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  1. Here's kind of an idea of price range/area. https://tinyurl.com/ya5mm5jc That's filtered out for 2 people + but if more people want to come I'm sure we can find a 4 bedroom. I'd like to book it by the end of next week if anyone's interested in joining. I'll also be driving if people need rides.
  2. I need a head count for Airbnb. @sbr mentioned it but he'll have to go get his passport instead of being lazy & useless. :) Generally it'll be in the $40-$60 a night range & I try to book where no one has to share a room & there's 1 bathroom per two people. A/c, a yard & w/d are also in my list of nice things to have. I was planning on staying until Monday morning unless anyone has an issue with that.
  3. Agreed. I'm also at a computer all day & haven't had any problems scheduling via forum. It's those weirdo's that enjoy bull[big bad swear word] like "active lifestyles" & "the outdoors" that are hard to pin down.
  4. Match with Travis scheduled for 11am the 26th at guardian.
  5. Shane would have had matchups posted already. He's so dreamy.
  6. Super league apparently has a thing for orcs.
  7. I'm I'm but won't be getting a ticket until next week.
  8. Yeesh. I should change my team name to Free Wins.
  9. But we can't cuddle if Burks watching!!
  10. Why look? It's a ROOM at a hotel. I've stayed at lots of hotels & I've stayed at airbnb's. I'll never stay at a hotel again if I can help it. For the same price or cheaper I can get a whole house with a kitchen, laundry, a yard & a private bedroom. *superultramegaeyeroll*
  11. I saw the hotel last year. Swanky's not the word I'd use. ;)
  12. I'll be driving myself but still want to see if anyone's interested in doing a big house Airbnb. It drops the price to about $30-$40 per person for around 6 rooms/beds.
  13. I'll just find something else to be nitpicky about. It's tough not having any real hobbies.