at least once over the course of the league. GAME PERIODS April 30 – May 13 May 14 – May 27 May 28 – June 10 June 11 – June 24 June 25 – July 8 July 9 – July 22 League Fees The cost to play in the league is a flat, one-time, $20. This can be paid at WOW, or via PayPal. Clubhouse fees at WOW are in addition, based on champion status. All proceeds will be invested in new SW:A terrain and prizes for the top league finishers. League Prizes There will be three league prizes at the end: WARRIOR: A prize for the team with the most promethium at the end ARTIST: A prize for the best painted team at the end. This requires you starting with an unpainted team, and painting and converting it over the course of the league, with at least one status update post per game period at NARRATOR: A prize for the person who creates the best running story based on their team’s exploits. This requires a story post on after every mission. Sign up by posting below. Players: 1. Weav [Scouts] 2. Savion [Sisters] 3. Steel Angel [Harlequins] 4. evil_bryan 5. Sugarlessllama [Skitarii] 6. threejacks 7. Dark Trainer 8. Pyre Warden [Chaos] 9. Jollyork 10. AgentP [dark eldar] 11. Ish [Harlequins] 12. Happycamper 13. Brother Glacius
  7. I'm in. Just bought the Desert Rats box, plus the book, plus the paint set. It's been at least 7-8 years since I've played, so would welcome the chance for somebody to show me what to do
  8. Keith, you should absolutely be able to play. I know most of the HoGs this year will be playing in their event
  9. Really glad people showed up and had fun. We had a great group, and an enormous spread of food. No one left hungry, that's for sure.
  10. Check in 10-10:30 Round 1 10:30 - 1:00 Round 2 1:00-3:30 Round 3 3:30-6:00 Awards and clean up 6:00-7:00
  11. Annihilation does not have random game length. That was something I deliberately did away with in creating the format. It's fine for a fun game, but I hate it in a tournament setting.
  12. Would there be interest in adding a 3 round ITC 40k event on the Friday of OFCC?
  13. Not only did no one submit a HoG proposal, I solicited three different people, and could find no one willing to run it.
  14. We'll contact the hotel and see what's going on