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  1. Power level is great for Narrative Gaming and I hope to see that take off more for casual pick up games. I'm tired of every game of 40k feeling like prep for the next tournament. I'm very happy with the points and matched play as well, but it's been done to death by the community. I'm hoping the variety can sustain it's self past the first 'oh shiny' mark
  2. man that's a tough choice.... I'll take death. No wait, CHICKEN!
  3. I love those wraith conversions!
  4. Will there be cake again?
  5. Yeah they are pretty much impossible to repose, they make fine champions but that's about it. This model looks a lot more usable, but man if it's not a true kit I will loose my mind!
  6. This guy looks suspiciously like a push fit model not a multipart kit. Gods of Chaos don't screw us over like you did with the Dark Vengeance 'chosen' ugh, those models still taunt me with their possibility and lack of actual use.
  7. I am so pumped for this edition change, gotta go paint warp talons!
  8. So long as the Captains can watch from some sort of balcony box with Old Fashions and cigars.
  9. Balls, big hairy balls Can we have a round were we fire a pistol then all dash towards tables and set our own match ups. Maybe have fights between standard bearers and a drinking contest between captains?
  10. That's the plan, is there a challenge round? Because I challenge you... to shots and mayhem ... and maybe some 40k
  11. Well you'll just have to start that cross country conquest to get your heart back, it's not very tasty anyways (kinda like sand). But I just discovered your podcast and am having all sorts of inappropriate reactions listening to you three at work.
  12. Hi, how are you?
  13. Well we haven't tried to branch out from the 40k even yet, the club doesn't have the resources to do two events at the same time. Maybe in the future we'll be able to do a big Sigmar tournament.
  14. 2000 please We don't need OFCC to change anymore than it has!
  15. This is so hot! How the heck are you going to tell the squads apart? Also the palanquin needs more nurglings to fill out the bottom base.