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  1. If you haven't paid the $20 for the SW:A league, you need to do so.
  2. OFCC is not using 8th edition. There is a Friday 8th ed three round event, but the main two day event is 7th.
  3. Correct. Just as in AoS, everything must be paid for. So models summoned, or split from units, must be paid for.
  4. Yes. That's one of the reasons I'm having 2 hour rounds, so that this can wrap in time for Kill Team
  5. Yes, it will qualify for ITC points. However, it is important to remember that this is still an OFCC event, so the expectation will be that sportsmanship in play, and list building, is priority #1.
  6. We will be adding a three-round 8th edition rogue trader tournament to the OFCC schedule, to occur on Friday. Details will come later, after the edition drops, but expect to aim for 2 hour rounds.
  7. Don't need to pay twice. Just make a second team if you want to play more than twice per period.
  8. The first worker in the crew is done, armed with a blade and a shotgun. The Kharadron and Cult kits were practically made to work together - super easy.
  9. This blog post is for tracking the progress of my Shadow War: Armageddon team over the court of the Ordo league. SW:A has me incredibly excited about hobbying again, after being pretty burned out. I love the idea of a small skirmish game with progressive experience advancement – something that bridges the miniature and RPG elements of gaming. The outstanding terrain GW is producing for the game also drew me in. I’m planning on building a 4x4 table of industrial terrain to keep at my house, and I wanted to build both a theme to the terrain, as well as a force to go with that table. The idea for this force is a crew of mostly Squats – miners deep below Armageddon’s surface, along with some of the other mutants who slave away for the Imperium. Miles below the surface these workers discovered a dormant egg sack, and from there the Genestealer Cult grew amongst the ab-human ranks. Having reached critical mass, the cult is now clawing its way to the surface, collecting promethium along the way with the aim of powering the beacons topside and calling in their saviors. The new Kharadron Overlords for AoS and the Genestealer Cult models are a perfect compliment to kitbash this force. They both share an aesthetic that lends itself well to mining and industrial feel. I picked up the Goliath mostly as a display for the crew, and in games to use it as terrain. So today I purchased my crew
  10. Preface On the world of Armageddon a billion souls lead lives of desperation and struggle. But there are few whose lives are harder than the mineworkers of the deep tunnels. This wretched lot, indentured servants at best, slaves at worst, toil endlessly in cramped tunnels and gas filled caverns extracting the last of Armageddon’s resources for the Imperium. Few humans are willing or able to endure the work. As a result, the mine shafts are filled with squat ab-humans, engineered in the dark ages of technology for such labor. Mutants too can be found here. Having no right to live in the Imperium of Man, they are forced to spend their short miserable lives never seeing the sun, working until the inevitable accident ends their suffering. But in at least one subsection of tunnels, under one of Armageddon’s thousands of hab zones, the workers have made other plans for their lives. Rumors spread of a leader, a father of the revolution, who is telling the ab-humans and mutants to throw off their yokes, and climb to the surface to welcome deliverance. From deep below the surface of Armageddon, a reckoning is coming. _______________________________________________________________________ +++++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++ ATTN: HAB224A – TUNNEL682 – SUB44 Processing reports a stoppage from your subsection. Resume operations Immediately. Non-compliance will result in Arbites sanction. +++++ END TRANSMISSION++++++ _______________________________________________________________________
  11. I can't answer questions about specifics until I actually own a copy of the rules to look at. So for the first couple weeks of the league, while everyone is getting the books, I suggest people pick uncomplicated missions, and resolve rules questions between the two players for the time being
  12. Can you clarify your question for me?
  13. I'll be there Sunday
  14. I'm building a Tzeentch team in addition to dark eldar
  15. I'm in. Picked up a box of dark eldar at GG tonight.