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  1. I just wanted to remind people of this upcoming event. It should be a fun event with people of all different skill levels. I can carpool people down to the event as well (I am in the SE Portland area), just let me know. I would love to see you all there!{"ref"%3A"4"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}
  2. No its totally up to Keith, the person running the event. I think if it comes out at the beginning of July most likely he will adopt the rule changes. In fact if you read the event packet there is talk about changes that could be made based on the GH2 coming out.
  3. I bet since those armies are so new, you should have no problem playing against each other. But it does sound like the included models are quite cherry picked, I heard that even the Ogroid Thaumaturge model is not in the book. Since that unit can inflict up to D6 mortal wounds and bring out new models I wonder if they left him out because they did not want those kinds of abilities in a small model count game.
  4. I am not sure I can trust a statement about broken units from a guy who uses Sayl in his list...haha only kidding. We actually also don't know if they are planning on updating warscrolls in conjunction with GH2, but I kind of hope they do. I think with each release of the GH they should give a real hard look at all the warscrolls across the range. You can see how they have made updates as new books come out, such as with the new Stormcast book. It is a concern about it coming out too close to the OFCC and people potentially having to scramble to get more units painted right before the event. With WH40k 8th edition coming out in June, I bet the absolute earliest we see GH2 is in July.
  5. I was not able to watch much of the Warhammer TV broadcast today about AoS Skirmish. But from the pieces of information I did get it sounds about exactly what I wanted. They have a full campaign structure with 6 missions. Plus they have rules for Skirmish being run at a matched play multi-round event with escalating points. I can't wait to pick up this low cost book and test it out with my son, battles are only supposed to last around an hour. I have noticed from playing standard AoS at lower point values the game does not play that well with quite a few of the missions from the GH1. This will be a great way to play the full game with a ton less models and a ton less time. I will most likely try and run some local events with this new rule set, can't wait!
  6. Ugh I hope we don't see GH2 till that long I think the game really needs a few "bug fixes" plus they have already given us a preview of some of the new point values. My hope is early July then we can use the new ruleset, missions and points for the OFCC at the end of July.
  7. GW has so far given no details on the release date, the original one came out at the beginning of July, so hopefully around then or sooner.
  8. I was really hoping they would have just made this new ruleset part of the GH2, I am worried about how willing people will be about adopting this format with it being a separate rulebook. But the price point is certainly low, I am still going to get one and would love to see some local events adopt this ruleset and use it.
  9. Yah just click on his profile and then you can send private messages back and forth. I currently have a Tzeetnch army and a Nurgle army but I have heard the new Khorne book is really good too.
  10. Yes I know fully aware just trying to be funny.
  11. I am so confused now, its a 40k model riding a FW AoS model on a square base, what direction are they taking this new edition into! I was fully on board the 8th edition train until I saw this monstrosity haha!
  12. I will be at this one and then we also have the big tournament the OFCC in July its going to be EPIC!
  13. They are also supposed to be playing AoS on Thursdays Nights at the WoW clubhouse.
  14. So it sounds like even WH30k will be getting a huge rules update that will be similar to WH40k 8th edition?
  15. In AoS it's a small thing but for every 10 models in a unit you get to add one to their bravery/leadership characteristic. Plus lots of units will buff or de-buff leadership, but pretty much across the board every unit has to take leadership tests. Not too much They Shall Know No Fear in AoS.