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  1. What he said.
  2. From the album DasBox

  3. By The Throne revenge is great. My sole survivor was rescued* from his captor(s). This resulted in a crater and left my guardsman free to chew through his bindings and scamper home. Reinforcements were there waiting. I'm back on top and far wiser**. *Evisors are about as good at saving people as they are not making messes. **Paranoid
  4. I was unaware of the fee to join the league when I agreed to play against someones Orks I and was going to sign up afterwards. Although I cannot afford the buy in I'd like for the fight to be counted for my opponent at least. The win was earned and I feel it should be counted.
  5. Great. You Know how to play AoS? If not I just finished the Storm of Sigmar Box. Planning on doing demo games with it.
  6. WOOO! Handing out the chainswords now.
  7. We need an action shot Cap.
  8. I hate painting skin but everyone from the Storm of Sigmar box is done.
  9. From the album DasBox

  10. So my army isn't going to be changing at all? This amuses me greatly.
  11. Yup and a layer of steel & ballistic plate over the face for those pesky face shots.
  12. Do it man.
  13. Trade you a Perpetual Motion Murder Chicken for the bag unless you still don't want to break up the lot.
  14. Three Korncobs done. Five to go. Think I can knock em out in on day? 3