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  1. Can we officially call Dave "Mr. Bockbgawk"? Did you make sure to say "That's exactly what I needed" after every successful roll? I heard he appreciates that.
  2. I guess we could just start up the new season while we wait for you guys.
  3. Sheesh. Better get out the timers! 4 minutes a turn, guys!
  4. You guys have any luck figuring out a day?
  5. Don't be silly. I only hope for kills.
  6. @jollyork @kb10r Don't be scared to decimate each other's teams.
  7. Looks like Shane & I are playing tomorrow at WoW.
  8. Noooooooooooo!!!!
  9. Anyone wanna playtest some teams before this starts ping me via pm.
  10. Game played. It went poorly for Reborn in the Purple. When's Dave vs Jeff being played?
  11. IN!
  12. That is weird. Normally it's Wins H2h record Td differential Cas differential
  13. She will a bit. She likes the game but it gets to where there's so many moving parts it's hard for her to keep up. There's something about an 8 hour session that turns her off for some reason too. People are weird like that. Now the question is, do I start just adding Gorm, Spidicules, Manhunter & Flower Knight? Do I do a People of the Stars campaign? The Sun maybe? ALL THESE OPTIONS!!
  14. It's over! It's finally over! I got 20 expansions including the chest & the wife didn't kill me! That = win.