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  1. Nice! I like the details of the bases, it feels like just enough. What are you going to use for snow?
  2. Cool. I'm signed up. Matt, check your mailbox when you get a chance and looking forward to it. Mucho.
  3. Hi, this looks really cool and I'm hoping to attend. Question about Age of Darkness army lists- does this include playing an army from the Imperialis Militia and Cults list?
  4. I'm north and west of Seattle, considerably so, making Portland a really big commitment for me. I'll definitely watch your progress with this idea though, and would love to get some games in at a future event. I hope you can generate some interest, it's such a fun game to play -!
  5. What part of the Northwest are you in and where are you thinking about hosting this? I'd definitely be interested if logistically I could pull it off.
  6. Your link to photos has been blocked, fyi. Craigslist. . .
  7. On what day are you planning to have this event?
  8. The link seems to be down for Is there an alternate site to register for the event? Thanks.
  9. The Perry models are pretty good scale-wise, the drawback being that they are modeled to a more realistic scale than GWs version of 28mm so the heads, hands, and feet of their models are proportional to the models themselves but look small next to 40k or WH Fantasy models. But that's no reason not to consider them, they're nice models with really good poses and detail. And, it's a big universe after all with millions of inhabited planets so play the models that you like and you can afford. The most important thing is to enjoy the game.
  10. Glad you found that, basically we were just utilizing the Group Activation option and not the former. It is nice to have both options.
  11. You need to buy a grimoire for the Culvert spell.
  12. Treasure hunt! Just like Frostgrave.
  13. Thanks! I'm trying to get everybody ready for the fact that it's going to be cold in the ancient city. Really, really cold. Hey on a side note, what time do we kick things things off on Saturday? I noticed the website for the Warporch 40k event that first round begins at 9, will that be true for the Birthday Bash-Up as well? Makes sense to start early. Also, what would you like us to bring? Will we send out/go out for lunch/dinner, or should we pack a sandwich? Do people bring snacks? Beverages? Going to be fun and thanks in advance for your hospitality, Peter
  14. Here's a few pics of my warband-in-progress (I think click the pictures to get an expanded view -?): my enchanter. . . treasure hunter. . . tracker. . . thief. Still a bunch of painting to finish -! I'm looking forward to the games on Saturday. Peter