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  1. ya, I showed up. it was dry again.
  2. You still available at PGS today?
  3. I should be able to do that. where and what time?
  4. hehe.. hehe.. And you can take short squads and pay less for them.. hehe..
  5. Is there a game night planned for today?
  6. Actually I need a team. Is there a spot still open?
  7. somewhere between 5 and 5:30
  8. ya, I went there but there wasn't anyone playing.
  9. PGS doesn't have a 40k league/game time posted on their calendar for Mon/Fri
  10. alrighty.
  11. I can do that. What do you want to go up against? I can bring CSM, SM, BA. I'll go ahead and show up at 2.
  12. Was that the edition where when they took damage they moved forward?
  13. GG has 2 leagues on wednesday. Tournament and casual. The prizes are across the board, warlord, painting, sportsmanship, and play. There is a prize draw at the end of the month and you can only win 1 item. When you win you get 2 tickets, the other player gets 1, 5 tickets for overall wins, painting, sportsmanship. Generally there are 5-8 prizes per league each month depending on how many people in the league.
  14. I don't have a facebook account. I have a security clearance so I have to hand over all my account information to the intel guys. Rather than deal with all that I just don't do social media.
  15. But it doesn't say that. It says "you add up the points values of all the models and weapons in your army". If something isn't in your army, it isn't there. you don't add it's point value because it isn't in your army.