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  1. Rules As Written: I don't know. Rules As Intended: Please don't be "That Guy". Please.
  2. This. So much this. I hate assembling models. I absolutely hate it. If all my Space Marines came as solid one-piece single pose models I would be open to it. One of best units for me to paint was the Assault on Black Reach tactical squad. Snap fit, and single pose, I was able to assemble and paint them in an evening. Best. Thing. Ever. And these Primaris Marines are almost as awesome. I was able to assemble and base coat a five model unit with a Lt. in an evening. And I think I will have the rest of them completed soon-ish. So I am really looking forward to some more snap-fit offerings.
  3. That is true. I thought that was what he was talking about. As for the data slates for the new hotness above, they should be included in the box if the New GW is to be believed. And I do believe them.
  4. The new Primaris Marines are in Imperial 1.
  5. I know Red Castle will be hosting 8th Edition focused play on Saturdays. I usually play there, and I fully intend on fielding my 40K for the foreseeable future. I know GG runs stuff, but the players there tend to be tournament focused (even when they say "casual" it isn't). If this is something you are looking for, then I suggest GG. If you want things to be more lore focused and relaxed I would suggest RC or WoW.
  6. Is the most fun I have ever had playing 40K.
  7. I intend on using power levels for the foreseeable future.
  8. Well, I still don't think it would be pointless. Even if the terrain didn't do anything, I would rather play on a table full of terrain instead of an empty table. The games are more cinematic, and exciting. Without terrain, it would be completely dull. Sure giving bonuses is nice, but I would rather think that the "point" of terrain is to make an exciting, dynamic, and cinematic game experience for both players. I mean, that is why we paint models right? There are no rules buffs for a fully painted army. My Space Marines don't get bonuses of any sort for being painted and based. Rules-wise, they are the same no matter how they are painted, or even if they are bare plastic. However, I think the game is more enjoyable when both armies are fully painted. And I think a lot of people agree which is why so many people paint their armies (even if they hate painting; myself included). Remember, the goal of the game is to win; the point of the game is to have fun.
  9. Well, if you are talking about wasted effort making terrain at the clubhouse than no, it is not "useless". Because there are games other than 40K being played by Ordo members. I know I have played quite a bit of AoS at the clubhouse and have used the terrain to great effect. And I am sure people playing Infinity, 9th Age, etc. all appreciate the effort put in during terrain days. If you are talking about 40K exclusively; well there are still terrain rules in 8th. You just have to be in the terrain, or blocked by the terrain. So having using the terrain differently is not the same as nullifying it. I had unit hiding in ruins all weekend during my games. In fact, it encouraged the use of more terrain. Which was a delight. So no, I don't think terrain is moot in the new edition.
  10. This is the weirdest conversation I have had about the new edition. I really get the feeling the OP is reaching to find negative things to say about the new edition. And it hasn't even been out a week yet. I don't know what the tournament scene is going to look like for you dude. However, I am pretty sure that there will be tournaments. And at these tournaments there will be terrain, and people with cheezy armies that going to going to mini/max like crazy. Just like it ever was. So don't worry. You got this.
  11. Infantry do not have to be 50% covered. Only non-infantry have to meet both requirements.
  12. According to the rules, objectives are placed first, and then sides are picked. Also, why are players moving terrain? Terrain should be placed by the TO and remain stationary.
  13. I understand that. However, there still needs to be thought put towards deployment.
  14. Actually, it needs to be the opposite. I ran into this a lot when organizing Warmachine tournaments. In Warmachine one person picks table side, and the other can go first. If the terrain is mirrored, than there is no reason to give up first turn to pick deployment zone. Or in the case of this new edition of 40K, there is no thought to deployment. Just pick a side. It doesn't matter, there isn't a good reason to give up first turn. Part of the skill to be shown in this game is the ability to not only capitalize on terrain, but to overcome it as well. Otherwise, you might as well save a ton of money and play Risk, or Chess. In tournaments, every decision should matter. That includes deployment, and turn order.
  15. I think in many way drop pods got better in 8th. Since the player that finishes setting up first has the choice of first turn, I think mechanics that allow you to deploy small are going to be very powerful in this edition.