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  1. Ha! Those are glorious!
  2. I'll be taking a nurgle team if there's one I can borrow. Burk, I'll leave your necro team at the clubhouse after red card rampage. Thanks again for letting me use it for so long. :)
  3. Great game & congratulations, Dave! :)
  4. I guess I should post here instead of hijacking the KDM thread. So I'm about 7 hours into DS the Board Game & here's some changes I made based on what other people are also thinking. Hollow grunts/bowman = 1 soul per player Silver knights = 2 souls per player Hollow large soldiers = 3 souls per player Mini-bosses = 5 souls per player Main bosses = 8 souls per player Players can only spend their own souls to level up but anyone can buy equipment. Resting doesn't use a spark but does reset everything. If a player dies it uses a spark & everyone drops their souls. You have to clear the room you died in to get them back. You can sell back 2 treasure cards to Andre for 1 soul each. I was going through the campaign mode & I read the amount of souls you get per kill & thought "that can't be right. Are they [big bad swear word]ing kidding me?" as it's impossible feeling to get anywhere at the rate they suggest in the rulebook. Two souls per encounter, leveling up costs double & equipment costs double? Maybe I'm just a softy, though. Is anyone finding the base rules fairly balanced? Maybe I'm playing something wrong rules-wise? Maybe it's a lot easier playing 4 player? No idea but the base ruleset seemed pretty ridiculous to me as far as the risk-vs-reward part is concerned. I haven't made it to a mini-boss yet (the kid & I are really close) but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna use a lot of sparks on that as it's double-gargoyles in the campaign mode! My other thought is, while it's pretty fun (I'm a total soulsborne fanboy though so take that with a grain) it feels like parts are missing that will require the stretch goals to make complete. IE: some spells feel like I really need that cleric or sorcerer model or they're just a wasted treasure card. Embers really feel incomplete without invaders or summoned npc assistants (SUNBRO 4 LYFE!!). I'm guessing, come October, that will all be rectified but right now the core game feels like it has parts that were meant to be played with the full gamut of addons that we haven't all received yet.
  5. I'm really digging dark souls after making a few small adjustments. Excited for the rest of it in October.
  6. Game scheduled for Thursday in Lake Oswego.
  7. Where are you at, VonVikee? This is definitely becoming the most expensive board game that I'll never play with other people, heh. It's too much of a pain to haul around & hard to get a dedicated group to play each week with.
  8. Dumb question: Does anyone here want to play the game? Like, with other people?
  9. Tuesdays no good. I sent you some available times but I'll send more.
  10. No response from Captain Bockbgawk yet. I'm assuming he's got the fear. ;)
  11. I've got a 4th spot open for a new TTS campaign starting tomorrow around 6pm if anyone's interested.
  12. Lies. These are all lies!
  13. Can we officially call Dave "Mr. Bockbgawk"? Did you make sure to say "That's exactly what I needed" after every successful roll? I heard he appreciates that.
  14. I guess we could just start up the new season while we wait for you guys.
  15. Sheesh. Better get out the timers! 4 minutes a turn, guys!