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  1. So looks like guard cant blob infantry squads anymore and infantry and conscripts are the only troop choice. FRSR is awesome, rapid fire 2 means 4 shots within 12 right? And bring it down now universally works on everyone not just vehicles Vox Casters seem more useful now while it doesnt seem like we have great aura bubbles Also EVER vehicle got more expensive
  2. So did flamers get screwed over? They used to have ignore cover and AP 5. Now with just a -1 save they can ignore cover but no other armor. But the trade off is cover is harder to get? Thus the -1 will be more applied to regular saves and not canceling saves?
  3. Except you cant claim a cover save until the 5 outside of cover were dead. Man this makes aegis defence lines stupid.
  4. Are facing gone? How do you think this will impact the points levels of games being played?
  5. I finished the Chimeras, and am moving on to also paint those infantry as well.
  6. From the album Ripphooks Guard

  7. So if a transport jinks the unit inside can fire normally? I thought it was the reverse?
  8. I started painting these Chimera's yesterday and halfway through I realized that I never submitted a picture. So finishing touches on the left one and most of the right one to do.
  9. From the album Ripphooks Guard

  10. I was looking at this game
  11. I don't think its violating anything unless its a copy of the entire book. Because then there is no incentive to buy any of the book.
  12. IG hasnt leaked yet has it?
  13. I wonder if primaris will go traitor
  14. All paid up
  15. Wait how can you have a Primaris ancient if they just got created......