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  1. anyone doing any gaming this saturday? might be able to swing down and was wondering what everyone was up to. been notified that i in fact do not have a free weekend due to graduation and birthday parties.
  2. also is anyone changing chapters if there are indeed new size marines? Also anyone else feel the need to play the bad guy in this edition.. is seem so fitting to do mortal wounds to things.. i can just see a chaos sorcerer smiting people laughing doing mortal wounds.. kinda pumped for things not space marine... is that weird?
  3. was wondering what you guys were thinking about size of armies and points wise we might see in the new edition. Could we see smaller armies at 1500 or 2000 points? This makes me happy as to the off collector or armies i may be able to field more! anyone else getting excited? Havent been able to come down to the shop but im not out of the game! would like to know what you guys think/ excited / worried about.
  4. sounds like fun.. ive got everything i own primed now since its been so nice out so.. should be fun getting some paint down on some models.
  5. anyone else doing anything fun or new? just curious what everyones been up to.
  6. with the hints of chargers attacking first i want to be in your face slice and dicing. totally different than the slow necron.
  7. think im going to let the necrons slumber for a bit and focus on a faster meaner army/list. Ive been toying with Khorne/chaos daemons for a while in my head and i think im going to start that journey. That being said does anyone have any chaos stuff for trade?
  8. this looks fun.
  9. first one. see you in the SHIP! :)
  10. ill be there done told the Mrs. that i had plans :)
  11. made a hot wire cutter so that i can start to cut foam for nice building and such. I know that sean had requested an aztec kinda feelign for some buildings anything else you guys might like to play on.. Ive got the itch to do some hobbying. Id like to have them made and painted for the tourney at the end of march so let me know!
  12. John here with the filthy necrons.
  13. week 1: W
  14. wife is getting induced the 15th of February so i might be able to make it for the end of the league tourney. Ill be the sleeper opponent.. MUHAHAHA seriously though have fun fellas ill try and come down when i can but dont expect a whole lot.
  15. i was making a binder for some ITC missions for myself and was wondering about some other missions that we might look into or try out some time? I was looking at the adepticon one and maybe some nova missions. I always hear that they have interesting formats. Thoughts?