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  1. I'll try but I can't promise anything.
  2. The Nice Guys. It was fun.
  3. I wouldn't worry about it. There are plenty of examples of Leadership modifiers in AoS, and I am sure that the same will appear in 40K.
  4. So are we on for this Sunday at WoW? My Skitarii are ready. :D
  5. According to the Foley Twitter feed, Charging Units attack first, afterwards units will fight in alternating activations. I like the sound of that.
  6. Since it looks like they are using the Battle Shock system from AoS in lieu of traditional Morale Tests, Ld 7 is actually really good for a Troops choice.
  7. Time will tell. :D
  8. Unit Profiles are up on the community site! Terminators now have 2 Wounds! :D
  9. But I think I shall bow out of this thread. I'm excited about the new edition, and you guys can run around like the sky is falling all you want. Peace brochachos! :D
  10. How did my point fail? GW announced the Core Rules would be free. I stated that the Core Rules would be free. So....... yeah........
  11. Sure thing dude. I don't see the benefit to wallowing in your pessimism, but you can keep doing that. Me? I'm going to continue enjoying the game and my Space Marines all day, every day. So keep complaining duderinos, I'm going to be fine either way. :D
  12. Fair enough. However, the new codexes being printed (AM, DA, CSM, and supplements) have all been soft covers between $30 - $40. Additionally, the core rules are going to be free.
  13. So this tells me you that you could easily afford a new codex. Since you could easily skip a bunch a steam sales, and humble bundles without sacrificing your video game hobby. I mean, all you would have to do is play the games you already own but haven't gotten around to playing yet.
  14. Well, think how many games you buy during a Steam sale. If it is more than $50 of Steam games, that means you skip a single Steam sale and you're set for your army. And I'm pretty sure you have sunk a lot a money into your model collection ( I know I have.). I mean, I guess it all comes down to priorities.
  15. Don't worry. As was pointed out, your collection will still be valid and there is be a new faction book dropping for you. So buck up chum! :D