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  1. I am so pumped for this edition change, gotta go paint warp talons!
  2. So long as the Captains can watch from some sort of balcony box with Old Fashions and cigars.
  3. Balls, big hairy balls Can we have a round were we fire a pistol then all dash towards tables and set our own match ups. Maybe have fights between standard bearers and a drinking contest between captains?
  4. That's the plan, is there a challenge round? Because I challenge you... to shots and mayhem ... and maybe some 40k
  5. Well you'll just have to start that cross country conquest to get your heart back, it's not very tasty anyways (kinda like sand). But I just discovered your podcast and am having all sorts of inappropriate reactions listening to you three at work.
  6. Hi, how are you?
  7. Well we haven't tried to branch out from the 40k even yet, the club doesn't have the resources to do two events at the same time. Maybe in the future we'll be able to do a big Sigmar tournament.
  8. 2000 please We don't need OFCC to change anymore than it has!
  9. This is so hot! How the heck are you going to tell the squads apart? Also the palanquin needs more nurglings to fill out the bottom base.
  10. Are the arms and legs from the Maggoth Lord kit?
  11. That is BRILLIANT, I am totally stealing this idea :)
  12. You still taking HOG applications? It may be hard to organize from out here in Pennsylvania .... I am hoping to muster resource to fly out and play this year
  13. Hey all, I just wanted to share my thoughts on Favorite Army here before we get anything else started - because I think that is one of the best parts of OFCC. While I understand why there was no player voting in 2016 I believe that was a mistake, while it prevented 1 army from running away with the votes and carrying a whole team I feel like it left something out of the OFCC experience. The best part of OFCC for me has always been walking the room and seeing all the awesome armies people put together, without that time set aside there was no one clear point in which armies were all on display for people to view - and that was a shame, there were several armies I never got a good look at because they were not set up when I was perambulating about venue. I would like to see a return to Favorite Army voting with a change - the vote's should be for a TEAM, not one army, but a team. That doesn't mean the team needs a big unified display (but it helps) or a theme (also helps) but as this is a team event I don't see why we wouldn't be able to judge our favorite paint/model/display across a whole team as opposed to individual armies. Thanks And I am looking forward to whatever gets cooked up this year, regardless of how it's scored or whatnot!
  14. Any updates on this years HOGs? Just wondering whose balls I need to massage to get my 40k list approved.