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  1. Looking forward to it man.
  2. As always the tables at Red Castle are open 1-8 on Saturdays. Also YAY I have Internet again.
  3. Who wants to paint some dudes for fabulous prizes? ~Prizes~ There will be two prizes. The first prize will be 20$ in store credit for the winner of "Best Model". Second prize will be the "Most Liked Model" and will merit 10$ in store credit. ~Rules~ -Must be finished, submitted & in the display case at the store by the 24th. -Each submission must include a name and phone number. -Fantasy Models only. Age of Sigmar preferred. -Entry must painted by the person submitting it. -Three colors minimum will be enforced. -No time travel.
  4. We house ruled that defenders got a ranged 'bow' attack when on the ramparts because he had no ranged units available. Arr' Boyz need to be available for Iron Jawz. Those are still in the game, right?
  5. I can confirm that King Oocthur dose indeed have as castle. My Stormcast have layed siege to it over a bar tab.
  6. @Ish@paxmiles The Mantic Zombies are a fantastic deal and if I didn't play Stormcast(Lawful Good Undead) I'd be all over that sort of deal. @Pyre Warden Dude at this rate I'm starting to wounder if you pay dues to some kind of necromancer's guild. I was going to post a WIP shot of Japino's tower but my phone wont even send stuff by wifi right now. Its being built off of a Pringels can. Special mini on the 24th for the first person to guess what flavor.
  7. I See your point, some times I have a little trouble with text only communication. So much is lost some times. I am indeed hoping to barrow some undead hordes. Even better if their owners stick around to help me move their dudes.
  8. And I now have at least two plays interested in my little "Grave Yard Smash".
  9. I think you're being a bit over dramatic. This edition changed some thing but at the heart of things its still the same ball game. A balanced force prepared for anything will win out in the end. Mind you I haven't deviated from my standard build structure for almost two editions now and I play what might be called a odd-ball style IG army. Hell I took on a Baronial Court once. My two super heavies contributed mostly as distractions. The real heroes were my standard line tanks and HWTs.
  10. So In my mad quest to forge a AoS(& 40k) player base for Red Castle I've come up with a special event for the 24th. Trouble is I'm going to need help to pull it off as undead of my own/ I need a wopping 400 zombies and/or skeletons and a model to represent The Mad Necromancer Japino. A very big thanks to Pyre Warden. Hes already volunteered his 100 zombies.
  11. Ish is a cheeky bugger dead on as far as I can tell. The few games I've played have seen folks hashing out how they would measure distances before hand to ensure things were clear. If your looking to get a friendly game in I'll be happy to throw down with your bone boys. Same to you Ish. Rematch time.
  12. Just a heads up. This month is going to have a special focus on Age of Sigmar. Shadow War and 40k are still welcome of course. Also I'm going to be holding a painting contest for fantasy and AoS this month. There will be two prizes, Best in Show and Peer's Choice. The names should be self explanatory. Entries are due by the 24th.
  13. I run AoS and 40K for Red Castle on Saturdays.
  14. No can do I'm afraid. Sunday night is booked sold for the foreseeable future.
  15. Yes I am.