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  1. I don't have theee.. rule book, but got a Ipad with pictures.
  2. I can do a 5:30 at GG
  3. time?
  4. I down with some SWA what time?
  5. only for sister repentantas though cant buy one.
  6. It matters NOT for you alien scum shall still fall before the guns of the Skitarii!
  7. Who let the dogs out? Wroof Wroof Rake's Stay Dogs
  8. Looking for a few learning games tomorrow. Who's game? First round on me.
  9. +++ S.C.A.R.R. Tango (Stray Dogs) (Shadow War: Armageddon) [995pts] +++ Skitarii Combat Advance Recon Requisition (or SCARR for short) are units that freely travelling though out space seeking out and taking anything they believe there Magi would want. They are SAR, Sec Ops, Commandos, Pirates, and scavengers all rolled it to one unit. Almost all SCARR units are on the same level as Praetorians. Like Praetorians they are one of the elite units of the Skitarii. They are super-enhanced (bionically/ cybernetically/ chemically/genetically etc) humans who are augmented with a huge array of cybernetics and given weapons, supplies, and a Starship. However, many old sources also suggest that SCARR units are instead an elite Skitarii type following the fashion of Imperial Guard stormtrooper units, but with slightly more augmentations, putting them somewhere "between" storm troopers and Space Marines. All of this seems plausible and most likely true, but based on the preferences of the Magi who who organized the unit. While SCARR units do partake in mission given to them by their Magi. The Unit’s Tribune has the right to decide to deploy any time they believe it will lead to profit and gain for their Magi. Because of their freebooting missions and long time in space SCARR units tend to be some of the best, and at the same time worst troops the Skitarii has to offer. They tend to be more lacks and less disciplined then most Skitarii troops, but at the same time they tend to see more action and combat then most Skitarii will even know. Making them some of the best combat fighters in the Skitarii. + Kill Team Leader + "Rake" - Skitarii Ranger Alpha: Arc Maul, Arc pistol + Trooper + "Drooler Jones" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle "Lockjaw Lenny" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle "Pitt" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle "Timmy" - Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic rifle + Specialist + "Guard Dogg" - Skitarii specialist: Photo-visor . . Transuranic arquebus: Red-dot laser sight
  10. Dang it! Just bought a box of skitari. This game has opened up way to many opportunities for impulse buys. Lol
  11. Or inqisistor list
  12. Or just use as count as. Genestealer cult would work good.
  13. Ok guys no wiggle room so that means lots of elbow room.
  14. Anyone with a book want to do a game or two tomorrow anywhere?