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  1. << EDIT 6/23/17: These Are Traded -! >> Hey Traders- If anyone here is going to OFCC at the end of July and is looking to trade there, I will happily trade the Imperial sprues from my box set straight across for the Nurgle sprues from your box set. Boom. I live up in the islands and don't get to the game stores regularly for a predictable meet-up, so that's the way it works best for me is to swap face to face at OFCC. Even though we'll both have to wait a couple weeks. PM me if this is cool with you and we can make a plan.
  2. Hey, thanks for running this it looks great. Question about possibly playing a Genestealer Cult list in this event: would the Return To Shadows rule be playable? Also, if a unit has the Infiltrate special rule (and thus Outflank) would they utilize the Cult Ambush table for their deployment?
  3. Nice! I like the details of the bases, it feels like just enough. What are you going to use for snow?
  4. Cool. I'm signed up. Matt, check your mailbox when you get a chance and looking forward to it. Mucho.
  5. Hi, this looks really cool and I'm hoping to attend. Question about Age of Darkness army lists- does this include playing an army from the Imperialis Militia and Cults list?
  6. I'm north and west of Seattle, considerably so, making Portland a really big commitment for me. I'll definitely watch your progress with this idea though, and would love to get some games in at a future event. I hope you can generate some interest, it's such a fun game to play -!
  7. What part of the Northwest are you in and where are you thinking about hosting this? I'd definitely be interested if logistically I could pull it off.
  8. Your link to photos has been blocked, fyi. Craigslist. . .
  9. On what day are you planning to have this event?
  10. The link seems to be down for Is there an alternate site to register for the event? Thanks.
  11. The Perry models are pretty good scale-wise, the drawback being that they are modeled to a more realistic scale than GWs version of 28mm so the heads, hands, and feet of their models are proportional to the models themselves but look small next to 40k or WH Fantasy models. But that's no reason not to consider them, they're nice models with really good poses and detail. And, it's a big universe after all with millions of inhabited planets so play the models that you like and you can afford. The most important thing is to enjoy the game.
  12. Glad you found that, basically we were just utilizing the Group Activation option and not the former. It is nice to have both options.
  13. You need to buy a grimoire for the Culvert spell.
  14. Treasure hunt! Just like Frostgrave.