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  1. Ordo Fanaticus August Hobby Progress Challenge!

    I vow to paint this space wolf dread to table top quality by the end of August (eclipse willing).
  2. Ordo Fanaticus August Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Looking good :) I like the fade.
  3. WTF People Willing To Help A Cool Thing Grow

    19 is a great turnout :) It sounds like you guys will make a positive difference in your community. Hope u guys have a good summer.
  4. FAQ Updates

    Tzeentch is clearly running GW now. I love it :) Seeing the silly stuff get wiped out within a month is amazing! Those lists will still find work arounds, but at least someone is finally paying attention.
  5. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I owned the soundtrack :) now I have to try to find it, I hope you're happy... ;)
  6. Ordo Fanaticus July Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Man it's been a busy month :p I finally found some time to put paint to models :) I'm happy with the result considering the models were second hand (assembled, primed, painted, primed, taken apart and re assembled, primed, and painted again). I mag'd a few of the shields (like the rest of my cav) just in case I want to shed some points. I'll probably do the next few batches for the summer campaign, and combo them between this thread and that 1 :)
  7. I think I heard that the next campaign will be titled: BURN ALL THE WITCHES!!! So it should be ok. ;) It does suck that some are excluded. They should have just cut to the chase and said add a primaris librarian. :p Even though the event is sales driven I'm still looking forward to it. Ill be starting art forge/40k threads to report painted units/games. It's fun to feel like I'm contributing to the universe I've partially lived in for 20+ years.
  8. Bjorn is a beast, well worth it. Flyers sound solid, they've performed well on the interwebs. BC tax is a no brainer. Shield dreads to shadow bjorn and his character status looks like fun. IP's have done well for me, as long as they stay away from high damage close combat. The +1 cover from the ruin priest will be funny, as well as jaws when it works :) Herald is a good tank for incoming shooting because of his 2++ because of the mantle. His outflank is fun as you can disrupt something squishy in the back field. His damage output has been disappointing, he seems to get bogged down when he's off causing trouble on his own. The list looks fun. Anything it touches should explode.
  9. Psychic Phase Question

    In matched play each power (other than smite) can only be cast once per psychic phase. So only 1 guide in your example. In open play you can do as you like: "You get guide, you get guide, everybody gets guuuiiiidddeee!" ;)
  10. I agree, Limiting cherry picking to <chapter> would go a long way to attempting to maintain some sort of game balance.
  11. Ordo Fanaticus July Hobby Progress Challenge!

    The bases are sweet, I love the crackle. The muted pallet is pleasing too :)
  12. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    Iron priests on Thunder wolves have performed well in the few games I've gotten in. In general opponents are shooting the softer fenrisian wolves for easy kills, or the more threatening larger T-cav units. Meanwhile the priests meander up and start 'booping' people with their hammers. Fun stuff :)
  13. 5 things you learned so far 40k 8th

    In this case wouldn't the language in the pistols rules allow it to fire? It takes the negative (you can't) and supersedes with the positive (you can). Seems like a clear RAW. But what do I know? ;) Things I've learned, space wolf addition: 1. Use your rerolls. I ended a game last night with 4 left over, I pretty much spaced them out :p 2. Space wolf HQ's are tough hombres, but will still get their teeth kicked in if they're out of position (happened in 2 games so far). 3. Drop pods don't explode. Color me surprised :) 4. Most of the thunder cav's damage comes from the mount. I guess when something that big is chewing on you you'd notice. 5. Sometimes you just have to let the wolf wolf. ;) Still happy with 8th. Herald is bravely off in a corner getting murdered by deep strikers :p
  14. Ordo Fanaticus July Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Picked up some second hand TWC from guardian. I plan to clean up and paint this unit to table top standards.