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  1. Bad Rats

    Thats absolutely awesome
  2. OFCC Discount Terrain-a-palooza!!!!

    Jim are you gonna do 15mm terrain?
  3. An unlikely event. A Solitaire Wraithknight

    Holy [big bad swear word] that is amazing
  4. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Ive been looking at that site, let me know how the model comes out in person.
  5. New LOTR project for client

    I love that model
  6. BFG at OFCC

    Sorry, work really tried to screw me over but ill still bring all my stuff for sat or Sunday after some 40k
  7. BFG at OFCC

    Sadly I didn't get friday off, and I dont think ill be there until like 8
  8. BFG at OFCC

    So what day are we playing?
  9. Fate of Konor: WorldWide Campaign - Site is up

    Well the focus is Imperial and Chaos, and aside from the old KDK each army had a psyker
  10. Vendettas?

    So looking through index imperium 2.....are there no vendettas??
  11. AM List Noodling

    Yeah, I was thinking that it would be some wasted CP. And Damn didnt notice the scions. Back to the drawing board. How do people feel about heavy weapons in heavy weapons in infantry squads? And I am thinking abiut a few aegis defence lines to get cover for all the infantry.
  12. AM List Noodling

    First 8th edition list so if I made any errors let me know. With two brigades I need at least 12 troops and 6 of each other choice. C&C welcome
  13. AM List Noodling

    Okay so this is two brigade detatchments. Any gear listed is additional to the standard HQ (74) Creed (64) Kell (55) Lord Commissar (31) Company Commander , Boltgun (31) Company Commander , Boltgun (40) Tempestor Prime, with tempestus command rod Troops (480) Infantry Squad x12 (35) Flamers x5 (25) Grenade launchers (5) (1) Bolt pistol (for one sarg) Elites (35) Comissar, Bolt pistol, power sword (20) platoon commander (100) 10 man scion squad (50) 5 man scion squad (72) 5 man scion squad, 2 melta (49) 7 man ratling squad Fast Attack (300) scout sentinals, with autocannons x6 Heavy Support (57) Heavy Weapon teams, autocannons (57) Heavy weapon teams, autocannons (72) Heavy weapons teams , lascannons (27) Heavy weapon squad, mortar (162) Lemuns russ MBT (162) Lemun Russ MBT Total: 1999 Command Points: 20! This army is massive with 150 infantry models, 12 heavy weapon teams, 2 tanks, 6 walkers and 8 characters with 11 orders on 5 of them. 3 What do people think?
  14. Ordo Fanaticus July Hobby Progress Challenge!

    You can make a gallery on this forum
  15. Ordo Fanaticus July Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Upload it to a private gallery and then attach with url