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  1. I mean blasts were great because it means that if you wanted to cram every model you could within 3 inches of the objective you could but there were penalties. If you revert to a dice of hits then that makes that moot.
  2. Has anyone heard of the Hobo card game from MOM (mind over matter inc)? I picked it up at a thrift store but it doesnt have any rules in it. Google searching for it doesnt pick anything up, its from 1987 and nothing is popping up on board game geek.
  3. Little sad that templates are leaving. Now you can just place your models willy nilly with relationship to each other. Clump em up, it dont matter.
  4. Pssst Eli Ninnemann is me. Captain of the Big Dick Bee Warhamsters
  5. How is the new edition? I haven't played in a while but while organizing all my miniatures I stumbled across inbuilt boxes of Germans and that got my interest piqued again.
  6. Has anyone gone to seigeworld? As I get more and more miniatures that unlimited apocalypse event looks more and more entertaining. I've added a few models to my army, a set of regimental advisors, tech priests, psykers and moar commissars! I have a full platoon of Tempestus Scions at the same time as well. I think the next thing I need is a new carrying case, I am looking at the battlefoam 1520 xl....
  7. I thought the trade was gonna fall through....but I ended up getting the Tempestus, I have the armies glued in the poses but not attatched so I can paint their beautiful chest details. I also assembled some random heroes for my IG
  8. From the album Ripphooks Guard

  9. The Dragon Lance Villain series. I love reading about a villian for a change. I've only gotten through Behind the Mask-this one is about Verminaards who is the Dragonlord that appears in the first chronicle book. By the end of it you just get excited by the difficult choices which he has to make. I am in the middle of The Black Wing which is about a black dragon which is a very interesting perspective.
  10. There is no challenge round sadly.
  11. The dual frag/Krak seems to be a good versatile option for either anti-armor or anti-horde.
  12. Cool, thanks Ripphook
  13. Yep.
  14. It looks like barter town is down?