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  1. Be more like 7 when I get there. Go ahead and set up a 4x4 buildings map
  2. @VonVilkee hey I'm going to be late, missed the bus
  3. Yea, don't wanna get the forum in trouble
  4. Not make copies cause thats bad, I mean have *wink* copy what you *wink* need.
  5. Will do, anyone else??? Am I the only one? *Cricket* *Cricket*
  6. I can make copies of the army pages to those who want. They have Orks, Space Marines, Astra Militarum, Adepta Sororitas, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar Wych Cult, Craftworld Eldar, Genestealer Cult Hybrid, Grey Knights, Harlequin Troupe, Inquisition, Necron, Skitarri, Tau Pathfinders, Tyranid Warriors. Just let me know by quote or direct message.
  7. Hey, looking to play test some shadow war armageddon if anyone is interested. I have the rule book with all the armies in it. Wanna just play get the rules down.
  8. I'm sorry man, next week you can feast on some tough dwarf flesh
  9. I'd be down for a discussion, I've been told Bob's has a good happy hour.
  10. The new gamer bar is open I believe, we wanting to try that out?
  11. Stating the post, I believe I have a game with (Kasey) smashthedean. 4500 dwarves vs beast herds.
  12. Stand and shoot with flame templates, how does it work? Skaven warpthrower and skaven stormfiends have stand and shoot with flamers. How do people deal with it? Sorry this is for 8th edition.
  13. Hey so I was curious if I can play 2 chaos warshrines and cast the bound spells of both of them in the same turn. The spell is the eye of the gods table one. I can't find anywhere in the rules saying that the bound spells can or can't be casted from multiple units.
  14. It's happening, 2500 point armies, following team rules for 8th (unless someone found some ninth ones) 2 generals, 2 bsbs, magic items are as usual but each teammate can have same item, etc. etc.