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  1. I'm playing shadow war with a friend if anyone else is interested.
  2. I'd say you two play, I haven't read any rules yet and not sure if I even have enough points lol
  3. I'll be there early around 3, staying til close. Down for anything. Kinda interested in 8th 40k as well
  4. Yes much fun, wanna get it for myself now
  5. Playing dark souls board game
  6. Playing dark souls
  7. This after 6 or early? Cause I'll be there around 3 if you wanna play kale
  8. A game of what???
  9. I also would like to learn
  10. Hell yea im down
  11. Hey. Game day, what's happening. I'll be there around 3 pm til close painting but I can do whatever.
  12. So does anyone wanna play some shadow war armageddon?
  13. You have failed us for the last time
  14. Yes! I wanna play
  15. Won't be making it this week boys, slay good for me.