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  1. Anyone crazy enough to keep track of all the Friday events? I know the 8th Ed 1500 3-round thing starts at Noon. And the Bitz Swap is sometime Friday evening.
  2. Good thing I have all the Heavy Flamer bits to stick back on instead of MultiMeltas. I just can't bring myself to spring for the Forgeworld book for just one page about the Repressor. (despite the fact I'm trying to figure out how to convert three of the things from an upcoming trade)
  3. I have 5 of those, 5 Multi Melta, and 5 Exorcists to pare down from. As I recall my 7th Ed 2K list ended up being 2600+ points, so I may have to go Halfsies with everything.
  4. Actually, we played Round 3 of the Friday ITC tourney. You plugged your phone into the wall behind you. You politely offered me vodka. I accepted. You suddenly panicked about where your phone was, I politely reminded you. (REPEAT THIS SEQUENCE THREE TIMES IN FIVE MINUTES) Edit: didn't mean to use bold text there, but it fits, so, eh... I offered you a packet of trail mix so the protein could help you level out. You accepted politely. We started our game. About halfway through you muttered words to the effect of "I'm hungry" and I tossed you another packet of trail mix. Our game ended and you called me a Farging Barstedd (Johnny Dangerously reference) for spoiling your all-losses record. I rightfully claimed the title of Cellar Dweller in the standings (but I had a land Raider filled with Arcoflagellants, so I earned it honestly). Then you temporarily panicked (again) about where your phone was (again) and I politely reminded you (again). And it was a good time all around. This time I'll be bringing my 7th Ed Sisters list cut down to 1500 with the Canonessezes I have to have for 8th added in. Let's see how well Immolator Spam works in 8th (I'm guessing: NOT VERY).
  5. Noon start? Then I don't have to get up crazy early to miss Seattle AND Portland commute traffic? Kewl. Now to consolidate all of my Bitz into as few totes as possible so I can load in easier. Anyone mind if my objective markers also hold Dixie cups of Apple, Raspberry or Huckleberry Mead? It will be after noon, after all...
  6. Perfect time to mention the Bitz Swap on Friday night, to customize your new recruits to Papa Nurgle. Fun!
  7. Finally got my 8th starter box and am looking to trade Nurgle for Primaris. I already posted in the trade section, but figured there might be some interest here as well.
  8. I finally got my box set and am looking to swap out the Nurgle for more Primaris and will bring them to OFCC. My 8 year old daughter wants to paint miniatures, and I already have a five year old who has bad dreams because a neighbor girl showed him 5 minutes of, by his description, Chucky or one of the Puppet Master series. No need for more nightmare fuel on this end.
  9. I'll be bringing my Big Box of Ork Trade-bait to OFCC for the bitz swap Friday night and coincidentally I'm also on your team. I also follow the 'every model has a unique look' ethos for Orks, so I can share some tips and tricks. I'll be the guy with the 10 Immolators and 5 Exorcists.
  10. Oh... oooOooOOOh! OK, filthy Xenos, got it.
  11. Didn't they nerf Acolytes to have a maximum unit size of six? (Just going off of what I remember from previews, my Imperial Index 2arrives in a few more days)
  12. PM sent
  13. Maybe they're Former East German Swim Team Sisters. Who's up for modelling Marines with Tutus?
  14. My go-to Seraphim with Twin Inferno Pistols conversion is to use the ends off of Kroot Rifles. Makes 'em look like Melta Silencers. I'm not able to get in any 8th Ed games in before the Friday event, so any 'experience' I have comes by way of this thread via osmosis.