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  1. Portland Dropzone/Fleet is the name, yep. Decent number of people in the group, just need to pester them. ;)
  2. Cheers! Also, since last message, I've discovered there's a Portland DZC/DFC Facebook group. It's not amazingly hopping, but it's a fair way to nudge folk. ;)
  3. Thanks for the swap! Also, I found those additional rules; they were originally released as experimental, and then made official, hence not being on the errata page. That said, fleet assembly has begun!
  4. Oh! Also, Brett posted in the Facebook group about having time for play tomorrow. If he's not sought you out, nudge him? (unless you're Brett, in which case, don't nudge yourself? ;) )
  5. A lunch-time swap would certainly work. I'm actually currently taking a break to work on house/yard stuffs (we've got some major projects in the offing!), so have some flexibility given enough forewarning. Remind me; which sprues were we trading, like-for-like? Also, a heads-up; Brett in the FB group indicated he had some time free for a game?
  6. bugger! Currently have Sunday slated for some serious yard work, so I won't be free. :/ What's more, I still need to assemble at least one fleet. :x
  7. Hey, Nick, when do you want to do swaps? :3
  8. Thanks to Lyraeus for today's demo/training game! As you'd figure, it ended with rather a few burning ships on my part, and rather few burning ships on his part. ;) Having little experience with BFG and rather more with FOW, the mobility and limited terrain were both a challenge. We'll see how I develop on this front. ;) Cheers!
  9. Hey, Korvre! I get the impression there are players in the area, but it's a bit fragmented at the moment. I've got an old UCM army and an old PHR army that I need to dust off, as I've just moved up from Eugene, get stuck into the scene. Where've you been checking, and where are you thinking to play?
  10. Given the rarity, I'm not inclined to sell the Basilisk. ;) Trading it for a different BC, though... And gotcha on the meta answers!
  11. Alrighty, then! In that case, I'll still have my Basilisk and a Scourge starter kit for trade, and will be looking either for a Leonidas or an Adamant for the BC, and either a Shaltari or PHR starter kit for the Scourge one. And gotcha on the 1250! Can definitely hit that. Lastly, some more meta questions. How useful are the commanders for DFC? And how heavy on drop assets are most players at the 1250 and 900 points values? Are we talking vast hordes of dropships, or a group or two, or...?
  12. Hey, Nick! Interested, indeed! Still need to sort and assemble this all, mind. ;) Whereabouts in Portland are you guys? And didn't know about the Portland Game Store! Awesome! It's a lot easier for me to get to than Guardian, it looks like. As for trades, I'm still sorting through. I'd been planning to keep Scourge, PHR, and UCM, and drop my Shaltari, but if there's noone playing Shaltari I'd happily, say, trade Scourge like-for-like for Shaltari or PHR. I've got the usual Kickstarter stuff for Shaltari and Scourge, along with the Basilisk BC for the Scourge. Meta-wise, how many are there of each faction? And what sorts of points ranges are people usually in? I'm debating how quickly I'll need to fill out with a command deck, battleships, corvettes, etc.
  13. Still active? :3 Just unboxed my pledge stuff, reading the rules, and would love to join you all!
  14. Hm. Anything new in there, or is it just compilation/update of existing material?
  15. Glad it was fun, and sorry I missed it! Ended up doing a lot of hauling-crap-around yesterday, so today was a rest-and-recover day for me. :/